IB English 12

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     May 1
    1.  Feedback: click here
    2. Review for exam
     April 25
    1.  Motif presentations: use this link to access the folder of all the presentations:
    1.  Prepare for the last practice paper 2
    April 23
    1.  Finish "The Visit"
    2. Work on Motif project- due Wed
    1.  Last RRJ
    2. Motif presentation
    3. CAS portfolio- due Wed.
     April 19
    1.  Continue reading "The Visit" 
    2. Work in motif groups- presentations on Wed.  no more than 12 minutes for 5th, 10 minutes for 6th
    1.  Context slide due Friday
    2. RRJ
     April 17
    1.  Continue reading "The Visit"
    2. Work on Motif presentations
    1.  RRJ- you need to turn in 3...we have 2 more reading days
    2. context slide- see April 3 for link
     April 13
    1.  Paper 2 skills practice
    2. Quiz- Act 1
    3. Read through page 59
    4. Motif group work
    1.  RRJ- you need to turn in 3
    2. Context slide- due 4/20
     April 5
    1.  CAS portfolio info.
    2. Paper 2 practice with questions and planning
    3. Context group jigsaw
    4. RRJ question for "The Visit"- you need to use these questions four your RRJs
    5. Begin reading the play- study guide
    6. Decide motif groups and motifs
    1.  Practice with paper 2 questions
    2. Finish Act 1 of "The Visit" for Monday (if you were not here) and complete the study guide- hint, hint
     April 3
    1.  Welcome back!
    2. Paper 2 feedback
    3. Intro. to "The Visit" : context groups, motif project, RRJ, context slides: per. 5/Per. 6, Agree/Disagree
    1.  Context research due Thurs.
    2. You can begin working on your context slides any time- due April 20
    3. Make sure to have a copy of the play for Thurs.
     March 23
    1.  Paper 1 review and practice
    1. Get a copy of "The Visit" by Friedrich Durrenmatt- you need this right after break
    2. Have a fantastic Spring Break!!
     March 21
    1.  Turn in Binder
    2. Practice Paper 2 East of Eden and Atonement
    1.  No homework-Yea!
     March 19
    1.  Discuss the end of Atonement
    2. Review paper 2s from East of Eden and feedback
    3. Practice paper 2 questions
    4. How to prepare for practice paper 2
    1.  Get binder together to turn in Wed.
    2. Prepare for practice paper 2 on East of Eden and Atonement
    March 15
    1.  small group discussions using Paper 2 questions
    1.  Finish the book and context slide for Monday
    March 13 
    1.  Quick review of reading
    2. Evaluate practice paper 2s from Friday
    3. Context slides Per. 5/ Per. 6
    1.  Finish your context slide if you did not finish in class
    2. No reading due for Thurs.- so catch up if you are behind and work on RRJs
     March 9
    1.  Review reading
    2. Connections between Atonement and East of Eden
    3. Paper 2 questions
    4. 45 minute practice paper 2

     March 7

    2. Go over motif paragraphs from last class
    3. What do we need to know? pgs 179-212
    1.  Read ppgs 212-250 (end of part 2) for Friday
    2. Reminder- you need 3 RRJS...if you haven't done any, you need to start now!
     March 5
    1.  Upload WT and check EE
    2. Motif paragraphs- whose is the best and why? Per. 5 paragraphs/ Per. 6 paragraphs
    1.  Read ppgs. 179-212 for Wed. 
    March 1
    1.  Reminder to complete WT 1 and 2 and the WT form (see 2/27) for upload on Monday
    2. Silent discussion chapter 11-14
    3. Identifying evidence- lit. tech
    1.  I had assigned 179-212 but am postponing that so you can work on your WT- spread the word!!
    2. Revise and prepare WT for upload on Monday
     Feb. 27
    1.  Written Task 2 feedback and form- make sure to have the form completed and ready to upload with your Written Tasks- both 1 and 2 next Mondy,, March 5th
    2. Show what you know- chapters 5-10
    3. Context groups- fill out chart
    1.  Revise Written Task for upload next Monday
    2. Read chapters 11-14 for Thurs.  Reminder- you need 3 RRJs
     Feb 23
    1.  Atonement chart- track character perspectives of important events
    2. Providing well chosen evidence to support your inferences
    1.  upload TOK essay if you haven't already
    2. Context homework (see chart 2/21) due Tues.
    3. Read chapter 5-10 of Atonement for Tues.  You may begin doing your RRJs
     Feb. 21
    1.  Turn in WT 2- I will score, give feedback and return next Tues. 2/17.  You will need to complete your final draft, ready for upload on March 5th
    2. Paper 1 Review- See sample Paper 1 exam- You need to go to page 33 to get to the HL Lang and Lit exam
    3. East of Eden Paper 2 feedback
    4. Introduction to Atonement- see reading schedule, study guidecontext groups- due Tues. 2/27
    5. Reading Response Journal for Atonement- you will complete 3- each is worth 15 points, you must address lit. tech. (5 points) and I want you to find one thing to discuss and go into depth on that one thing.  You can turn your first one in beginning with the 2nd reading assignment.
    1. Read Chapters 1-4 of Atonement for Friday
    2. Context due 2/17
     Feb. 16
    1.  Written Task 2  work day- final draft due next Wed. 2/21
    1. Complete WT2
    2. Upload TOK essay
    3. Email me your TOK essay form if needed
    4. Get a copy of Atonement
     Feb. 14
    1.  Happy Valentine's Day!
    2. Practice paper 2- East of Eden
    3. Binders due
    1.  Upload your TOK essay
    2. If needed, email me your TOK essay form
    3. Get a copy of Atonement for next week
     Feb. 12
    1.  Written Task 2 Instructions, help and sample
    2. Paper 2 work: 
    1.  Here are the Motif charts for 6th hour
    2. Prepare for Practice Paper 2 on Wed.
    3. Binders are due on Wed.
     Feb. 7
    1.  TOK upload instructions/ IBARMS Scholarship info./TOK forms- please email to me if I told you to!!
    2. Groups- putting it all together- what do we need to know about the ending of the book?
    3. How to write about literary techniques in a paper 2
    4. Re-visit and finish our Motif charts- turn in 
    1.  Upload TOK essay 
    2. Get me your TOK essay form if I asked you to!
     Feb. 5
    1.  2 handouts- paper 2 Rubric
    2. Go over practice paper 2- trends
    3. How to write a good thesis for these multi-layered questions
    4. Review chapters 45-49- what do we need to know?
    1.  Finish the book for Thurs.
     Feb. 2
    1.  Practice paper 2- using East of Eden and an additional text
    2. Context slide activity- per. 5
    3. Context slide activity - per. 6
    1.  Complete your context slide if you did not finish in class
    2. Read chapters 46-49 for Tues.
     Jan. 30
    1.  Review chapters 40-45
    2. Context work- notes for binder
    3. Unpacking Paper 2 questions- connecting to other texts
    1.  Complete your notes on context if you did not finish in class.  Will be counted in your binder
     Jan. 29
    1.  Model paper 2- what is good analysis
    2. Discuss chapters 34-39
    3. Re-visit the quote quiz- improve your analysis based on our discussion of chapters
    1.  Read chapters 40-45 for Wed.
     Jan. 25
    1.  Discuss chapters 30-33
    2. Demonstrate your understanding- quote quiz
    3. Work on motif charts 
    1.  Read chapters 34-39 for Monday
    Jan. 23
    1.  Short practice paper 2 writing and evaluation
    2. Motif work in groups- whoever has your paper, make sure they bring it on Thurs.  You will have about 1/2 hour to work on it in class.
    1.  Read chapters 30-33 for Thurs.
     Jan. 19
    1.  Turn in RR if you did it
    2. Review of biblical context- connect to "timeshel"
    3. Activity- finding the complexity in the details of the story
    1.  Read chap. 26-29
     Jan. 17
    1.  CAS reminders
    2. I need your help:  Jan. 29th- 10 grade meeting/Feb. 7th- IBPA EE meeting
    3. Context jigsaw- record on the comparison chart
    4. How to incorporate context into your discussion- 2 other context examples: the Biblical allegory and Letters from SB
    5. Review of quiz and RRJ- how to improve
    1.  Read chapters 23-26 for Friday.  (You need to complete 3 additional RRJs)
     Jan. 12
    1.  Return and discuss WT 1
    2. Share topics for RRJ
    3. Quiz- 1-22 East of Eden
    1.  Context research groups for Wed.
    2. Here is the study guide for parts 3 and 4 of East of Eden
     Jan. 10
    1.  Announcements:  IB Banquet info:  here is the link:  Bring PB Cheese and crackers for Grub Club by next Friday!
    2. Reading Response (RRJ) journal explained- 1st RRJ (chap 1-22) due Friday.
    3. Context groups assigned- due next Wed.
    4. Cinderella context practice
    5. East of Eden- Agree/disagreee
    1.  Complete Reading Response Journal (RRJ)- due Friday
    2. Begin context research- due Wed. 1/17
    3. Drop baby photo and Sr. pic in the google folder for IB banquet/ buy PB crackers for Grub Club
     Jan. 8, 2018
    1.  Welcome back!
    2. Semester overview
    1.  Finish Chap. 1-22 of East of Eden, if you haven't already done so.  
     Dec. 15
    1.  Congratulations on completing your IOCs!
    2. Work on Written Task 1 or read East of Eden
    1.  Written Task 1 due Tues. Dec. 19th.  You will turn it in and present it to the class.
     Nov. 29-Dec. 13
    1.  Complete Written Task 1
    2. Read chap. 1-22 in East of Eden- here is the study guide
    1.  Prepare for IOC
    2. Chapters 1-22 of East of Eden is due when we return in Jan.
    3. Complete WT 1- due Dec. 19
     Nov. 16
    1.  Practice IOC- 2 options for write-up (if you choose the typical write-up and don't finish today, you can turn it in tomorrow...don't forget to do that!
    1.  Prepare for IOC
    2. Have a great break!
     Nov. 14
    1.  Note- your personal code is next to your name on the IOC sign up list.  You will use your personal code instead of your name when you present
    2. The end of No Country For Old Men- themes
    3. practice with organization
    4. Homework: prepare for practice IOC on Thurs.
     November 10
    1.  Reminders:  sign up for IOC- consider your TOK responsibilities/ Ms. Webb's Jr. year students, your WT 1 is in turnitin- you should be able to access it there
    2. IB grade boundaries for IOC and WT
    3. Finish Stand and Deliver
    4. Googledoc notes on NCFOM per. 5
    5. Googledoc notes on NCFOM per 6
    1.  Finish the text for Tuesday

     November 8

    1.  Written task instructions- see IB samples with Examiner comments here
    2. Stand and Deliver #2- you evaluate the one you have
    3. Review reading
    4. What passages might be chosen for commentary?
    1.  Read ppgs. 195-247 for Friday
     November 6
    1.  IOC signup sheet
    2. group discussion on NCFOM
    3. Fun article on the haunted White House
    1.  Read pages 158-194 for Wed.
    2. Complete another "stand and deliver"- type and send/give to me by midnight Tues.  If you don't get it to me before 7:15 am on Wed., you can't make it up.
     November 2
    1.  Turn in binder
    2. Feedback from "Hamlet" IOCs- see feedback here/ samples of good analysis here
    3. No Country stand and deliver
    1.  Read ppgs. 90-157 for Monday
     October 31
    1.  Turn in binders if ready
    2. Discuss NCFOM- timeline, packet for soliloquys, important events, motifs, ect...
    3. What are you noticing about this novel?  What is McCarthy doing to make you notice?  My example here
    4. You do your own
    1.  Read 62-89 for Thurs.
    2. Complete your analysis on what strikes you in the novel. You will share in class on Thurs. 2 min. limit
    3. Get binder ready to turn in- due Thurs.
    October 28 
    1.  Turn in "Hamlet" IOC- review:  Please let me know if you would like to meet with me to go over it; if you would like to present the IOC to me or if you would like me to grade it as usual.
    2. Introduction to No Country for Old Men (NOCM)
    3. Agree/Disagree
    1.  Read pages 1-61 of NCOM for Tues.   Please see the reading schedule here /study guide here 
     October 26
    1.  Practice IOC "Hamlet"
    1.  Get a copy of No Country for Old Men 
     October 23
    1.  Review content and context quiz
    2. Review 2nd literary tech. paragraph
    3. Act V of Hamlet and final thoughts about the play
    4. Context extra point activity (those of you who weren't here need to thank your classmates for working toward and earning the extra credit)
    5. Podcast about Hamlet.  Here is the link if you are interested in viewing the entire thing:
    1.  Review Hamlet and prepare for practice IOC on Wed.  Go back and look at the feedback from the WH IOC (See Oct. 6th "In class")
    2. You will need a copy of No Country for Old Men for Friday.
     October 17
    1.  Finish soliloquy worksheet
    2. Act IV reading check: content and context
    3. Discuss Act IV- what you need to know
    4. Return analytical paragraphs- do another one using one of the soliloquys from the worksheet- due Thurs.
    1. Analytical paragraph- just like the last one but try to score at least one score higher. Due Thurs.
    2. Read Act V  for next Monday.  Here is what you need to know and what passages to read
     October 12
    1.  turned in analytical paragraphs
    2. Review Act III
    3. Soliloquy worksheet
    1.  Read Act IV Here is what you need to know and passages to read
     October 10
    1.  IB exam invoice- take the letter and invoice home to your parents
    2. Turn in binder
    3. Review Act II "Hamlet"
    4. Working with passages- model passage here
    1.  Read Act III for Thurs.  Here is what you need to know and passages to read
    2. Write a comprehensive, thorough analytical paragraph analyzing one of the lit. tech. you found in your passage in class.  Use the example from the WH feedback page (see Oct. 6).  Look at the paragraph on the use of physical imagery (hands).  Use that as a guide to how explicit you need to be. Due Thurs.
     October 6
    1.  Binder instructions- binder due Tues.
    2. Wuthering Heights IOC feedback
    3. Act I of "Hamlet"- playing with the language
    1.  Binder due Tues.
    2. Read Act II of "Hamlet" for Tues.  Here is the things you need to know and passages you need to read
     October 4
    1. Binder Instructions- binder due Fri. or Tues.
    2. Introduction to "Hamlet"
    3. Notes on tragedy
    4. Agree/Disagree
    5. Watch the Kenneth Braunaugh version of the film- can obtain through Netflix, Amazon ect...
    6. Begin Act 1- see Hamlet discussion questions by act and sections to read and understand

    1. Get binder ready to turn in on Friday or Tues.
    2. Read Act 1 of "Hamlet"/watch film as you read
    3. Use the discussion questions by act and the sections to read and understand to help.
     October 2
    1.  Practice oral and written IOC for Wuthering Heights
    1. Get a copy of "Hamlet" for Wed.
     September 28
    1.  Final discussion on WH
    2. Motifs and themes
    3. Continue work with literary techniqes
    1.  Prepare for the practice IOC on Monday
    2. Secure a copy of "Hamlet" for next week
     September 26
    1.  Reading check WH chapters 18-29
    2. Close reading and analyzing the use of literary techniques
    1.  Finish the novel for Thurs.  
    2. Bring the worksheet with the short passages that we started on Tues.
    3. We will begin "Hamlet" next week, so if you don't have a copy, you need to get one.

     September 22

    1.  Finish college stuff
    1.  Read chapters 18-29 in WH for Tues., Sept. 26.  You will have a reading check that will count!
     September 20
    1.  Finish debates and de-brief
    2. New reading schedule
    3. Counselor visit- college stuff
    1.  Read chapters 18-29 in WH for Tues., Sept. 26.  You will have a reading check that will count!
     September 18
    1.  prep time for debate
    2. Passage debates
    1.  Continue reading WH and looking at the study guide.  I will update deadlines on Wed.
    2. Counselors in for college stuff on Wed., college essay work on Friday
     September 14

    1.  Reading check- chapters 13-17

    2. Review and discuss 13-17

    3.Choose passages for passage debate on Monday

     1. Prepare for Monday's debate.  No reading due for Monday

    September 12

    1. EE information and IB test registration
    2. review chapters 10-12 of WH
    3. Look at important elements of plot/rising action- how can we use the development of that rising action to determine important passages?
    4. Handout with important elements of plot- follow directions
    1.  Complete at least one of the elements of plot from the handout and be ready to identify an important passage and give a justification for it.
    2. Read chapters 13-17 for Thurs.
     September 9
    1.  Review Reading Response *note changes for chapters 10-12
    2. Discussion chapters 7-9
    3. Close reading and analysis of THE USE of literary techniques/ I model, you practice
    1.  Read chapters 10-12 and complete Reading Response. Due Tues. 9/12
     September 6
    1. WH context work due- context groups
    2. Reading Responses- use as basis for discussion on 1-6
    3. Handout on chapters 1-6- focus on plot and characterization
    1.   Read chapters 7-9 for Friday- no RR due
     September 1
    1.  Lit. terms test retake
    2. WH reading schedule/ study guide
    3. Directions for Reading Response
    4. Agree/Disagree- intro. to WH
    1.  Read chapters 1-6 of WH and complete Reading Response
     August 30
    1.  Practice IOC
    2. Discussion and reflection
    1.  Read the intro. to Wuthering Heights and/or find some context information to share with the class- due next Wed. 9/6.
     August 28
    1. Go over Lit. terms test
    2. What is analysis? 
    3. A closer look at the IOC
    1.  Prepare for IOC practice over the summer reading short stories
     August 24  
    1.  Socratic Seminar on summer short stories
    2. Reflection
    1.  Get a copy of Wuthering Heights for Monday
    2. Complete handout on why we read fiction to turn in Monday
      August 22  
    1. Lit. terms test
    2. Literary Philosphy- how to apprach the literature
    3. Questions for socratic seminar on Thurs.
    1. Prepare for socratic seminar on summer reading short stories
     August 18th
    1.  Welcome!
    2. Intro. to the course and syllabus
    3. Questionnaire
    1.  prepare for Lit. terms test on Tues.
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