Honors Chemistry Fall Semester

Use the calendar below to keep track of in class and homework assignments from the days you missed! All assignments and PowerPoints are on our Google Classroom page! Please contact Ms. Sparks if you do not have access to it!

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In Class:


 Friday, August 18th
(All classes)

Investigate the Teacher Activity

Overview of Honors Chem.

Sign the Course Guidelines!
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Monday, August 20th
Tuesday, August 21st 
Lab Safety Article Activity

Matter Card Sort

Sign the Course Guidelines!
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Wednesday, August 22nd
Thursday, August 23rd 
 Lab Safety Article Activity, Cont.

Evaluation of Matter Activity
Sign the Safety Contract in Google Classroom so you can participate in our lab next class!
Friday, August 24th
Monday, August 27th 
Separation Experiment Watch the video "Metric System Basics" in Google Classroom and take notes!

There will be a short quiz on matter and lab safety next class. Be ready!
Tuesday, August 28th
Wednesday, August 29th 
 Safety and Matter Quiz

Metric Conversions Independent Work
Turn in notebook!
Thursday, August 30th
Friday, August 31st
More Metric Independent Work

 Significant Figures Notes

 Set-up For Measurement Activity
Complete the Significant Figures and Scientific Notation Worksheet (in Google Classroom) in your notebook.
 Tuesday, September 4th
Wednesday, September 5th 
 Measurement Activity Complete Exit Ticket and prepare for quiz on metric system and significant figures next class! 
Thursday, September 6th
Friday, September 7th
Metric and Sig Figs Quiz 

Physical and Chemical Changes Lab
Start working on Unit 1 Test Review- posted to Google Classroom. 

Test Date: Wednesday, Sept 12 or Thursday, Sept 13

Monday, September 10th
Tuesday, September 11th 
Physical and Chemical Changes Notes

Test Review
Finish working on Unit 1 Test Review- posted to Google Classroom. I will be collecting notebooks during the test- have yours ready to go! 

All quiz retakes MUST be done before the unit test!

Wednesday, September 12th
Thursday, September 13th
 Unit 1 Test 
Topics: Matter, Metric Conversions, Sig Figs, Lab Safety, Glassware
Make sure notebook is turned in! 
Friday, September 14th
Monday, September 17th
Matter & Metric System Test Review and Reflection   Finish Exit Ticket, if not done!
Tuesday, September 18th
Wednesday, September 19th
History of the Atom Activity  Please watch the assigned video (in Google Classroom) and answer the associated questions! 
Thursday, September 20th
Friday, September 21st
Subatomic Particle Notes

Build an Atom PhET

Build an Atom PhET needs to be complete by next class! 
 Monday, September 24th
Tuesday, September 25th
Electrons and Light POGIL

Start Nature of Light Notes
 Be ready for a quiz on atomic theory next class!
Topics: Scientists and their models, subatomic particles, ions and isotopes
Wednesday, September 26th
Thursday, September 27th
Atomic Theory Quiz

Finish Subatomic Particle Notes

Flame Test Lab
Finish Flame Test Lab questions in Google Classroom.
Friday, September 28th
Monday, October 1st
 Periodic Table Aliens

Coloring Periodic Table
Finish Coloring Periodic Table, if not done.  
Tuesday, October 2nd
Wednesday, October 3rd
 Electron Configuration POGIL  Finish POGIL if not done in class. 
 Thursday, October 4th
Friday, October 5th
Electron Configuration Notes and Practice  Complete ET on Periodic Trends in Google Classroom.  
 Monday, October 8th
Tuesday, October 9th
Electron Configuration Quiz 

Periodic Trends
Start looking at Unit 2 test review (available in Google Classroom). 
Wednesday, October 10th
Thursday, October 11th
Beanium Lab

Atomic Theory Review 
 Complete Unit 2 test review (available in Google Classroom). 
Monday, October 15th
Tuesday, October 16th
Atomic Theory Review

Hunting the Elements Movie

Complete Unit 2 test review (available in Google Classroom).
Wednesday, October 17th
Thursday, October 18th
Atomic Theory Test    Leave notebook for notebook check! 
Friday, October 19th
Monday, October 22nd
Unit 2 Test Reflection

Covalent Naming Activity
Watch the "Data Tables" podcast linked in Google Classroom and take notes!
We will be discussing lab write-ups and data tables starting next class!
 Tuesday, October 23rd
Wednesday, October 24th

Intro. to Experiment Design

Plan Design Lab

Bring completed (and approved!) lab design sheet to next class!

I STRONGLY suggest you start typing the initial parts of the lab so you have less work next class!
  Thursday, October 25th
Friday, October 26th
Design Lab Data Collection  Write up and turn in lab to! sign-up codes are in Google Classroom! Please email Ms. Sparks with any sign-up issues!
 Monday, October 29th
Tuesday, October 30th
Ionic Compound Activity and Notes  Mixed Naming Worksheet 
Due: Friday, November 2nd (orange day) or Monday, November 5th (black day)
 Wednesday, October 31st
Thursday, November 1st
 Ionic Naming Practice

 Halloween Demos
Mixed Naming Worksheet 
Due: Friday, November 2nd (orange day) or Monday, November 5th (black day)
 Friday, November 2nd
Monday, November 5th
 Basic Naming Quiz 

Data Collection and Graphing Lab
Start typing lab.
DUE: Thursday, November 8th (Orange) or Friday, November 9th (Black)
  Tuesday, November 6th
Wednesday, November 7th
 Types of Bonds Notes

Extra Naming Practice (Differentiated)
Study for your second naming quiz next class!
-There WILL be polyatomics on this one!

 Finish typing lab. 
DUE: Thursday, November 8th (Orange) or Friday, November 9th (Black)
  Thursday, November 8th
Friday, November 9th
Polyatomic Naming Quiz

 Organic Naming Inquiry Activity
Start working on naming half-test review! 
 Monday, November 12th
Tuesday, November 13th
Organic Naming Practice

Test Review
Finish naming half-test review!

Have notebook ready for a check next class!
Wednesday, November 14th
Thursday, November 15th
Naming Test

Introduction to Lewis Structures
Leave notebook for notebook check.
 Friday, November 16th  Finish Lewis Structures Activity

Intro to VSEPR Theory
Finish questions by next class! You do NOT need to do the challenge questions.
 Thanksgiving Break

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