Composition for the College-Bound Student


In Class:


 12/13 Here is a link to the video drop folder. There are also directions on how to upload your folder. Be sure to upload it to your block.
drop folder for final videos

  • The videos are due the day of the final. 
  • You will have your final grammar quiz on the last day of class.
 12/06 Storyboard due 12/10 for blocks 1& 2 and due 12/11 for block 7
storyboard template
 12/04 Annotated Bibliographies due next class
Turn it in through
 11/05-12/02   Check your presentation schedule. If you miss a day, see me for make-up assignments.  
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Commit to presentation due dates
  • Work time: presentations will begin on November 5
English 12 presentation rubric.doc
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Work time: the research paper is due Oct. 22/23
 10/10 The outline is due next class.
  • Grammar warm up
  • Lecture: Outlines
  • Why Outline why outline
  • Example of outline
  • Read the research paper and create an outline for it MLA Research Paper
  • Work time--Outline due October 14/15
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Collect annotated bibliographies
  • Lecture: note cards
  • Work time--note cards due 10/8
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Warm-up Check--possible to test out of a skill at this point
  • Review academic data bases and requirements for the annotated bibliography
  • Work time--A HARD COPY of the annotated bib. is due next class
Bring at least 50 note cards to the next class.
 9/26  The annotated bib is due 10/2--see first sem. research doc. for mor e info.
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Lecture: research questions
  • Examples of Research Questions.docx
  • Work time: research question, working thesis, and approach due next class
  • Research question:
    Working thesis:
    1.Tenet of argument
    2.Tenet of argument
    3.Tenet of argument
    4.Tenet of argument

 first sem Research Paper.doc
 9/18 1. Read one of the following essays in Everything's an Argument
“Why You Should Fear Your Toaster More Than Nuclear Power” (174-179)
“Cultural Stress Linked to Suicide” (265-268)
“Can a Playground Be Too Safe?” (269-272)
“A Call to Improve Campus Accessibility for the Mobility Impaired” (296-303)
“A Directive Approach toward ESL/EFL Writers” (383-388)

2. Use the following analysis questions to analyze the essay: 
How well do they introduce or frame the material?
What are the various ways the author uses sources:
•     to provide context
•     to define key concepts or terms
•     to explain technical details
•     to furnish evidence
•     to lay out contrary opinions

3.When you are finished with the analysis, write a paragraph assessing the author’s handling of sources in the piece.
Are the borrowed materials integrated well with the author’s own thoughts?
Do the sources represent an effective synthesis of ideas?

  • Grammar warm-up
  • Finish chpt.19 presentations
  • Complete the presentation feedback form
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Lecture: using sources
  • Analyze "The Case Against Single-Sex Classrooms"
  • Read chpt. 19 in Everything's an Argument
  • Create a slide show based on the five big ideas in the chapter. For each slide, include the following: the point, an example, an image that anchors the meaning of the point, and a question you could ask the audience to determine they understand the information.
  • Next class, we will finish the making the slide shows.
  • Collect cover letters
  • Watch 9/11 documentary--summary paragraph due next class.
  • Warm-up
  • Counselor presentation 
  • Collect college essays
  •  Warm-up
  • Collect outlines
  • Work time: college essay due next class--see rubric in homework section
 College Essay Rubric.doc
  • Warm-up
  • Writing conference: college essay topic
  • The outline is due next class.
  • Finish resilient tone charts
  • Complete Johns Hopkins Essay Feedback assignment College Essays that Worked
  • Choose topic for the college essay
  • Warm-up--choose grammar goals 
  • Lecture: Discovering Your Voice
  • Continue In 500 Words or Less
8/15 Warm-up
Introduction to Ms. Strong
Take notes on In 500 Words or Less

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