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In Class:


 4/21 & 22  We  watched research presentations and completed the 
assessments. We will meet in zoom sessions for the rest of the year.
Use the link and times below.
4/20  We will have zoom meetings for every class this week. Tuesday 
and Thursday for blocks 2 (9:20-10:00) & 4 (11:00-11:40) as well as
Wednesday and Friday for 
block 7 (10:10-10:50). Use this link for the meeting
link to meetingPassword: 6pcGUZ
4/14 & 4/15 Today, we played a grammar Kahoot.
We also reviewed the criteria for the research presentation.
Here is a link to the presentationApril 14 & 15 Lecture
Remember, the research presentation is due by 4:00 on Thursday 
for blocks 2 & 4, and 4:00 by Friday for block 7.
You will not have an attendance par. this week. I will use the 
presentation for attendance.
 4/13 Tomorrow for block 2 (9:20-10:00) and block 4 (11:00-11:40), and
Wednesday for block 7 (10:10-10:50) we 
will have a zoom meeting using this link link to meeting.
 4/7 Here is a pdf of the lecture I gave during the zoom lesson on 
Tuesday and Wednesday April 7 & 8.pdf of lecture
For extra-credit, watch this helpful video about giving formal 
research presentations. Jot down 15 ideas covered in the
video and turn them in w/the attendance par. for Thur/Fri
extra credit video
 4/6 Tomorrow during blocks 2 & 4 as well as Wednesday during block 7 
(see schedule below if you did not attend last week) we will have
important zoom sessions. Be ready to take notes and plan on 
attending the entire 40 minute class. There is now a password, 
and it is:  310333 Click on the link for last week to join the meeting.
 4/1 Thank you to everyone who joined the Zoom session today. 
It was nice to see and talk to you. Remember, to turn in your 
research presentation proposal paragraph to
by Thursday/Friday at 4:00. Next week, I will go over the rubric in 
detail during our Zoom session. English 12 OralPresentationRubric for spring 2020.doc
Below are links to tutorials for some of the options:
tutorial for Wevideo
tutorial for screencastify
how to use imovie on your phone
 3/30 Please join me for a Zoom Session for March 31 & April 1
All you need to do is click on the link during your scheduled time
and you will join the meeting.
If you would like more information about Zoom, check out
this  tutorial for Zoom

We will use the school's schedule for our zoom session:

Block 2 will meet on Tuesdays from 9:20-10:00
Block 4 will meet on Tuesdays from 11:00-11:40
Block 7 will meet on Wednesdays from 10:10-10:50

Well, it looks like we are going to have to move to a zoom 
format for the research presentations. 

For the attendance paragraph for today and tomorrow, make
sure to reflect on the research process and the changes
you will make the next time you write a paper.

Also, here is a link to a scholarship opportunity.scholarship opportunity

Your first remote assignment is the attendance paragraph
For this assignment, you must write a 5-7 sentence paragraph
about your research process. It is due at 3:10 on the day of your class. For black-day students (blocks 7), it is Wednesday 3/18 and for orange-day students (blocks 2 & 4) that is Wednesday, March 18.
 3/12  The research paper  is due at the start of class on 3/18 or 3/19 regardless of school status. Check for the exact time.  
 3/4  The research paper must be uploaded to by the start of class on March 18/19
 2/27 The outline is due March 4
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Lecture: note cards
  • Work time--note cards due 2/27 & 2/28
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Lecture: annotated bibliography
  • Individual conference for research question
annotated bib. due 2/21 & 2/24
Make sure to bring 50 note cards to class on Friday/Monday.
example of annotated bib
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Lecture: Research question
  • EBSCO video
  • Work time: research question, approach, and working thesis due next class
Research Paper 2020 spring sem.doc
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Work time: chpt.19  slide shows due at the beginning of next class
  • share w/
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Check for cover letters
  • Lecture: secondary sources
  • Read chpt. 19 in Everything's an Argument
  • Create a slide show on the big ideas in the chapter. Include the following on every slide:
  1. The point expressed in your own words
  2. An example that illustrates the point
  3. An image that anchors the main point of the slide
  4. A question that you could ask the audience to determine if they understand the information 
 You will have the next class to work on the chpt.19 presentation
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Check for resumes
  • Lecture: cover letters
  • The cover letters are due at the beginning of the next class. They must be uploaded to
 cover letter rubric 2.docx
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Check for personal essay
  • Lecture: writing resumes
  • Work time: resumes must be uploaded to by the start of class on Tuesday
 Resume Rubric.pdf
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Collect DIDLS charts
  • Work Day: Scholarship essays must be uploaded to by the start of the next class. See the enrollment codes posted on 1/17.
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Share Poe exercise
  • Work time:
  • DIDLS chart due next class
  • Scholarship/personal essays due to 1/24 &1/25
  • Use the following codes for

Block 2: 23377675

Enrollment Key: block2


Block 4: 23377697

Enrollment Key: block4

Block 7: 23377711
Enrollment Key: block7

scholarship essay

Scholarship Essay Rubric.doc
  • Grammar warm-up
  • Share tone ex.
  • Lecture: subject & purpose
  • Audience appeal ex.
  • Grammar Warm-up
  • Share tone shift exercise
  • Lecture: Audience and Purpose
  • Tone exercise
  • Warm-up
  • Grammar Pretest
  • Lecture: Writer's Voice
  • Tone Exercise


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