IB English 12 18-19


 Jan. 22
  1.  Finish context share and turn in context
  2. Comparison chart (if you want to use it)
  3. RRJ feedback
  4. Motifs for the book so far
  1.  Read chapters 26-29 and complete RRJ for Thurs.
 Jan. 17
  1.  Quiz- 1-22 of East of Eden
  2. Context groups and jigsaw- turn in context notes
  3. Turn in RRJ #1
  4. Reading schedule
  1.  Read chapters 23-25 for Tues.-Here is the study guide for parts 3 & 4 no RRJ due for this reading
 Jan. 15
  1.  Work day
  1.  Context assignment, RRJ #1 due Thurs.
  2. EE quiz over chapters 1-22 on Thurs.
 Jan. 11
  1.  Paper 1 review
  2. Context/personal engagement in paper 2
  3. Context groups
  4. Reading Response Journals
  5. Reading schedule
  1.  Prepare for reading quiz chapters 1-22 for Thurs.
  2. Context information due Thurs.
  3. Reading response journal for chapters 1-22 due Thurs.
 Jan. 9
  1.  Welcome back!
  2. Semester overview
  3. Written Task 1 returned - feedback
  1.  Make sure to have chapters 1-22 of East of Eden finished by Tues.  to be ready for the quiz!
 Nov. 30
  1.  Practice IOC
  2. More review
  1.  Prepare for the IOC
  2. I will not be in class again until Dec. 19th for the final presentations of your WT , but I am in the IB office on Orange days and here during 7th and 8th if you have questions or need help.
  3. Good luck- I will see you at the church :)
 Nov. 28
  1.  Instructions for getting to the church
  2.  Practice IOC
  3. More review
  1.  prepare for IOC
 Nov. 26
  1.  Written Task 1 instructions
  2. East of Eden study guide to complete during IOC weeks
  3. No Country IOC feedback
  4. Begin review
  1.  Prepare for IOC
 Nov. 15
  1.  IOC- No Country for Old Men
  2. transcribe your IOC using google, the app "Transcribe" for I phone or "Otter Voice Notes" for Andriod
  2. Have a great break!
 Nov. 13
  1.  Final RRC
  2. Change in focus- Bell's story
  3. Themes for the novel
  4. Work on motif chart/notes to prepare for final IOC on Thurs.
  1.  Prepare for No Country final IOC on Thurs.  This one is worth 80 points and will be scored on entire rubric.
  2. Make sure to bring a recording device and headphones so you can transcribe your IOC.
 Nov. 9
  1.  Practice transcribing with Google voice- we will use this next Thurs.
  2. RRC #4
  3. Discussion-the story is coming full circle
  4. Passages- you should have 9 marked
  1.  Finish the novel for Tues.
  2. Work on motif chart
 Nov. 7
  1.  Review reading
  2. RRC #3
  3. Practice with passages- fishbowl
  1.  Read pages 216-261
  2. Make sure to bring a recording device- phone and headphones to class on Friday
 NOv. 5
  1.  speed dating reading review
  2. Quiz- 123-160
  3. Practice IOC  from work you did on Thurs.
  4. Passages from the last two readings
  1.  Read pages 161-215 for Wed.- use study guide
 Nov. 1
  1.  Hamlet IOC feedback
  2. Turn in binder
  3. RRC ppgs 62-122
  4. Working with multiple lit. tech.- my example- you do it with something you find "striking" in these chapters
  1.  Read ppgs 123-160 for Monday- use study guide
 Oct. 30
  1. New reading schedule
  2. Random reading check 1-61
  3. Re- read NYTimes article- identify tech. to look for
  4. Timeline for context/Soliloquy tracker for those who want it
  5. Passages?  Motif chart work
  1. "Hamlet" binder due Thurs.
  2.  Read pages 62-112 for Thurs. Use study guide
 Oct. 26
  1.  Stress survey
  2. EE/RPPF form- instructions for completing.  
  3. Brief de-brief on Hamlet IOC
  4. Intro. to No Country- agree/disagree
  5. NY Times book review- lit. tech. 
  6. Begin reading
  1.  Read pages 1-61 for Tues.  Make sure to read the NY Times review first. Here is the study guide for the entire novel
  2. Interesting info. on McCarthy- no need to look at the 2nd page
 Oct. 24
  1.  IOC Hamlet
  1.  Make sure to turn in your completed IOC Thurs. if you did not finish it.
  2. Stand and deliver for more points (RRC) is due Friday
  3. Get a copy of No Country for Old Men
 Oct. 22
  1.  RRC- Act V/ How to write up your "Stand and Deliver"
  2. Themes for "Hamlet"
  3. Context exersize
  4. Practice with passages
  1.  Prepare for "Hamlet" IOC on Wed. 
  2. Hamlet plotline from context exercise
  3. Don't worry about turning in the binder Wed.  I moved the due date tentatively to Tues. 10/30.
 Oct. 18
  1.  Act IV performances
  2. IOC practice with short passages- can do write up if you want to pad your RRC score.  
  1.  Read Act V for Monday- study guide
  2. Finish your practice IOC write up to pad your RRC score
  3. Get a copy of No Country for Old Men for the week after next
 Oct. 16
  1.  Act IV RRC/Stand and deliver
  2. Complete soliloquy worksheet
  3. Passages from Acts IIII and IV
  4. Acting out Act IV
  1.  Work on motif chart
  2. Act V is due Monday
  3. We will start No Country for Old Men next Friday, so make sure to get a copy.
 Oct. 11
  1.  RRC over Act III
  1.  Read Act IV- study guide
  2. be ready to stand and deliver from your motif chart
 Oct. 9
  1.  IB exam invoices
  2. Motif chart- more work-
  3. Hamlet's 3rd soliloquy
  4. Begin reading Act III
  1.  Read Act III for Thurs. Use study guide
  2. Be ready to stand and deliver from motif chart for Monday
 Oct. 5
  1.  Quiz- Act II
  2. Important elements of plot
  3. Soliloquy #3- add to worksheet
  4. Important passages from Act II
  1.  Complete the motif chart for at least one of the passages we have identified as being a "good" one for commentary. Be prepared to stand and deliver on Tues.
 Oct. 3
  1. Re-cap of Act I of Hamlet- what is important to understanding the play beyond plot- "good" passages in Act I- if you weren't here, get notes from someone  
  2. Motif work with soliloquy #2
  1. Going from motif to theme
  1. How to do the HOW?
  1.  Read Act II - see study guide
  2. continue working on the HOW?  You just might have to show your knowledge that way...just saying.
 Oct. 1
  1.   10 minute Ethan Frome IOC intro. rewrite
  2. Hamlet reading schedule
  3. Questions on Act 1?
  4. RRC- Act 1 (you will each answer 2 questions on the RRCs for "Hamlet"- 10 points each=20 points total)
  5. Soliloquy worksheet- complete for first 2 soliloquys
  6. Motif chart
  7. Practice finding motif-->theme then finding patterns of lit. tech. use in a passage
  8. Working on the HOW
  1.  Read soliloquy # and determine motif (s)- come to class ready to work with them
  2.  Read Act II for Friday
  3. Use study guide!!
 Sept. 27
  1.  Turn in binders
  2. Ethan Frome IOC feedback
  3. List of skills to work on for next IOC
  4. Intro. to "Hamlet"
  5. Drama as a genre
  6. Agree/Disagree
  1.  Read Act 1 of "Hamlet"
  2. Use study guide!
 Sept. 25
  1.  More college stuff- counselor visit, letters of rec., more essay info.
  1.  Put binder together- due Thurs.
  2. Get a copy of "Hamlet"
 Sept. 21
  1.  College essay work with Mrs. Kirby!
  1.  No homework (unless you don't have a copy of Hamlet) 
  2. You can work on getting your binder together to turn in on Thurs.

 Sept. 19

  1.  IOC Ethan Frome and write up
  1.  Get a copy of No Fear Shakespeare "Hamlet"for net week.
  2. Binder due next Thurs.
 Sept. 17
  1.  IB Test registration- if you were not here, please come see me
  2. EE reminders- check the Seniors 2019 page under EE's on the IB webpage
  3. Practice group IOC feedback
  4. Random Reading Check chap. 8- end of novel
  5. Motif chart work to prepare for Ethan Frome IOC Wed.
  1.  Prepare for IOC.  This is an assessment- your grade will count!
  2. Get a copy of "Hamlet"- the No Fear Shakespeare version for next week
 Sept. 13
  1.  Group passage presentation
  2. Each student provides feedback for 2 groups
  1.  Finish the novel for Monday- make sure to use your study guide and motif chart
  2. Have a great Homecoming weekend!
 Sept. 11
  1.  Feedback from last week's practice IOC: Per. 5/ Per. 6
  2. Review chapters 6-8
  3. Group work: Groups:  Per. 5/Per. 6  practice IOC for delivery on Thurs. See IOC rubric
  1.  Prepare for Thurs. commentary
  2. Finish the book by next Monday
Sept. 7
  1.  Random Reading check- chapters 4-5
  2. Discussion 4-5
  3. 5 motifs and motif chart
  4. Selected passages- Per. 5/ Per. 6
  1.  Read chapters 6-8 for Tues.
  2. Keep working on Motif chart
 Sept. 5
  1.  turn in lit. terms
  2. Review chapters 2-3 of Ethan Frome
  3. IOC practice with homework passage and analysis
  4. IOC passage write up
  1.  Read chapters 4-5 for Friday
  2. Determine 3-5 motifs of the novel.
  3. Find at least 3 passages you think would work for commentary and why.  

You can have this information in your book or on a separate sheet of paper.  

 August 31
  1.  Lit. terms homework explained: Per. 5Per. 6 
  2. Ethan Frome quiz
  3. What is important in this reading?  Why? Finding evidence 
  1.  Lit. terms homework- due Wed.
  2. Read chapters 2-3 of Ethan Frome
  3. Find a passage which develops one of the ideas we discussed today, or develops a new idea you found in the reading, and do some analysis on paper.  You might have to "stand and deliver" what you found, so be prepared.  Due. Wed.
 August 29
  1.  EE information
  2. Debrief- practice IOC 
  3. Expectations for working with the literature or How to Earn an A in IB English: reading schedule, study guide
  4. The introduction to Ethan Frome- a lesson in annotation
  5. Agree/disagree
  1.  Read pages 1-20 of Ethan Frome and complete study guide for Friday
 August 27
  1.  Lit. terms test review- if you want to re-take, see me and set a time/day by this Friday.
  2. IOC instructions and practice
  1.  Secure a copy of Ethan Frome for Wed.

 August 23

  1.  Lit. terms test
  2. Grading policy
  3. Literary analysis- the process PP
  4. Motif chart
  5. Prepare for practice IOC
  1.  Review your notes on the short stories to prepare for the practice IOC on Monday
  2. Secure a copy of Ethan Frome for Wed.
 August 18
  1.  Socratic Seminar
  1.  Prepare for lit. terms test on Thurs.

 August 17

  1. Welcome!
  2. Course overview/English Diploma requirements
  3. Syllabus
  4. Questionnaire

  1. Here are the questions you need to prepare for the Socratic Seminar on Monday.
  2. Finish the questionnaire 

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