Honors English 10

Ms. Strong


Office hours: 7:10-7:40 room A109


Course Description

Honors English 10 will prepare students for future IB and AP course work. Students will read a variety of American literature: The Great Gatsby, Grapes of Wrath, Fences, The Round House, and The Things They Carried. The activities will provide students an opportunity to further their understanding of American literature as well as improve the quality of their writing. Students are encouraged, but not required, to purchase copies of each text.



  • Notebook
  • Pen/pencils
  • Highlighter


Late Work

I accept late work, but it will be docked 10% for each day it is late—every calendar day, not class periods that we meet. I consider the assignment late if it is not turned in at the beginning of the period.


By the end of the course, students should be able to do the following:


  • Apply literary terminology and knowledge of literary techniques (including, but not limited to, rising actions, style, mood, setting, protagonist, antagonist, point of view, foreshadowing, personification, or flashback) to understand text. (6.b)
  • Use vivid and precise words (for example, active verbs and concrete nouns), imagery, and figurative language as appropriate to audience and purpose. (2.1)
  • Use standard English in writing, including: subject/verb agreement, agreement of pronoun and its antecedent, parallel structure, and correct modifiers. (3.b)
  • Punctuate correctly, including apostrophes, commas, semicolons, colons, and dashes. (3.d)
  • Identify the author’s purpose.
  • Analyze a variety of texts—editorials, political cartoons, advertisements, essays, as well as poetry and prose—in order to make predictions and draw conclusions. (4.d)
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