English 11

Year round syllabus and class policies will be found here. Daily assignments and announcements will be found on Google Classroom. 
English 11 Code: xhzoto

English 11 Syllabus 
Teacher Name: Miss Jordan Gearke


Classroom: A101   Office: A115      Website: Lakewood Faculty Site and Google Classroom (login instructions provided in class)


Year at a Glance - Major Texts and Writing Tasks:


Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4


The Alchemist

Taming of the Shrew


The Kite Runner

Selected Nonfiction/ Satire



Civic Position

Informational Essay

Inquiry-Based Research


Grading Scale:

A= 100-90%   B= 89-80%    C= 79-70%   D= 69-60%   F= 59% and below



The gradebook functions on a continuous point-based system, and all assessments are broken into the following two categories:

  • Formative: Practice-oriented, smaller-scale assignments that build up to larger assessments. This could include homework or classwork responses, small group discussions, or quizzes.
    • All formative assignments range from 10-25 points.
  • Summative: Major, end-of-unit assessments that demonstrate overall skills and understandings from a particular unit of study. This could be essays, projects, formal discussions, or presentations.
    • All summative assignments are 100 points.


Late Work/Makeup Work Policy:

All work must be submitted by the assigned due date. Any work not submitted will be marked as missing in the gradebook until it is received. Late work is accepted on the following conditions:

  • Formative assessments are accepted late, but will earn “partially proficient” at best. This translates to a C or below, depending on the work quality.
  • Summative assessments, or major assignments such as essays or projects, are accepted at a 10% deduction per school day (not per class meeting day). Deductions will not go below 50%.
  • All late work for the unit of study must be turned in no later than one week after the end of the unit. Clarify cut-off dates with your teacher.



  • Please turn in any work missed during an absence as soon as you return to school. Also, it is your responsibility to check your teacher’s website to see what you missed during class.

Class Expectations:

  • Be prepared- Come to class on time, in appropriate clothing, with the required materials and ready to learn. Class will begin with a warm-up and end when I dismiss you.
  • Be present- Once in class, be in class- both physically and mentally. That means you may not leave the class- barring emergencies- or have your phone out. Class is 90 minutes, be there for all of it. Phones used in class will be confiscated and returned to you after class.
  • Be a listener- Our class is discussion based. Every person in the room is expected to listen, with respect, whenever the speaker is talking. Whether that is me giving a lesson or your classmate sharing an idea, listening with respect is demanded. Put downs, name calling , gossip or any other harmful language will not be tolerated.


Materials Needed:

  • Composition Notebook
  • Folder for handouts, or section within a binder
  • Pens, pencils
  • Highlighters and Post-its are suggested - not required



“The consequences for a student who is found cheating includes: The student(s) will not receive credit for their academic work, parents will be contacted, the student(s) will be referred to an administrator, and suspension may be an option - depending on the severity of the cheating” (LHS Student Handbook).

All written assignments will be submitted through



My goal is for you to not only succeed in class, but hopefully take away skills and interests that will push you toward success in your future. Go Tigers!


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