English 10 Honors

  May 21st

  Handouts on  Socratic seminar

  Work on 5 level 3 questions (typed and
  double spaced)

  Background on Socrates
  Work on     questions
  May 17th

 Turnitin code for Block 6 - 169279722
   "                                     " 8 - 169279731
  You have 24 hours starting at midnight
  This is all the code that you need since 
  you have submitted on Turnitin before.
   (Login and the drop box will be right         there). 


   Research papers due

  May 15th


 Who and Whom

 In class work

 Questions on paper

  May 11th

  Last day to work on papers

  Last day to show me novels or 
  research questions

  Turnitin codes on my website on 
  Monday- Must turn it in by midnight 
 H.W.- none
  May 9th

  a) Work on paper  
  May 4th

  a) Work on paper  
  May 2nd

  a) Work on paper  
  April 30th

  a) Discuss book

 b) In class reading

  c) Discuss

  d) Work on paper
  H.W. -work on     paper
  April 26th

  a) Collect outlines

  b) CAS packets

  c) Discuss reading

  d) Read "The Ghost Soldiers"

  e) Discussion questions

  f) Ted Talk on public art by J.R.

 H.W.- Complete    novel

Bring whatever     materials you need to start  working on research papers in class on Tuesday
  April 23rd

  a) CAS handouts

  b) Hand back annotated bibliographies

  c) Look at model

  d) Discuss chapters

  e) Video of Vietnamese dancing

  f) Read "Speaking of Courage" and
     "Notes" (8th hour)

  g) If time, My Lai
 H.W.- CAS sheets  due back to Mr.  Mandelstam on

 6th hour-Read  "Notes"
  April 19th

  Collect annotated bibliographies


  Discuss chapters

  Symbolism in the novel

  Read "The Man I Killed" and "Ambush"
  in class

   Finish doc.

 Read "Style" (8th  period)
 "Ambush" and  "Style" (6th)
  April 17th


  In class work

  Read "Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong"
  in class


 Annotated  bibliography due
 next class. Typed, 12 point font,  double-spaced
 AND read the  chapters "Stockings" and
  April 13th


 Research questions/novels?

 Discuss research papers and due date

 Dates for in class work on essay: May 1,3,

 Annotated bibliography now due on  Thurs. 19th 

 Discuss "How To Tell A True War Story"

 Read "The Dentist" in class

 If time, continue "Brothers In War"

 H.W.- Work on  
 annotated  bibliography

 No reading H.W.
 April 9th

 Research questions?

 Novels in class?


 Look at sample MLA formatted paper on  Ms. Strong's website. (Yours will look like  this.)

 Discuss novel

 Read two short chapters in class:  "Friends";"Enemies"

 Begin watching "Brothers In Arms"

 H.W. Read chapter  8
 April 5th

  Collect research questions

  Check for novels

  Go over research question slides

  Hand out sample outline

  Discuss reading

  Platoon make up photo

  Ted Talk by Sebastian Junger

  Read chapters 2 and 3 in class

  Read "A Letter To My Son" 


 H.W. -Read 
 Chapter 4
 April 3rd

  Welcome back!

  "Yellow Wallpaper" assignments
  Make sure that you have your novels

  Background on Vietnam War

  Thoughts on war

  Begin novel
 H.W.- Complete 
 Chapter 1

 (Quiz next class)

 ​​​​          HAVE A GREAT SPRING BREAK  
 March  21st

  Quiz on Southern Gothic and Faulkner

  Introduce research paper assignment-
  Take notes

  Research question due April 5th


  Read "The Yellow Wallpaper"
 H.W.- Think about  research topics

 Write a ONE page 
 journal entry from 
 John's point of  view.Make sure that you use details which proves that you were actually paying attention to the story. Typed ,12 point font,double spaced.
 March  19th


  In class work

  Introduction to Southern Gothic

  Intro. to Faulkner

  Read " A Rose For Emily"
 No H.W.
  March      15th

 Essay test over "Fences"

 No H.W.
 March  13th

 Discussion questions on play

 Importance of blues and baseball

 Robert Johnson lyrics and song

 Listen to song- modern American  mythology

 Vocab. game



 In class essay on  Thursday
 March  9th

 Complete movie


 Discussion questions

 Test date

 Institutionalized- What does this imply  for the characters?

 H.W.- none
 March  7th


 Continued movie
 March  5th



 Completed reading the play

 Began watching "Fences"

 Collect homework
 March 1st


 4 B's

 Romare Bearden

 The Blues prezi

 Howlin' Wolf


 H.W.- Due next  class. Typed, 12 
 point font, double
 spaced. Write a  complete  response  of one 
 well developed  paragraph that  does the  following:
 A) answers the 
 question fully and
 completely; B)  shows thorough
 knowledge of the
 book and  evidence of  careful reading  and thinking; and 
 c) demonstrates  sound writing

 a)What were your  feelings after  reading a) The  opening chapter  (s) of the book?

 b) After reading  the first half of  the book?
 (Which we did in  class today).

 ( If need be, refer  to PDF of play,  which is on Ms.  Strong's 10th
 grade webpage).

 Feb. 27th


  "A Dream Deferred" by Langston    Hughes

 Feb. 23rd

 August Wilson background

 The Great Migration
 a) problems in the North
 b) segregated cities
 c) "The Devil you know"

 Article in class/questions

 Double standards

 The Negro Leagues

 Intro. play/characters

 Roles/begin reading if time.

 No H.W.
 Feb. 21st

 Complete in class essay  No H.W.
 Feb. 16th

 a) In class essay. Will complete on the  21st  
 Feb. 14th

 a) Grammar
 b) In class work
 c) Registration (6th at 10:10-10:45 and  8th at 2:00-2:35
 d) ?
 Feb. 12th

 a) (Template and rules  and check  annotations for 8th hour)
 b) Discuss reading
 c) Questions?
 Do not forget that  we have  registration on  the 14th.
 Feb. 8th

 a) Rules for final
 b) Template for final
 c) Discuss novel
 d) Questions on novel
 e) Readaloud

 H.W.- Complete  novel
 Feb. 6th

a) Dates for final- 16th-begin 21st-end
b) Discuss novels
c) Continue Haiku reading
d) In class reading

 H.W.- Read to  page 261
 Feb. 2nd  a) Quiz
 b) Discuss novel
 c) Haiku poems due
 d) Share poems

 H.W.- read until
 page 229
 Jan. 31st

 a) Quiz
 b) Collect annotations
 c) Discuss novel
 d) Final for this novel
 e) Haiku
 - Write 3; one on Blevins;one on  Alejandra;one on horses
 Typed, double spaced and due Friday  2nd
 f) Began work in class

 H.W.- Haiku  poems

 Read from 194-  end of chapter 3
 Jan. 29th  1) Quiz
 2) Discuss book
 3) Grammar
 4) Haiku lesson
 5) In class writing
 6) Share

 H.W.- Read 168-  193
 ​​ANNOTATE FOR  SETTING​ (I will  check next class)
 Use  your"Questions to
 Ask When  Analyzing for  Setting"
 Jan. 25th 

 1) Quiz
 2) Discuss novel
 3) Rhetorical analysis (Turn in)
 4) Notes on Setting 
 5) Cole is everywhere
 6) What do we know about him?
 7) VERMIN!!!


 H.W.- read from 

  Jan. 23rd  1) Discuss novel
 2) Cont. work on rhetorical analysis
 3) Type up final copy
 4) Present
 5) Grammar

 H.W. - read from 
 Jan. 19th  1) Discuss novel
 2) Intro. assignment
 3) Definitions-examples
 4) Speeches
 5) Begin groupwork

 H.W.-read from 
 107- 121
 Jan. 17th  1) Quiz
 2) Discuss novel
 3) Go over assignment
 4) Watch speech
 5) Groupwork

 H.W.- read from 

 Jan. 12th  1) Quiz
 2) Discuss novel
 3) Bildungsroman
 4) Rhetorical terms in H.W. column 
 5) Define
 6) Assignment for " I Have A Dream"  speech
 7) Writing assignment due on 17th 

 H.W.- read from  48-81

 Rhetorical terms  to be defined:

 alliteration,  allusion,  anaphora,  assonance, 
 Jan. 10th  1) Quiz
 2) Grammar- Conjunctions
 3) Discuss novel/ film clip
 4) Western genre as American paradigm
 5)         "       character     "                  "
 6) How McCarthy deals with them
 7) Power of females in novel 
 8) Sunsets
 9) Power of chance
 10) Role of horses/nature

 H.W.-read from
 Jan. 8th  1) Welcome back
 2) Seating
 3) Have McCarthy novels
 4) Language/Spanish/trilogy
 5) Begin reading in class


 H.W.- Read 1-23
 Dec.  19th/20th  1) Choose one of the following thematic concepts: Humanism, Pragmatism, Transcendentalism, Immigration, Socialism, or Jeffersonian Agrarianism.
  2) Choose three passages from The Grapes Of Wrath  that exemplify the thematic concept. ONE of the passages MUST come from an intercalary chapter; 1,3,5,7,9,11,12,14,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29.
  3) For each passage, prepare three to five questions level two questions that relate to the thematic concept.
 4) Your grade (30 points) will be based on the following:
  a)   (10 points) Preparedness
   i. The student has selected three  passages and at least three questions for each passage that are appropriate to the topic.
   b)   ( 20 points) Participation
   i. The student participates effectively in the group: taking  turns when it is appropriate, not cutting others off, encouraging silent members, paraphrasing and summarizing the comments of others, and paying close attention to what people say.
   ii. The student contributes thoughtful responses to the question and the overall discussion, supporting with evidence from the novel or other resources.
   iii. The student's knowledge of the material and preparation are evident through quality of responses and discussion. 
 Dec. 15th  FINAL EXAM-open note/open book  
 Dec. 13th  ??????  
 Dec. 11th  a) Presentations  
 Dec. 7th  a) Presentations  
 Dec. 5th  a) Work on presentations
 Work on  presentations
 Dec. 1st  a) Questions
 b) Discuss novel/ending
 c) Intro. "Today's Wrath"  assignment
 d) Begin work in class

 Work on  presentations
 Nov. 29th  a) Quiz
 b) Questions?
 c) Discuss reading
 H.W. Complete  novel
 Nov. 27th  a) Quiz
 b) Questions on  reading
 c) Discuss reading
 e) In class activity
  H.W. Read to end  of Chapter 28
          HAVE A GREAT 


 Nov. 16th  a) Continue watching   documentary  H.W. Read TO   Chapter 27
 Nov. 14th  a) Turn in Dialectical   Journals
 b) Watch The Dust Bowl
 H.W. Read to page 
 Nov. 10th  a) Quiz
 c) Discuss novel
 d) Intro. Dialectical
 Journal assignment
 e) Begin work in class
 H.W.- Read to 
 Chapter 25 (pg. 347)
 Nov. 8th  a) ?'s/comments
 b)-The "Oversoul"
     - What is    
     - What is Jeffersonian
 c) Discuss novel
 d) Short story-        "Harrison Bergeron"
 e) Ted Talk
 H.W. Read to  Chapter 23(pg. 324) 
 Nov. 6th
 a) Quiz
 b) Grammar
 c) In class grammar  assignment
 d) Discuss novel
 e) Assignment
 H.W.-Read to pg.  324
 Nov. 2nd  a) ?'s/comments on  reading
 b) Discuss reading
 c) Transcendentalism-
 d) Aphorisms
 e) Read essay-look for  aphorisms
 f) Personal experience
 g Modern  Transcendental  movements
 H.W.- read to page
 Oct. 31st  a) Quiz on Chapter 18
 b) ?'s/comments
 c) Discuss chapters
 d) " Battle Hymn Of The  Republic"
 e) Book of Exodus-    shall enter Canaan?
 f) F.D.R.- Socialism
 W.P.A.  infrastructure,dams
 H.W.-read 230-251
 Oct. 27th  a) Quiz on Chapter 17
 b) Answers
 c) ?'s/comments on  novel
 d) Discuss 14,15,16,17
 e) If time, read in class
 H.W.-Read chapter
 Oct. 25th  a)Questions/comments  on book
 b) ?
 c) Period 8 turn in Ch.
 1 rewrites

 d) If time, read in class
 H.W. Read Ch. 17
 Oct. 23rd  a) Quiz
 b) Go over answers
 Grammar lesson on  Passive/Active voice
 c) In class work on  grammar
 d) Discuss novel
 H.W.- Read chapters
 Oct 19th
 a) Quiz
 b) Answers
 Discuss pages 36-37
 c) ?'s on novel
 d) Discuss chapters
 e) Introduce  assignment
 f) Begin work in class
 H.W.-read chapters  11,12,13

 Writing assignment
 due on 23rd:  Choose one  character who has  appeared so far:  Tom, Casy, Ma, Pa,  Uncle John,  Grampa. Granma,  Muley Graves.  Rewrite the novel's  beginning(Chapter  1) from this  character's  perspective. Think  about how a story  can be told from  multiple  perspectives. What  might Steinbeck be  trying to tell by  writing about a  whole family and a  whole community?

 Typed, double-  spaced, 12 point  font. 1-2 pages.
 Oct. 17th  a) Quiz
 b) Group presentations
 c) Questions on novel?
 d) Discuss reading
 e) Writing assignment
 H.W.-read chapters  8, 9,10
 Oct. 12th  a) Quiz
 b) Questions on novel
 c) Monsters!
 d) Discuss chapter 4
 e) Group work
 H.W.- Read  chapters 5,6 and 7
 Oct. 10th  a) Turn in conclusion    revision
 b) Questions?
 c) Handout on close  reading/annotation
 d) Characters in the  novel
 e) Volunteers?
 f) Begin reading in class
 H.W.- Read through  chapter 4
 -quiz next class
 H.W. Read through  chapter 4

 Quiz next class
 Oct 6th  6th hour
 a) A simple 5    paragraph essay
 b) Handout on  conclusions
 c) Begin rewrite of  concluding paragraph
 from first essay- Due Oct 10th

 8th hour
 a) Intro. to Dust Bowl
 b) Reasons/depression
 c) Photographs
 d) Plight of the working
 e) ?
 H.W. Rewrite of  conclusion due on   10th
 Oct. 4th  6th hour to watch play  in auditorium

 8th hour
 a) No in class essay on    Fri.
 b) Begin Grapes of  Wrath on Tuesday-    bring novels
 c) Conclusions
 d) The simplest 5  paragraph essay that  exists
 e) Sheet on conclusions
 f) Begin to rewrite  conclusion- Due on  Tuesday
 g) Laughter
 H.W. (8th)- work on  conclusions
 Oct. 2nd  a) Time to complete  presentations
 b) Present
 c) Grammar in class
 d) Lesson on  
 conclusions - handout
 e) Begin in class  revising conclusion
 f) (6th)-play on Weds.
 H.W.-revise  conclusion- due on 
 Sept. 28th  a)Comments/questions  on play
 b) Complete movie
 c) ?'s
 d) Begin The Grapes  of Wrath on Oct. 
 d) Introduce assignment
 e) Begin work if there is  time
 H.W.- Assignment  on Much Ado About  Nothing due on  Oct.2nd

 Assignment: in  groups of 4, decide    which archetype  the characters are  based upon:  Beatrice,  Benedick,Don  Pedro, Don John,  Claudio, Hero,  Dogberry.
 Once you have  decided on which  archetype the  characters are  based, I want you to  recast these main
 roles, using other  characters from  popular culture.  Each group will  present on Monday  the 2nd. I want each  group to turn in a  document that reflects the  presentation,  including Archetype,
 new cast member  and justification for
 new actor/actress.  
 Sept. 26th  a) Introduce Archetypes
 b) Archetypes handout
 c) Discussed Shakespeare  and Much Ado About  Nothing
d) Introduced characters
 e) Began watching film
 No H.W.
 Sept.  22nd
 a) Introduction to  Romanticism
 b) In class reading
 c) Intro. to Poe
 d) Read "The Black Cat"
 Sept.20th  a) Collect essay
 b) Grammar lesson on       Comma Splices
 c) In class work
 d) Read "The Devil and  Tom Walker" in class
 e) Elements of Puritanical  thought?
 Sept. 21

 15-20 minutes to finish passage analysis

 Work on questions for chapter 4 (typed,
 double-spaced due on Tuesday).

 Chapter 4   questions

 Sept. 19

 Discuss Ch. 3
 Introduced Passage Analysis activity
  Began work in groups - Due Tuesday
  H.W.- Read Ch. 4
Sept. 17

 Quizzes on ch's 1 and 2
 Lesson on Annotation and Close Reading 
 Class discussion
 Writing assignment (Due 21st) 
 Writing assignment
 Read Chapter 3
 Sept. 13th

 MAPS TEST  HW- read ch. 2
 Sept. 11

 Bring Gatsby to class
 Intro. Fitzgerald and Jazz Age
 Begin reading in class
 Class discussion
 Read Chapter 1
 Sept. 7th

 Socratic Seminars  None
 Sept. 5th

 Socratic Seminar work time in class
 Writing activity
 Writing   assignment

 August 30

 In class work time
 Vocab. game
 Socratic Seminar
 August 29

 Film clip
 Levels of questions
 Work on Socratic Seminar
 Work on
 Socratic         Seminar
 August   27th

 Finish MC activity
 Annotation activity
 Intro, Socratic Seminar
 Pick partners/ begin work
  Socratic Seminar
 August 23  Multiple Choice activity in pairs  

 August 21  In class essay   
 Bring novel to   class

 August 17  Intro./syllabus
 Get to know you activity
  Bring Catcher​ and

  any notes on the

  novel for use on 

  in class essay -

  Aug. 21st
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