In Class:

What needs to be done:

Aug. 17
Class Intro and Math Mobiles Check out my syllabus. See link on left.
 Aug. 20
Pre-Algebra Review #1  1. Syllabus EContract - see link at left.
2. Pre-Algebra Review #1 HW
 Aug. 22
Pre-Algebra Review #2 1. Syllabus EContract
2. Pre-Algebra Review #2
 Aug. 24
Pre-Algebra Test 1. Pre-Algebra Test - see me, if absent
2. Sign up for Khan Academy (find the link in your email)
3. Create Data Folder - see me, if absent
 Aug. 28
Lesson on Multistep Equations and Inequalities Homework 1.1
 Aug. 30
Lesson on Variables on Both Sides of Equations Homework 1.2
 Sept. 4
MAP Testing - see me if absent Homework 1.2, if you haven't finished already
 Sept. 6
Lesson on Writing Equations Quiz 1 - see me, if absent
 Sept. 10
Lesson on Absolute Value Equations HW 1.4
 Sept. 12
Lesson on Literal Equations Classwork 1.5 - 3, 10, 13, 15, 17 only
 Sept. 14
Koosh Ball game with Equations Notebook Check #1 - see me, if absent
 Sept. 18
Unit 1 Test Review Work on Stations, if you didn't finish in class.
 Sept. 20
Unit 1 Test - see me, if absent Coordinate Plane Review - getting ready for Unit 2
 Sept. 24
Unit 1 Mastery - see me, if absent  
 Sept. 26
Lesson on Intro to Functions HW 2.1
 Sept. 28
Lesson on Slope Lab 1. Notebook Check - see me, if absent
2. HW. 2.2
 Oct. 2
Lesson on Tables to Graphs Poster Project - see me, if absent
 Oct. 4
Lesson on Slope Intercept Form HW 2.3
 Oct. 8
Practice Slope and Slope Intercept Quiz #1 - see me, if absent
 Oct. 10
Lesson on x- and y-intercepts and HOY VUX HW 2.4
 Oct. 15
Lesson on Writing Equations HW 2.5
 Oct. 17
Lesson on Writing Equations - day 2 Quiz - see me, if absent
 Oct. 19
Lesson on Writing Equations - day 3 1. Notebook Check - see me, if absent
2. HW 2.6
 Oct. 23
Lesson on Four Phases of a Function Four Phases Function Quiz - see me, if absent
 Oct. 25
Lesson on Graphing Inequalities and Interpreting Graphs HW 2.7
 Oct. 29
Unit 2A Review Big Review Book Answers
 Oct. 31
Unit 2A Test See me if absent.
 Nov. 2
Unit 2A Mastery  1. Khan Academy has been assigned to you. See me, if you need assistance.
2. Notebook Check
3.  Parallel and Perpendicular Investigation
 Nov. 6
Lesson on Parallel and Perpendicular HW 3.1
 Nov. 8
Lesson on Solving Systems by Graphing and Substitution HW 3.2
 Nov. 12
Lesson on Solving by Elimination HW 3.3
 Nov. 14
Practice all types of Solving Systems Crazy Mazes Answers - remember you must have work to support your answers

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