Creative Writing- Semester 2 2019


In Class:


 May 3
  1.  WWU- an alternate version of history or what animal you would be 
  2. Senior presentations
  3. Work time for those who did not present today
 May 1
  1.  WWU- what happens when you die or what do you hope happens when you die
  2. presentation
  3. Work on final piece
  1.  Seniors- you can present your final piece on Friday and complete the course.
 April 29
  1.  WWU- Best memories of this school year
  2. Presentations
  3. Work on final piece
 April 25
  1. WWU- your choice- turn in journals
  2. Presenatations
  3. One-Act presentations
  4. Final piece instructions
 April 23
  1.  WWU- A very short story about finals
  2. Presentations
  3. Last day to work on One Act.  Due before class on Thurs.- hard copy or share with me.  Rubric  (One Act PP posted 4/1)
  4. Those of you who want to present will present on Thurs.
 April 19
  1.  WWU- your choice
  2. Presentations
  3. Complete rough draft of One Act- we will finish next Tues.
 April 15
  1. WWU- your choice
  2. Presentations
  3. Work on One Act
 April 11
  1.  WWU- your choice
  2. presentations 
  3. work on One Acts- rough draft due next Wed./ final draft due next Friday
 April 5
  1.  WWU- your choice
  2. Go over One Act instructions- see April 1- PP
  3. Work on One Act
 April 3
  1.  WWU- Ideas for One Act
  2. Read last two examples of One Acts
 April 1
  1.  WWU- A Spring Break story
  2. Turn in Poetry 
  3. Ben C. Writing I love
  4. Intro. to writing a One Act Play
  5. Sample plays: While the Auto Waits, No Such Thing, The Worker
 March 21
  1.  WWU- Spring break 
  2. Taylor- present
  3. work on poetry- due end of hour or Monday, April 1
  1.  Complete poetry unit- Due Monday, April, 1
 March 19
  1.  WWU- Music
  2. work on poetry- Due Friday or beginning of the hour on Monday, April 1
 March 15
  1. WWU- snow days 
  2.  Reminders: graduation speaker auditions Monday 3/18; Harbinger submissions; go see the play on Sat.
  3. Go over the final 4 forms of poetry (see power point from 3/7)
  4. Requirements for poetry unit
  5. Work on poetry
  1.  None- have a good weekend :)
 March 7 
  1.  WWU- your choice- turn in journals today
  2. Review poems from Tues.
  3. Elements of poetry and poetic form
  4. Haiku and Sonnet
  1.  Finish your sonnet to share on Monday
 March 5
  1.  WWU- write about poetry- or write a poem, a series of poems....
  2. Introduction to poetry- table assignment
  3. Which poems do you like best and why?
  1.  Bring  one of your favorite poems to share in class Thurs.
  2. Writing journal due on Thurs.  If you are missing entries, get caught up.
 March 1
  1.  WWU- your choice
  2. Ani and Aron present
  3. Finish short story by the end of the day
  1.  None- have a great weekend!
 Feb. 27
  1. WWU- the weather 
  2.  Christian present
  3. Short story workshop
  4. Revise rough draft and turn in- either print or share with me (make sure I can edit)
  1.  None- if you were absent, see me about making up the writing workshop
 Feb. 25
  1.  WWU- your choice
  2.  Continue to work  on Short story-complete rough draft due on Wed. for workshop
  1.  If your story is not ready to workshop, you will not have the opportunity to make up the workshop credit; you will get a 0 in Campus
 Feb. 21
  1.  WWU- write a character sketch of your short story's main character
  2. Work on short story- have rough draft ready for to share on Monday
  1.  Finish short story to share on Monday
  2. Aaron present on Monday
 Feb. 19
  1.  Presentation- Maya
  2. Work on short story
  1.  none
 Feb. 14
  1.   WWU - something to do with love or Valentines Day
  2. Review elements of short story and connect to Misery
  3. Sample short stories
  4. Turn in journals
  1. None....maybe work on your "What I love" presentation
  2. Have a great long weekend!
 Feb. 12
  1.  WWU-your choice- journals due on Thurs.
  2. Finish Misery- turn in worksheet
  1.  None- make sure journal is up to date
Feb. 8 
  1.  Watch Misery and fill out worksheet
  1.  We will finish the movie on Tues. and complete the worksheet
 Feb. 6
  1.  Wellness- the importance of good communication!
  2. WWU- 10 minutes to write a short story with this opening: A guy/girl/animal walks into Lakewood High School.....
  3. Feedback for memoirs- comma splice lesson
  4.  Elements of a short story power point
  1. None- unless you are missing work/journal entries
 Feb. 4
  1.  Journals handed back- expectations: number and date journals, write one full page- you will get 10 minutes
  2. Journal entry 2/4:  Your choice
  3. Short story unit- practice in creating stories- newspaper article excersize
  1.  None- unless you did not complete your memoir or turn in your journal
 Jan. 31
  1.  WWU- your choice
  2. Turn in writing journal
  3. Feedback from rough drafts- see slide on dialogue
  4. Final draft memoir rubric
  5. Work on final draft- must be turned in by the end of the day tomorrow -hard copy- or it will be counted late.
  1.  Complete final draft of memoir if you didn't finish
 Jan. 29
  1.  Work on memoir
  2. Turn in final rough draft at the end of the hour today.  If you don't get it to me at the end of the hour, I won't guarantee feedback for you.
  1.  If you are missing any WWU entries, complete those.  You will turn in your journal for a 1st journal check on Thurs.
  2. We will complete the final draft of your memoir on Thurs.
 Jan. 25
  1.  Writing warm up: what makes you nervous about sharing your work?
  2. Writing workshop- give feedback
  3. Continue to work on memoir
  1.  Continue to work on memoir
  2. If you were absent, see here how to make up the workshop point.
 Jan. 23
  1.  Writing Warm up: Describe an emotion without using the word- show rather than tell- make your reader FEEL that emotion
  2. Feedback on memoir rough draft- see added slides
  3. continue to work on memoir- bring rough draft to workshop on Friday
  1.  Finish rough draft if you haven't already
 Jan. 18
  1.  Quick review- elements of literature- see link on Jan. 16 to PP
  2. Ted talk- also on the PP
  3. Begin working on your memoir- turn in what you have today 
  1.  No homework....unless you want to keep writing :)  Enjoy the long weekend!
 Jan. 16
  1.  Elements of literature to remember for your memoir
  2.  3 memoirs-apply the element to each memoir
  3.  Journal #2- respond to each memoir 
  4. We will begin memoirs on Friday
  1.  Check out these opportunities:  UpRISE flier/ Jeffo Writing Challenge/Poetry of Resistance contest


 Jan. 14
  1. Finish circle share
  2. Instructions on "Writing I Love" presentation and sign up
  3. Journal #1- Brainstorm significant events in your life, write for 10 minutes details of 1-2 of those events
  4. Elements of a story- Freytag's pyramid
  1. No homework
Jan. 10 
  1.  Review of syllabus- rubrics 
  1. Circle sharing- Thank you!
  1.  None...those who did not share today, I am sorry!  Please bring your stuff for Monday.
 Jan. 9
  1.  Welcome!  
  2. Course overview- syllabus
  3. 1st WWU
  1.  Bring your favorite piece of writing to class tomorrow.  Be ready to share.

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