English 11

March 31, 2020
- Welcome "back"!!! :)
- Please join today's class meeting via Zoom; here's the link:
- Class times are (please be sure to sign on at your designated class time; this will count for your attendance ):
*Block 1 -- 8:30-9:10 AM
*Block 2 -- 9:20-10:00 AM
*Block 3 -- 10:10-10:50 AM
- After our class meeting, please go to our new English 11 Discussion Board!  FYI, you do not have to create an account...  You can reply as a guest; just be sure to include your NAME in your post.  Here's the link:
- For today's topic, we are discussing the events of Chapter 7; please view the Youtube video regarding a school district contemplating banning the book due to the events of Chapter 7; answer the questions and post your one (1) paragraph response to the thread no later than Thursday, 04/02/20; also, feel free to respond to your classmates' responses as well!

HW:  Read Ch. 9 and 10 by next class.!

March 20, 2020

- Please sign the correct Google form for today verifying your attendance.  Please be sure to log your attendance no later than 3:00 PM, or you will be marked as absent.  Again, please be sure to sign the Google form pertaining to your class:
- Block 1
- Block 2
- Block 3
- Take a look at the notes on identifying themes and motifs (might be a good idea to copy these into the Class Notes section of your notebook)
- Read Chapters 3 & 4 and complete the Quote Analysis assignment with Chapters 1-4 (50 Points); click "File", "Make a Copy," then place your name within the title.  Please share with me through no later than 4:00 PM today
- Notice that for this assignment, you will be submitting via; many students were having issues submitting things to me through Google Docs (granting me access/editing rights, etc.), so Turnitin should alleviate this.  If you haven't enrolled in, the class codes are below:

Block 1:
Class ID -- 23590022; Enrollment Key -- ENG11-BL1

Block 2:
Class ID: -- 23590074; Enrollment Key -- ENG11-BL2

Block 3:
Class ID: -- 23590110; Enrollment Key -- ENG11-BL3

HW:  Be sure to submit the Ch. 1-4 Quote Analysis before the end of the day; please read Chapters 5-8 by next class, 03/31/20; have a happy Spring Break!  

March 18, 2020
- Please sign the correct Google form for today verifying your attendance.  Please be sure to log your attendance no later than 3:00 PM, or you will be marked as absent.  Again, please be sure to sign the Google form pertaining to your class:
- Block 1
- Block 2
- Block 3
- Finish work on the Intro. to Kite Runner webquest (60 Pts.); due today; please share with me via Google Drive; you're also welcome to send me a picture of the hard copy responses.  Webquests due by 3:30 PM.
- Read Chapters 1-2 in Kite Runner, books have been issued, but here is also the online pdf for your convenience

HW:  Webquest due by the end of the day today; read Chapters 3 & 4

March 16, 2020
- NO SCHOOL; please be sure to check the website for updates, agendas, assignments, and attendance sign-ins

March 13, 2020
- Review expectations for next week; continue work on Intro. to Kite Runner webquest -- due next Wednesday

March 12, 2020

- Warm-Up
- Kite Runner reading calendar and book check out
- Introduction to The Kite Runner Webquest (60 Pts.)

HW:  Webquest due next class

March 10, 2020
- SAT Prep -- Writing; notes and sample practice test; review answers

March 6, 2020
- SAT Prep -- Reading; notes and sample practice test; review answers

March 4, 2020
- Documentary review presentations (100 Pts.)

March 2, 2020
- View the documentary, Generation Like; documentary can be found here
- After viewing the film, answer the following questions in the Writing Assignments section of your notebook (20 Pts.):

1.  Can you relate to the teens in this film?  Why or why not?
2.  How do you think "likes" play a role in a person's self-esteem?  Explain.
3.  Do you think your "online life" is separate from or integrated into your "face to face" life?  Explain.
4.  How has social media changed advertising?
5.  Are you a member of "Generation Like"?  Why or why not?
6.  How successful were the filmmakers at making presenting their argument?  What are the strengths and weaknesses of the film?  Describe at least one (1) strength and one (1) weakness.

HW:  Presentations begin next class!

February 27, 2020

- Use the day to work on your documentary reviews!

HW:  Presentations begin 03/02/20

February 25, 2020
- Critical review of a documentary of your choosing assignment
- Use the Google template provided to assist you in creating your review

HW:  Presentations begin Monday, 03/02/20!

February 21, 2020
- Finish Bigger, Stronger, Faster; discuss and review questions from notecatcher

February 19, 2020
- Characteristics of documentaries
- Begin viewing Bigger, Stronger, Faster documentary; complete notecatcher and review

February 13, 2020
- CivPo presentations; complete notecatcher (50 Points)
- Notebook Check (65 Points)

February 11, 2020

- Self-editing of CivPo essays
- Registration in Counseling

HW:  Essays due to turnitin by Thursday

February 5, 2020
- Last day to work on your CivPo essay

February 3, 2020
- Conclusion for CivPo notes
- Work time on CivPo essay

January 30, 2020
- Work time on your CivPo essays!

HW:  Body due next class

January 28, 2020
- Highlight and annotate sample argumentative essays; discuss
- Work time on your essay, preferably the body

HW:  Body due next Monday

January 24, 2020
- Warm-Up
- Continue work on CivPo introduction; if you finish, begin work on the Body of your essay; feel free to use the attached template to help you organize your thoughts; Outline due next Wednesday, January 30th (100 Pts.)

January 22, 2020
- Writing your introduction notes
- Use the remainder of the hour to work on your annotated bibliography and/or introduction; annotated bibliography due by tonight, introduction due Friday

January 17, 2020
- Work day on your annotated bibliographies; due next Wednesday, 01/22/20

January 15, 2020
- Begin work on Annotated Bibliography; here are the directions
- Use the following document; click "File", "Make a Copy", and retitle with your name attached (for example, "John Smith -- Annotated Bibliography"); begin completing your annotated bibliography; due next Wednesday, 01/22/20.

January 13, 2020
- Submit CivPo proposals
- Why can't I use Google notes
- Internet source evaluation and Works Cited Review (50 Points); due next class, 01/15/20

January 9, 2020
- Warm-Up
- Civic Position assignment and guidelines
- Begin brainstorming a topic; submit proposal and thesis; due Monday, 01/13/20

January 7, 2020
- Warm-Up
- 401 prompts for argumentative writing; in Writing Assignments section of notebook

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