English 11

March 15, 2019
- Test-taking tips
- SAT Prep, Reading notes
- Continue work on CivPo

March 11, 2019
- Work day on CivPo; continue work on your outline and script
- Presentations next week

March 7, 2019

- Continue work on your Annotated Bibliography; due by the end of the day today; please be sure to share it with me by 11:59 PM
- When you finish your Annotated Bibliography, begin compiling your research and write your script using the template provided!; please be sure to click "File", then "Make a copy", and put your name in front... for example:  "Sarah Smith -- CivPo outline"

HW: Be sure to have your Annotated Bibliography submitted asap

March 5, 2019
- Ms. Bell presentation -- locating academic sources using the databases; assembling your podcast/TEDTalk using
- Begin compiling between 2-3 sources for your Annotated Bibliography (50 Points); use the Annotated Bibliography template; click "File", "Make a Copy," and retitle with your name attached (for example, "John Smith -- Annotated Bibliography"); begin entering your information for between 2-3 sources

HW:  Annotated Bibliography due by the end of the day next class

March 1, 2019

- TEDTalk analysis activity in Writing Assignments

February 27, 2019
- Civic Position presentation by Mr. Miller
- Begin outlining presentation/script

February 25, 2019
- Warm-Up
- Begin brainstorming ideas for Civic Position presentation, options include a formal essay, TEDTalk, or Podcast!

February 21, 2019
- Registration in Counseling
- Film -- Banksy Does New York

February 19, 2019
- Warm-Up
- Discuss Driver's Education article; complete assignment in Writing Assignments section of notebook
- Finish Notebook Checks (85 Points)

February 14, 2019

- Presentations!
- Be sure to fill out presentation evaluations (40 Points)

February 12, 2019
- Work day on documentary reviews

HW:  Presentations begin Thursday, 02/14/19.

February 8, 2019
- Critical Review -- Documentary assignment
- Use the Google template provided to you to assist in creating your review

HW:  Presentations begin 02/14/19!

February 6, 2019
- Finish Bigger, Stronger, Faster; review viewing guide

HW:  Begin thinking of a documentary to review.

February 4, 2019
- Characteristics of documentaries notes
- Begin Bigger, Stronger, Faster; complete viewing guide analysis

January 31, 2019

- In-class Music Album Review essay (100 Points)

January 29, 2019
- Warm-Up
- Outlining your album review essay in Writing Assignments
- Finish work on album review analysis; turn in when finished (40 points)

January 25, 2019
- Warm-Up
- Sample album reviews analysis; go to one or all of the following websites and complete an evaluation of at least three (3) album reviews:

HW:  Album review sheet due next class period.

January 23, 2019
- Warm-Up
- Critically reviewing music activity in Writing Assignments; discuss

January 18, 2019
- Critical Art Review guidelines
- Work time on review

HW: Critical Review due via on next Wednesday, 01/23/19

January 16, 2019
- Warm-Up
- Continue reading and analyzing street art using Banksy article
- Critical Review #1 -- Art Piece (outline); begin work

HW: Outline due next class

January 14, 2019
- Warm-Up
- Social Statements through artistic rendering activity in Writing Assignments
- Begin reading Banksy article; discuss

January 10, 2019

- Introduction to Critically Reviewing Art; complete in Writing Assignments; be prepared to discuss your responses

January 9, 2019
- ALL CLASSES today; Welcome Back!

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