IB English 12 19-20


What we did in class today
 May 12 Happy Seniors Last Day!!
It has been such a pleasure to have been your
English teacher this year!  I will miss all
of you and hope to see you at graduation
in August!  Please check out this awesome
IB Slide show.  "See" you at the banquet tomorrow

***Don't forget to turn in your CAS portfolio-
No Portfolio- no Diploma!!
 May 6

Everyone!  Please read!!  
Here is information for class Wed., May 6
Complete this form for attendance on the day you DO NOT
present and will not be part of the Zoom meeting

 April 29  Here is information for class Wed. April 29th. 
 April 22, 24

Here is information for class Friday, April 24th.  
Please read it carefully.  For attendance, I will check the version
history of the document, so make sure to read it today.

Hi everyone-
We will have a Zoom meeting Wed. to go over this week's 
assignment and other info.

Assignment: Act 3 "The Visit"- April 22, 24
Per. 6 invite: 
Joellen Kramer is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Per. 6 English
Time: Apr 22, 2020 09:30 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 911 8660 6398
Password: 9AtJda
One tap mobile
+13462487799,,91186606398#,,#,576158# US (Houston)
+16699009128,,91186606398#,,#,576158# US (San Jose)

Dial by your location
        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
        +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
        +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
        +1 253 215 8782 US
        +1 301 715 8592 US
Meeting ID: 911 8660 6398
Password: 576158
Find your local number:

Meeting ID: 974 2531 5310
Password: 5FuUtg
One tap mobile
+13462487799,,97425315310#,,#,256983# US (Houston)
+16699009128,,97425315310#,,#,256983# US (San Jose)

Dial by your location
        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
        +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
        +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
        +1 253 215 8782 US
        +1 301 715 8592 US
Meeting ID: 974 2531 5310
Password: 256983

Find your local number:

Also, several of you have asked for samples of CAS portfolios.  Here are 
a couple:
CAS Portfolio- sample 1
CAS Portfolio- sample 2
April 14,  17 Hi everyone-
Check here for grade clarification in IB English.

Complete this google form if you aren't going to the Zoom
meeting this morning.

Here are plans for the week
It was great to see you in the Zoom meeting this morning!
Here are some important links:
CAS Portfolio instructions
IB Banquet subject speech sign up
Teacher thank you- part 2

April 10  

Zoom socratic seminar over Act 1.

 April 8 and 10

Quick google meets for instruction (attendance) - per. 5: 8:40/ Per. 6: 9:30.  Go to googlemeets and join with join code: Kramer.

Here are instructions for class on Wed. and Friday of this week.
Here is a link to a copy of "The Visit"

Let me know if you have any questions.

 April 3  It was great to "see" you all Wednesday.  Thanks for 
logging in.
For today, you will complete a context slide.  Please see
instructions here.  (You can work with someone from the 
other class)
Your context slide is due by midnight Sunday night.  I plan to grade
them on Monday. 
I will be available for questions or to visit during class time
on Googlemeets.  
Go to Googlemeets and ask to Join a meeting.
The join code is: Kramer.  
I will be "on" from 8:30-9:00 for 5th hour
and 9:30-10:00 for 6th hour.
If you check in with me through googlemeets, that will count for
attendance.  If you don't, you need to fill out this google form 
for attendance.

Have a great weekend!  I miss you all!

 April 1  Welcome back!  
Today we will meet virtually through Zoom
during our scheduled meeting time: Per. 5- 8:30-9:00
Per. 6- 9:30-10:00.  
Here is the meeting ID
Per. 5: 434-335-093. Password:  177652
 Per. 6: 434-335-093. Password: 836101
When you go to Zoom and click "join a meeting", you will probably
have to download and install the Zoom app on your phone
or computer if you haven't already.   You might want to do this
a few minutes before class.

I will give information about plans for the rest of the
semester while we study "The Visit" , and we will do 
"Agree/Disagree" .  I look forward to "seeing you"!

I also want to direct you to the application for the PTSA scholarship:
Copy and paste the link into your search bar:
 March 20  Hi everyone-
 Congratulations on finishing the week!  Nice job on your English
 work!  I will grade over Spring Break, and put grades in Campus.  
 If you check Campus by the end of next week, and there is not a 
 grade for Tues. or Thursday's assignment, please check your email
 or  your googledoc submission for what might be wrong.  I have 
 replied to several of you from assignments yesterday b/c I need access
 to your googledoc or something else is wrong.
 As I plan for remote learning after break, I would like to know what
 has worked for you this week.  If a teacher has used a 
 particular format or technology that really works, please let me 
 Until then, have a great break!  I miss seeing you all!
 March 19  Here are the instructions for class today- Thurs. March 19  
 March 17
  1.  Here is the link to the Paper 2 google form and prompts.  

Access this form when you have a 2 hour block to write.  
You do not need to access the form and begin the
paper at 8:30- Access the form and begin the paper
when you have a 2 hour chunk of time to write.

Email me with any questions- I will check my email from. 8:30-9:00 am
and many times throughout the day.   

 March 13
  1.  Instructions for Tues./Thurs. remote learning
  2. Remind class code @76aacb
  3. Turn in Notes #3- will turn in your final 2 after Spring break
  4. Themes for A Clockwork Orange

Plan to write your paper 2 on CWO and E of E on Tues. as planned
Get a copy of "The Visit" 

See you soon! :)

 March 11
  1.  Turn in Notes #3
  2. Top 4 most important things to know from the reading- evidence and analysis
  3. Unpacking Paper 2 questions

Finish the book for Friday
Turn in Notes #3 if you didn't today
You need a copy of "The Visit" by Frederick Durrenmaat for after Spring Break

 March 9
  1.  Turn in Notes #2
  2. Review Part 2/chap. 4-7
  3. Sample papers- looking at evidence/analysis
  4. Create google doc for East of Eden and CWO- themes/quotes- see sample

Read Part 3/chapters 1-4- Notes #3 due Wed....I will take
them on Friday 3/13, but then you will have to turn 
in your best 2 next Tues. 3/17 without time to revise

 March 4
  1.  Outline 30 minute writing from Tues.
  2. Upload Written tasks and submit to turnitin
  3. Complete googleform posted on 2/28 for the Senior Banquet
  4. Complete this googleform to gauge interest in paintball :)
  5. Work on CWO Part 2/chap. 4-7 and Notes #2 due Monday

Finish Part 2/chap. 4-7 and Notes #2 for Monday

March 2


  1. Reminder to complete WT form (see 2/26)
  2. Submit WT to turnitin: Class ID: 24099511/Enrollment key: FINALWT
  3. 30 minute writing- Burgess' intent after Part 2/1-3/ evalutation
  4. Most important aspects of Part 2/1-3

Finish Written Tasks and get ready to upload Thurs.
Due 3/9: Part 2/ 4-7 and notes #2

 Feb. 28
  1.  Quiz- 4-6
  2. Turn in notes #1
  3. context article and discussion

Complete googleform for senior banquet/ list of teachers
Complete Written Task form
Read Part 2/ chapters 1-3 for Tuesday

 Feb 26
  1.  WT form
  2. Chapters 1-3- what do you know and why is it important?
  3. Literary elements in CWO

Read chapters 4-7 for Friday
Complete Notes #1 for Friday

 Feb. 24
  1.  Turn in binder- I will accept Wed.
  2. Context groups- A Clockwork Orange
  3. More context from the intro.
  4. Additional context: Article 1 Article 2
  5. Reading schedule , study guide and new prompts for RRJ
  6. More agree/disagree
  7. Listen to the beginning of the novel- get used to the Nadsat langauge

Read Part 1- chapters 1-3
Get binder ready to turn in, unless you turned it in today

 Feb. 20
  1.  Reminder: PT conferences tonight
  2. Turn in WT2
  3. Feedback East of Eden Paper 2
  4. Paper 1 review/practice
  5. A Clockwork Orange agree/disagree 
  6. A Clockwork Orange context groups- due Monday
  7. Read the intro. of A Clockwork Orange for Monday


  1.  A Clockwork Orange context work- due Monday
  2. Read intro. of A Clockwork Orange for Monday
  3. Binder is also due Monday, but I will accept it Wed.


  1.  A Clockwork Orange context work- due Monday
  2. Read intro. of A Clockwork Orange for Monday
 Feb. 18
  1.  Written Task workday- WT 2 due Friday
  2. WT2 rubric
  3. WT2 help and outline sample
  4. Sample WT2s to use as reference
  5. Important due dates: 

WT 2 due Thurs. 2/20
TOK essay upload due 2/21 Friday; 
East of Eden binder due 2/14 Monday
WT uploaded 3/5 Wed.

  1.  Complete WT 2 to turn in Friday
  2. Prepare binder for 2/24 due date
  3. Get a copy of A Clockwork Orange 
 Feb. 12
  1.  Turn in best 2 Notes
  2. Practice Paper 2- East of Eden
  1.  Get a copy of A Clockwork Orange
  2. Gather up WT from last year and this year's WT 1
  3. Have a lovely long weekend! :)
 Feb. 10
  1.  TOK upload instructions
  2. Written Task 2 review- we will work on WT on Tues. 2/18
  3. Literary techniques- patterns in East of Eden
  1. Choose your 2 best Notes to turn in Wed.
  2. Prepare for Paper 2 Wed.
 Feb. 6
  1.  Turn in Notes #4
  2. Context work- articles
  3. Lit. tech. for E of E- we didn't quite get to this...too much change!  We will pick this up on Monday
  1.  Catch up on reading
  2. Review for Paper 2 on Wed.
 Feb. 4
  1.  Happy late start!
  2. IBARMS scholarship:
  3. Brief review of chapters 46-49...we will come back to that on Thurs.
  4. Paper 2 work
  1.  Finish the book for Thurs.  
  2. Notes #4 due
 Jan. 31
  1.  What are you grateful for?  Increase your happiness by 10%!!
  2. Review and score your Paper 2- 10 minutes
  3. Back to the text- group work
  1.  Read 46-49 for Tuesday
  2. Your last Notes are due Thursday, but feel free to turn them in on Tues.
 Jan. 29
  1.  Write a practice Paper 2
  2. Read chapters 40-45
  1.  Finish chapters 40-45 for Friday
 Jan. 27
  1.  Socratic seminar
  2. turn in Notes #3
  3. Paper 2 rubric and samples
  1.  Read chapters 40-45 for Wed.
  2. Prepare for short paper 2 practice on Wed.
 Jan. 23
  1. EE gallery walk sign up
  2. hand back  Notes #2- feedback
  3. 45 minutes- important quotes from 30-33- connect to what we have discussed so far in terms of motif/theme development
  4. Thesis statements from Tues./ More paper 2 practice
  1. Notes #3 due Monday 
  2.  Read chapters 34-39 and prepare notes for socratic seminar- prompts- you don't have to discuss these in reference to two texts, but it is good practice for you.
 Jan. 21
  1.  Review character- SB's standard for good/evil- measure all characters by this standard
  2. Paper 2 worksheet
  1.  Read chapters 30-33 for Thurs.  **Notes #3 due Mon. 1/27
 Jan. 16
  1.  Working with your Notes- turn in Notes #2
  2. Back to character charts- add anything from 26-29
  3. Tracking characters in the context of "Timshel" and adding Aron and Cal to the mix
  1.  Chapters 30-33 due 1/ 23 (next Thurs.) 
  2. Notes #3 due Jan. 27
  3. Have a nice long weekend :)
 Jan. 14
  1.  Feedback on Notes
  2. Updated Reading Schedule/Notes due dates
  3. Study Guide- parts 3 - 4
  4. Review 23-25
  5. Basis for analysis- character evolution (or lack of)
  1.  Read 26-29 for Thurs. Notes #2 due
  2. If you missed the quiz, you must make it up by the end of this week....I won't be here Friday.
  3. Last day to bring extra credit tissue is Thurs.
 Jan. 10
  1.  Turn in Notes
  2. Quiz- chapters 1-22
  3. Context jigsaw
  4. finish Agree-disagree (if we have time)
  1.  Read chapters 23-25 for Tuesday
  2. Bring a box of tissues for extra credit- 1 box 5 points; decorated- 10 points!
 Jan. 8
  1.  Turn in context notes
  2. Semester Notes instructions
  3. Context exercise- Cinderella
  1.  Complete Notes for some part of East of Eden chapter 1-22
  2. Prepare for quiz over 1-22 on Friday.
 Jan. 6
  1.  Welcome back!
  2. Semester 2 overview
  3. Written Task 2 Instructions
  4. Written Task 1 Feedback
  5. Context groups East of Eden- notes due Wed. 1/8
  1.  Context notes due Wed.
  2. Prepare for East of Eden quiz- chap. 1-22 on Friday
 Dec. 19
  1.  Present and turn in WT1
  1.  Read chapters 1-22 of East of Eden for Jan- make sure to use the study guide!!
 Dec. 3
  1.  East of Eden study guide, WT 1 reminders and directions to the church
  2. No Country IOC feedback
  3. Review passages from all 3 texts
  1.  Prepare for your IOC
  2. See you on the 17th :)
 Nov. 22
  1.  Written Task 1 possible topics-samples with examiner comments
  2. Turn in binder
  3. Finish and turn in IOC transcript- If you were not here, you need to finish your IOC transcript and reflection  and send it to me with a picture of your passage by the end of the day, Sunday.  If you don't, it will be counted late!
  4. Complete graduation survey- see Nov. 20th link
  1.  Have a great Thanksgiving break!  
 Nov. 20
  1.  No Country IOC
  2. ***Please complete this graduation survey:
  1.  Binder due Friday
  2. IOC transcription due Friday
 Nov. 18
  1.  Stand and deliver
  2. The end of the book- new motif....wrapping things up
  3. Work on intro. paragraphs
  1.  Prepare for No Country IOC on Wed.
  2. Binder due (optional) on Friday
 Nov. 14
  1.  Stand and deliver
  2. Passage groups- complete intro. paragraph using the googleform link from 11/11.
  3. Pages 195-249 reading check
  1.  Finish the book for Monday
  2. Stand and deliver- Per. 5:  Teesa, Sarah P., Heli, Matteo S., Cooper/Per. 6: Callie, Nikki, Izzy
 Nov. 11
  1.  EE/RPPF Instructions
  2. Written Task 1 and East of Eden
  3. IOC sign up
  4. Stand and deliver
  5. Intro. paragraph for passage- googleform- we will do this on Thurs.
  1. Read pages 195-249
  2. Make sure to bring passage from last class period
  3. Stand and deliver for Thurs.- Per. 5:  Meghan S., Emily, Grace, Max/ Per. 6: Ari, Maggie, Malena, Genevieve
 Nov. 8
  1.  Stand and deliver
  2. Developments- pg. 161-194
  3. Chart walk
  4. Begin work with passages
  1.  No reading homework- use this time to catch up if you are behind!
  2. Access and bring EE reflections to class Tues.
  3. Stand and deliver for Tues.:  Per. 5: Jocelyn, Thomas, Michael T., Michael K., Maddy, Kyle/Per. 6: Ari, Emma, Siena
 Nov. 6
  1.  Stand and Deliver
  2. More work with charts (123-160)- characterization/motifs
  3. Select important passages
  1.  Stand and Deliver for Friday- Per. 5:  Megan B., Jocelyn, Matteo E., Sarah A./ Per. 6:  Blake, Zoe, Ellery
  2. Read pages 161-194 for Friday.
  3. Check out this Denver Post article on what colleges want in a student:
 Nov. 4
  1.  Stand and deliver
  2. group work- characterization and motifs
  3. Extra credit opportunity- timeline
  1.  Stand and deliver- Per. 5:  Anya, Courtney, Sage, Keenan, Luca, Trish/ Per. 6:  Emily B., Emily S., Kaila
  2. Read pages 122-160 for Wed.
 Oct. 31
  1.  Reading time- 30 minutes to get to page 122
  2. What should we talk about and how can that help plan/prepare for the Stand and Deliver?
  3. Work on Stand and Deliver (practice in planning)
  1. Stand and Deliver presenters:  Per. 5:  Anna, Kyla, Anya, Nayeli, Esther/Per. 6:  Jack, Anissa, Abby
  2. If you did not turn in your binder- make sure to bring it for late credit
 Oct. 29
  1.  Hamlet IOC feedback- see these 6 samples of IOCs which scored 6 or 7 (there is a perfect one in here!) Sample 1Sample 2, Sample 3, Sample 4, Sample 5, Sample 6
  2. Turn in binder
  3. Model "Stand and deliver" 1st group to present on Monday, 11/4 Per. 5:  Anna, Kyla, Anya, Nayeli, Esther/Per. 6:  Jack, Anissa, Abby
  4. Creating a Timeline for No Country
  5. Reading time- you will have 30 minutes on Thurs. to read - need to have through page 122 read by end of reading time on Thurs.
  1.  No homework!  It is no homework week!  Good luck on college applications!
 Oct. 23
  1.  De-brief and turn in Hamlet IOC- if you haven't already
  2. Intro. to No Country for Old Men: study guide, reading schedule, New York Times article
  3. Introduce and assign "Stand and Deliver" for our study of No Country
  4. Agree/disagree....our last one for first semester
  1.  Read pages 1-61 for Thurs. - use the study guide
 Oct. 21
  1.  Practice "Hamlet" IOC
  2. Complete and turn in your transcription, reflection, passage and notes
  1.  Get a copy of No Country for Old Men for Tues.
 Oct. 17
  1.  Quiz- Act V
  2. Choose your two quizzes for grading
  3. Hamlet- motifs to themes
  1.  Prepare for Hamlet IOC on Monday
  2. Get a copy of No Country for Old Men for Wed.
 Oct. 15
  1. Quiz- Act IV
  2. Small socratic seminar- more work with the "how:
  1.  Finish notes on socratic seminar if you didn't finish Tues.
  2. Read Act V for Thurs.
  3. Get a copy of No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy
 Oct. 11
  1.  Practice oral with write up from Wed.
  2. Movie clips
  3. Progression of plot/characters- notes: Hamlet, Claudius, Gertrude
  4. Motifs
  1.  Read Act IV for Tues./ Act V for Wed.
  2. Get a copy of No Country for Old Men by Corman McCarthy for next week
 Oct. 9
  1.  Quiz- Act III
  2. Passage round robin- context, motif
  3. Write up - showing you know "the how"
  1.  Finish write up for class, showing the How
  2. Catch up on reading, soliloquy tracker and motif chart
  3. Act IV due Tues., Act V due Thurs. Don't forget to use your study guide
 Oct. 7
  1.  Continue working on "the how" of analysis in "Hamlet"
  1.  Read Act III for Wed.  Don't forget to use the study guide!!
 Oct. 3
  1.  Reminders for submitting your final EE
  2. Quiz Act 2  "Hamlet"
  3. Fill out soliloquy tracker for Act I and II
  4. Getting to the "how"- practice
  1.  Begin reading Act III- due next Wed.
 Oct. 1
  1.  IB test registration invoices/letter
  2. English binder tutorial
  3. Re-cap- "Hamlet" Act 1- sc.iii
  4. Finish Act 1- acting groups
  5. Work on study guide and soliloquy tracker (review your EF IOC reflection, so you can better focus your study for "Hamlet"
  1.  Read Act II of "Hamlet" for Thurs.- utilize study guide, soliloquy tracker
 Sept. 27
  1.  Procedure for study of "Hamlet": study guide/ what to know for each Act , Soliloquy tracker, motif chart, reading schedule, audio book link:
  2. Begin reading Act 1- getting used to the language **For those who were absent, we read through the end of Act 1, sc. 2- through page 38 in the No Fear version
  1.  None- enjoy Homecoming weekend!
 Sept. 25
  1.  Ethan Frome IOC feedback
  2. Turn in binders
  3. Introduction to "Hamlet"- power point
  4. "Hamlet" agree/disagree
  1.  Download and print IOC feedback and Power point- highlight important elements (binder)
  2. Download and print the Soliloquy tracker (binder)
  3. Go over cast list of "Hamlet" for Friday
 Sept. 23
  1.  Binder instructions- due Wed.
  2. Tips- asking for letters of rec.
  3. share peer advice/info. on college process
  4. The college essay
  1.  Get binder ready to turn in Wed.
  2. Get a copy of "Hamlet"
 Sept. 18
  1.  Turn in Ethan Frome IOC and reflection
  2. College information with LHS counselor
  1.  Get a copy of "Hamlet" for Wed.
 Sept. 16
  1.  Ethan Frome IOC
  2. IOC write up- turn in today- or tomorrow if you did not finish- Don't forget!!
  3. IOC reflection- turn in today
  1.  Get a copy of "Hamlet' for next week
  2. Binders will be due Wed. 9/25
 Sept. 12
  1.  CAS
  2. Academic honesty contract
  3. IB test registration
  4. Retreat feedback
  5. Wrap up Ethan Frome- themes/motif chart
  1.  Download Otter to your phone for Monday's IOC
  2. Prepare for IOC
 Sept. 10
  1.  IBPA's LHS Chalk festival!  Friday 5-7.  Sign up for a square at this link:
  2. Review chapters 4-8 of Ethan Frome
  3. Connect to your passage from Friday
  4. Begin choosing appropriate passages for the IOC
  5. Motif chart
  1.  Finish the book for Thurs.  - remember the study guide
  2. Determine any other passages that would be good for IOC
  3. Order- secure a copy of "Hamlet"
 Sept. 6
  1.  Reading check chapters 4-5
  2. Practice commentaries on chosen passage
  1.  Read chapters 6-8 for Tues.
 Sept. 4
  1.  Binder instructions
  2. back to the look for patterns of use in EF
  3. Determine possible motifs
  4. model annotation
  5. Choose a motif and find a passage 10-15 lines which develops the motif
  1.  Come to class Friday with your passage- you should type/write it out on a separate sheet of paper for easier annotation
  2. Read chapters 4-5 - don't forget the study guide!
 August 30
  1. Join IB senior Remind:  text @K8bc3g to 81010 or to 971-239-0403 
  2.   Turn in IOC reflection
  3. Lit. terms test re-take
  4. Ethan Frome context
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