Unit 1: To Kill a Mockingbird


In Class:


 Thursday, November 4th  Refer to Notes 11/09 for quick write, target, and notes

Today, we went through the following stations to prepare for Monday's Midterm:
1. Plot Review and answer key
2. Somebody Wanted But So Practice
3. Analysis Practice 1 and Practice 2
4. Symbolism
5. Theme

Midterm Exam on Monday! Don't forget to study!!! Use your study guide from class today!

*Remember, if you still are feeling unsure, make an appointment with me to review the materials!*

Remember if you lost it, you can bring me a new book, or it will be charged to your LHS account.
 Tuesday, November 7th Refer to Notes 11/07 for quick write, target, and notes
1. Independent Reading
2. Quick Write
3. Read Chapters 29-31
4. Watch final movie scenes
November 3rd 
 Refer to Notes 11/03 for quick write, target, and notes
1. Independent Reading
2. Quick Write
3. Read Chapters 27 and 28
Wednesday, November 1st  Refer to Notes 11/01 for quick write, target, and notes
1. Independent Reading
2. Quick Write
3. What happened to Tom? Compare book and movie versions
4. SWBS practice for: Mayella Ewell, Bob 
Ewell, Tom, and Atticus
Read Chapters 25-26
Finish Chapters 25 and 26 (both are short. We will start with Chapter 27 on Friday

Remember, Homework Recovery Assignment due by Friday, November 3rd!
Monday, October 30th    Refer to Notes 10/30 for quick write, target, and notes
1. Independent Reading
2. Quick Write
3. Listen to Chapters 20-21 in TKAM
4. Watch verdict scene in film
5. Listen to Chapters 22-23

Finish Chapters 23 and 24. Be prepared to talk about what happened to Tom on Wednesday.

Remember, Homework Recovery Assignment due by Friday, November 3rd!
Thursday, October 26th    Refer to Notes 10/26, for quick write, target, notes, and Homework Recovery Assignment
1. Independent Reading
2. Quick Write
3. Review Homework Recovery Assignment (see power point above)
4. History of Lynching in the United States video
5. Class discussion- if you were absent, see me for a way to make these points up, otherwise you will have a zero.
Homework Recovery Assignment due by Friday, November 3rd
Tuesday,October 24th    Refer to Notes 10/24 for quick write, target, and notes
1. Independent Reading
2. Quick Write
3. Read chapters 17-19 independently, depending on where you are. Mrs. Foley will be conferencing with you about your grades during this time.
4. Finish the court room scene of the film.
Chapter 17-->

-What do you think of the court case so far? Do you believe Mr. Ewell’s testimony? Why or why not? (5 sentences)

Chapter 18--> 

As you read this chapter, write down 3 things that surprise you in your notebook. Be sure to record the page number, and why you were surprised.

Chapter 19-->

-Based on the evidence, what do you think really happened to Mayella? What is your reaction to the trial? Do you think the jury will find Tom innocent, or guilty? Why? (7 sentences)

 Friday, October 20th   Refer to Notes 10/20 for warm-up, target, and notes
1. Independent Reading
2. Watch clip from TKAM film- mob scene
3. Read chapter 17 with your WW group
4. Begin watching court room scene
 Wednesday, October 18th   Refer to Notes 10/18 for warm-up, target, and notes
1. Independent Reading
2. Gallery Walk of Character posters (if you were absent, get a copy of someone's Character Notes!)
4. Writer's Workshop Groups and Team Building 
5. Somebody Wanted But So graphic organizer and practice! This can be found in the notes power point above.
6. Begin reading chapter 16 with your WW group.
Read chapter 16, and  write a Somebody Wanted But So sentence for Scout in this chapter. Write it on your graphic organizer from class.
 Monday, October 16th  Refer to Notes 10/16 for warm-up, target, and notes
1. Independent Reading
2. Review of Chapters 10-13
3. Group Character Posters
4. Begin reading in class
Read through the end of Chapter 15 (finish to page 207) 
Answer the following questions:
1. Take a close look at pages 202-207. First of all, what is going on here? Give me a short summary (3-5 sentences)
2. Then,  in PEAL paragraph format answer the following question The men coming for Tom suddenly decide to go home. Why do the men decide to leave Tom alone?

 Wednesday, October 11th  Refer to Notes 10/11 for warm up, target, and notes
1. Independent Reading
2. We used the entire block today to work on our revisions. Use this paper to help guide your revisions!

Extra credit opportunity!!

On Monday, we will begin with Chapter 14. We will summarize chapters 10-13 in class together, but you now have an opportunity to earn a few extra points. (This would be a GREAT idea if you've missed a few homework assignments).

Read chapters 10-13. Answer each chapter question with a PEAL paragraph. You can earn up to 5 points per question. This is due on Monday.

Chapter 10
Why is it a sin to kill a mockingbird?
Chapter 11
What does Jem have to do for cutting off the tops of all of Mrs. Dubose's flowers?
According to Atticus, what is "real courage"?

 Extra Credit Opportunity due Monday!!
 Monday, October 9th   Refer to Notes 10/9 for warm up, target, and notes
1. Independent Reading
2. Notes on Revisions (see power point)
3. Start Revisions!

 Thursday, October 5th   Refer to Notes 10/5 for warm up, target, and notes
1. Independent Reading
2. Complete this Google Form to tell me what Independent Reading Novel you chose!
3. For the character your group has been assigned, use the book to find the following information;
-Physical description (gender, age, race, etc.)
-5-7 character traits, with a page number for each to prove it.
-Quote that embodies their character.
4. Read chapter 9. Complete the Stop.Drop.Write. for Monday.

Finish reading Chapter 9 and complete theStop.Drop.Write. that goes with it! This will be checked on Monday!
Tuesday, October 3rd  Refer to Notes 10/3 for warm up, target, and notes
1. Warm up
2. Read pages 84-98 and answer this question in PEAL format: Who gave Scout the blanket? *If this is not completed in class, it is homework*
3. Book Speed Dating in the Library!
1. Have an independent reading novel picked out- bring it to class on Thursday!
2.  Finish chapter 8 (pgs. 84-98) and answer this question in PEAL format: Who gave Scout the blanket? 
I will be checking this on Thursday!
 Friday, September 29th   Refer to Notes 9/29 for warm-up, target, and notes
1. Read pages 59-84
2. PEAL Writing Assessment #1 (If you were absent, this MUST be made up!)
 Wednesday, September 27th   Refer to Notes 9/27 for warm-up, target, and notes
1. Today, we tracked grades. Look at your grade in my class, and complete the grade tracking worksheet. Remember, 6 week grades are due Friday!!
2. Complete the PEAL Part 2 guided notes on Analysis and Link
3. Read pages 47-59
Make sure your notebook/binder is organized for the check on Friday! Check out this sheet to see the expectations/grade breakdown.
Monday, September 25th   Refer to Notes 9/25 for warm-up, target, and notes
1. Complete the PEAL Part 1 guided notes on Point and Evidence
2. Read pages 39-47
 Thursday, September 21st Refer to Notes 9/21 for warm-up, target, and notes
1. Complete the Draw, Tell, Listen Review of the first chapter. Draw a scene from the pages in each section, then be ready to explain to a partner what you chose and why.
2. Read pages 20-39 of TKAM.
 Tuesday, September 19th   Refer to Notes 9/19 for warm-up, target, and notes
1. For warm up today, complete the Reading Interest-a-lyzer. Be ready to talk about how you feel about reading!
2. Discuss Phone Policy
3. Read pages 1-19 of TKAM
 Friday, September 15th  Open Note Quiz on the information from the presentations! If you were absent, talk to me about scheduling a time to make it up!  
 Wednesday, September 13th   1. Round Robin Presentation Schedule
- Make sure you take notes... You will be responsible for the information answering these questions... A little mocking bird told me that we might have a quiz on Friday. That same mockingbird also told me that you might get to use your notes!

*If you were absent, you need to talk to your classmates to see if they can share their presentations with you so you can take notes and have the information*
Bring your notes with you on Friday!
Monday, September 11th    1. Work time with partner to complete Mini-Research Project  We will be presenting our Mini-Research Projects FIRST thing on Wednesday. Make sure yours is completed and shared
Thursday, September 7th   *Class in Library today for Library and Research Orientation with Mrs. Bell. Check in with classmates to review some of the tools that were explored*

1. Mini-Research Project assigned and begun

The Mini Research Project is due 9/13. You will have most of class on 9/11 to work on it, but if you don't think that will be enough time, you are welcome to work on it at home.
September 5th
Refer to Notes 9/5 for warm-up, target, and notes
1. Theme Review
2. Anticipation Guide
3. Copies of To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM) handed out
4. Read to page 5 
Make sure you are not missing any work so far!!
 Thursday, August 31st   *MAPS TESTING TODAY*
If you are absent today, you must see Mrs. Foley to schedule a makeup immediately. Makeups must be done by 09/08
Log onto Google Classroom 
1st- l9wrvj
2nd- rltgzs1
3rd- aei3rji
and complete the Theme Practice Assignment (Monkey's Paw)
Due Friday 09/01
 Tuesday, August 29th  

Warm up:Review from last class→ Review the Warrior Mentality and the Scout Mentality (feel free to look at your notes!) Can you think of a situation where you had the warrior mentality? What about the scout mentality? What was different about those situations?

1) I will be able to appreciate the importance of multiple perspectives in discussion, working together with my classmates to create discussion norms that we will use this year.
2) I will be able to identify multiple topics in a short story, choose one, and then develop it into a theme.
1. Create classroom norms for discussion
2. Theme Notes and Theme Practice
3. Exit Ticket: Choose ANY topic [one word summary of theme] that you can think of, and come up with 3 possible themes to go with it. 

August 25th 

Warm upWhat is a topic that you have strong feelings about? Write a little about this topic. Why do you feel this way? Have you had any experiences that influenced how you feel about this topic? Target: 1) I will be able to help the class establish a safe space for holding difficult conversations. 2) I will be able to identify how my identity contributes to the way I respond to other people (and how other people respond to me).
1. Creating a classroom environment discussion
2. Video graphic organizer

August 23rd 

Warm upHow many literary terms can you remember? List them, and then define the ones you can.

: I will be able to read “Painted Devils” by Fred Chappell and analyze it, focusing specifically on the following terms: dialogue, characterization, setting, metaphor, and symbolism. 1. Read "Painted Devils" by Fred Chappell 2. Annotate it on your own, looking specifically for metaphor, dialogue, symbolism, characterization, and setting. 3. In a substantial paragraph, respond to the following prompt: How does the writer make use of [choose one of the literary elements you discussed] to develop theme (or central message) of the text? Explain your thinking using direct evidence from the text. This diagnostic response is due to Mrs. Foley at the end of class.

Monday, August 21st  Warm up: 
Do you usually set goals for yourself?
What is a goal that you are proud of accomplishing?
What is your process for goal setting?

1.  Review Syllabus and Policies 
2. Motivation Discussion 
3. Creating SMART Goals
4. Letter to teacher- write Mrs. Foley a short letter about yourself so she can get to know you better! 

Friday, August 18th   * all classes meet today
1. "Get to know me" note cards
2. Team building activity

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