Unit 1: Writing for Application

Thursday, September 28th  Refer to Notes 9/28 for warm-up, target, and notes

Interview day!! 
If you were absent on this day, you must set up a time with Mrs. Foley to do your interview.

 Tuesday, September 26th Refer to Notes 9/26 for warm-up, target, and notes
1. Independent Reading
2.  Take a look at the Interview Packet 
 -Read "The 5 Step Interview Process" (pages 2-3) and take notes
-Look at the Interview Questions (page 4) to practice answering interview questions!
-Look at page 5 to see the rubric that will be used to assess your interview

 Thursday we will be breaking into groups of 3 for Mock Interviews. Come dressed in business professional, prepared to conduct, participate in, and peer assess an interview.

 Friday, September 22nd
1. Independent Reading
2. Writing for Application Reflection Questions- these will be turned in with your essay!
3. Time to finish, print, and submit the following:

-Reflection sheet & responses

-Writing for Application Essay



September 20th 
1. Independent Reading
2. Professional Email & Active vs. Passive Voice Notes  and practice
3. Send Mrs. Foley a practice email at
4. How to write a resume
5. Work time & Conferencing

You will also be turning in a Resume with your Writing for Application Essay on Friday- If you need examples of resumes, check these out!
 Your final draft of the Writing for Application Essay AND your Resume are due on Friday at the end of the block.
 Monday, September 18th 
1. Independent Reading
2. Peer Editing- Show 2 people that you trust your essay so you can get feedback. Complete the Peer Editing Form. This will be turned in with the paper copy of your final essay.
3. Work time & conferencing
 Your final draft of this essay is due on Friday at the end of the block. You will get a little bit of time to work on it on Wednesday, but we will be focusing on the Resume portion mostly.
 Thursday, September 14th                       *Please note*
Due to some of the concerns and issues we are having with this assignment, today we discussed our struggles and talked about how to incorporate an anecdote into the essay. 
The due dates have shifted slightly. On Sunday night, by 11:59 pm, you must turn in a rough draft of your essay to Google Classroom. Also, bring a PRINTED copy to class on Monday. Next week, we will work shop the drafts and polish them for final submission next week.

Refer to Notes 9/14 
for warm-up, target, and notes
1. Independent Reading
2. Anecdote Videos (see powerpoint)
3. Read "How to Turn a Real-Life Moment into an Anecdote"
4. Mrs. Foley modeled her anecdote plan for her personal statement. Complete your plan.
5. Work time for essay and conferencing
Turn in (on google classroom) your rough draft for the Writing for Application Essay by11:59pm on Sunday, September 17th 
Period 5 code: l3qp1b (first letter is an L)
Period 7 code: r0gfvc
Tuesday, September 12th   Refer to Notes 9/12 for warm-up, target, and notes
1. Independent Reading
2. Work time for the Writing for Application Assignment
 -Your prompt should be:
1) from one of your college applications
2) from Mrs. Foley's list of interview questions
-You will conference with Mrs. Foley today or Thursday to talk about your future plans, your essay, and your independent reading book

Your Writing for Application essay is due on Friday, September 15th at 11:59 pm.
It will be graded according to this rubric.

Have a partially written essay (at the minimum) for class Thursday. 

We will be editing and workshopping your writing for the first half of class, then you will have the second half to continue writing and to make edits.
 Friday, September 8th  College Counselor Presentation. Check in with classmates for any missed information.

Application for Writing Essay  (aka College Essay or Interview Essay) assigned. It will be due at 11:59pm on Friday, September 15th

You will have all of class on 9/12 and some of class on 9/14 (we will take time to edit and workshop responses on day 2) to work on this essay. Be prepared to begin writing. If you need some ideas to brainstorm, try this or any of these

 Wednesday, September 6th Refer to Notes 9/6 for warm-up, target, and notes
1. Independent Reading
*Class on study deck after reading/warm up*
2. College Essay Day One Research- This should be valid for you... Take a look at your post-high school options. What are your first choices right now? Why? What kind of application or work experience will you need to move forward here? This will be a check grade based on how you used your work time today.

Friday, September 1st   Refer to Notes 9/1 for warm-up, target, and notes
1.Independent Reading
2. Finish watching 500 words or less documentary
3. As you watch, answer these response questions. These are due at the end of the block
Wednesday, August 30th   Refer to Notes 8/30 for warm-up, target, and notes
1. Finish analyzing college essays from previous period, and this one according to your rubric
2. Discuss what worked and what didn't
3. Begin watching 500 words or less documentary
4. As you watch, answer these response questions

 Monday, August 28th  1. Independent Read
2. Read the college essay advice and take notes- at least 5 important facts
3. Create a rubric based on the advice and this example to assess a college essay
4. Read these two essays and assess them according to your rubric
August 24th 
1. Independent Read 
2. Finish Stations (see Tuesday for links to work)
3. Writing Sample
In a carefully constructed, well-written, multi-paragraph essay, answer ONE of the following prompts:
What would you tell your 16-year-old self?
What would you like to tell your future self?
Do you have any regrets?
How have you learned from your biggest mistakes?
What matters most in life?
What would your childhood self think of your life thus far?
What is the best advice you ever received?
* Include any personal information you think is relevant. What do I need to know about you in order to provide you with what you need?

This is due to Mrs. Foley by the end of the block.

August 22nd 
 1. Syllabus Stations Part 1
-About Me
-SMART Goals
-Reading Survey
Google Classroom Work
5th code: l3qp1b
7th code: r0gfvc
-Class Environment Survey (on GC)
-Growth Mindset Response (on GC)
2. Library Time to select Independent Reading Novel

 1. Choose an independent reading novel (Bring it with you for Thursday's class).

August 18th 
 1. "Get to know you name cards"
2. Team building activity

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