English 11

October 18, 2019
- Warm-Up
- Negative situation -- positive outcome activity in Writing Assignments section; discuss

HW:  Read pgs. 102-125

October 16, 2019
Glass Castle PEA Quiz #1 (50 Points)
- Review parenting videos and responses

HW:  Read pgs. 76-101

October 14, 2019

- Watch each of the following three (3) videos on parenting styles.  You will need your headphones.  You are welcome to work in partners if you'd like.  In the Writing Assignments section of your notebook, title the entry, "Parenting Styles and the Walls."  You will need to do two (2) tasks.
- (A) With each video, briefly summarize the style of parenting that is addressed.  Also, do you agree or disagree with each of these styles?  Explain.  There are three videos: Free-Range Parenting, Pushy Parenting, and Unschooling. - (B) After you have watched the videos, answer the following question:  How would Rex and Rose Mary Walls describe their style of parenting?  Write a paragraph from the perspective of the Walls that describes their method(s) of parenting.
- In your own opinion, describe the advantages and disadvantages of the Walls' parenting style(s).  Be sure to list at least five (5) advantages and five (5) disadvantages.
- If you finish early, continue reading; be sure to read to page 76

HW:  Read to pg. 76 in Glass Castle

October 10, 2019
- Warm-Up
- Family dynamics discussion in Writing Assignments
- Read pgs. 26-34

HW: Read to pg. 50

October 8, 2019
- Warm-Up
- Intro. to Glass Castle; video clips, discussion; calendar
- Read pgs. 3-12

HW:  Read to pg. 25

October 4, 2019

- Finish The Adjustment Bureau; review discussion questions

October 2, 2019
- Present any personal legend presentations
- Begin viewing The Adjustment Bureau; answer discussion q's

September 30, 2019
- Work time on personal legends; view A, B, and C exemplars; needs to be shared with me on Wednesday.

September 26, 2019
- Finish novel
- Work time on personal legends; due Wednesday, 10/02/19

September 24, 2019
Alchemist, pgs. 143-154
- Brainstorming personal legend in Writing Assignments
- Personal legend assignment; use the Google slides template doc here, make a copy, and edit/format to make unique to you!  Personal legends due 10/02/19

September 19, 2019
- Alchemist
- Work time on Aphorism Photo Journals
- Did I check your notebook?

HW:  Photo Journals due next Tuesday

September 17, 2019
- Work time on Aphorism Photo Journals
- Notebook Check (100 Pts.)

September 13, 2019
Alchemist, pages 120-130
- Aphorisms; notes and discuss
- Aphorism photo journal project (100 pts.); due Tuesday, 09/24/19

September 11, 2019
Alchemist, pages 92-120
- Unpacking Analysis activity in Writing Assignments

September 9, 2019
- Review and turn in Dialectical Journals
- Read Alchemist, pages 85-91
- Practice with analysis using funny images in Class Notes

September 5, 2019
- Warm-Up
- Read and discuss pgs. 67-85
- Dialectical journal assignment -- Hero's Journey in Alchemist; due next Monday!

September 3, 2019
- Review Part I in The Alchemist
- Read and discuss pgs. 53-67
- Dialectical journals -- handout, discuss, and practice in Writing Assignments section of notebook

August 29, 2019
- Warm-Up
Alchemist, read to the end of Part 1 (pg. 50); complete Part I assignment; due Tuesday; begin discussing answers
- Please use this online pdf if you need to get caught up!
- Feel free to check out the Spanish version here!
- Audio version is also available here on Soundcloud!

August 27, 2019
- Warm-Up
Alchemist, read to page 23; begin working on Part I assignment, due next Tuesday, 09/03/19

August 23, 2019
- Warm-Up
- Hero's Journey notes and example with The Office; discuss

August 21, 2019

- Warm-Up
- Metaphorical journey in Writing Assignments section of notebook
- If time, begin Alchemist, pgs. 3-13

August 19, 2019
- Warm-Up
- Narcissism discussion; myth of Narcissus and Echo; answer q's in Writing Assignments section of notebook; discuss
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