English 9 Honors

Greetings and welcome to Ms. Moore's contact page. Below is the year-long course syllabus. Please refer to GOOGLE CLASSROOM for all daily lesson plans, homework, and all other course information. The course codes for students for joining google classroom are below: English 9 Honors Block 1: 8at502 English 9 Honors Block 2:cdklrai English 9 Honors Block 4:gkbp2r English 9 Honors Course Syllabus: 2018-2019 Teacher Name: Kristen Moore   Email:,

Classroom: A111   Office Location: A115

Website: Lakewood Faculty Website, and Google Classroom (login instructions/code provided in class)

Year at a Glance - Major Texts and Writing Tasks:

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5

Unit 6


The Odyssey

Of Mice and Men*

Animal Farm*

To Kill a Mockingbird*

Lord of the Flies*

Romeo and Juliet


This I Believe Personal Essay

Literary Analysis

Editorial Argument

Definition Essay

Literary Analysis

Creative Project

*indicates texts that we recommend purchasing - a note about class texts:

While the school is able to provide students with copies of the indicated texts, it is highly encouraged to purchase your own copies. This way you will be able to annotate, highlight, dog-ear, and think all over the text, which leads to more critical thinking and a more thorough understanding. is a great place to purchase discounted paperbacks.


The gradebook functions on a continuous point-based system, and all assessments are broken into the following two categories:

  • Formative: Practice-oriented, smaller-scale assignments that build up to larger assessments. This could include homework or classwork responses, small group discussions, or quizzes.

    • Formative assignments generally range from 10-25 points.

  • Summative: Major, end-of-unit assessments that demonstrate overall skills and understandings from a particular unit of study. This could be essays, projects, formal discussions, or presentations.

    • Summative assignments generally range from 50-100+ points.

Late Work/Makeup Work Policy:

All work must be submitted by the assigned due date. Any work not submitted will be marked as missing in the gradebook until it is received. Late work is accepted on the following conditions:

  • Formative assessments are accepted at a 50% deduction after the assigned due date.

  • Summative assessments, or major assignments such as essays or projects, are accepted at a 10% deduction per school day (not per class meeting day). Deductions will not go below 50%.

  • All late work for the unit of study must be turned in no later than one week after the end of the unit. Clarify cut-off dates with your teacher.


  • Please turn in work missed during an absence as soon as you return to school. It is your responsibility to check google classroom to see what you missed during class.

Class Expectations:

  • Be prompt. → in your seat, quiet, phone out of sight, and ready to work when the bell rings

  • Be prepared. → Have all materials needed for class and be willing and ready to engage in class activities.

  • Be productive. → Use time wisely and be effective. Electronics will be confiscated if a distraction.

  • Be polite.   → Good manners and respectful behavior are an expectation, and make for a better overall experience for everyone around you.

Materials Needed:



-Composition Book

-Folder for handouts, or section within a binder

-Pens, pencils

-Laptop (when appropriate)



-Personal Copies of texts


“The consequences for a student who is found cheating includes: The student(s) will not receive credit for their academic work, parents will be contacted, the student(s) will be referred to an administrator, and suspension may be an option - depending on the severity of the cheating” (LHS Student Handbook).


Now that all the important stuff is done....welcome to high school, and welcome to ninth grade English. We hope to instill not only academic skills that will help you succeed, but an excitement for reading, writing, and thinking. Make the most out of your time here - participate, be engaged, strive to learn, share positivity, and respect one another. Expect the best from yourself and from me, your teacher. If you can do these things, you will certainly find success. Go Tigers!

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