Academic Honesty Policy

​LHS Academic Honesty Policy

(this info is also found on p. 10 of the student planner)

All Lakewood High School students are expected to be honest and to have integrity.  Not being an honest school participant undermines everyone's self-respect and the integrity of the system we honor and respect. Once a paper is turned in, it becomes the property of the school.  A teacher has the right to investigate the authenticity of the work.

Definition of Cheating:  Cheating includes, but is not limited to: copying individually assigned homework from a classmate or allowing such homework to be copied; looking at work on another student's desk during a test or willfully enabling a student to  look at your test; using "crib" sheets during a test; utilizing someone else's notes or research to prepare a paper or speech which you should have researched yourself; intentionally failing to credit a source which you have quoted or paraphrased (this applies to any source of information); gaining prior knowledge of the content of a test through sources not available to the rest of the class; and claiming any written work as "yours" which was actually written by someone else (plagiarism).

The consequences for a student who is found cheating should include: the student(s) may not receive credit for his/her academic work; parents will be contacted; and the student(s) will be referred to an administrator; suspension may be an option-- depending on the severity of the cheating, a second incident may result in a failing grade for the class.
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