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Fall 2018 Calendar and Assignments
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In Class:


 May 18, 21  Reflection Due: Compare your first writing of the year to the writing you completed over the course of the year including your final essay.  Choose one: A. Write me or your past self a letter explaining how you have grown as a result of this class. What obstacles and challenges did you overcome? What are you most proud of? What are your feelings about this class and the work you've completed?

 Public Service Announcements
How to Write a PSA
Tips for Creating Your Own PSA

Write and video your AP PSA (45-60)
You should plan to complete this in pairs or groups of 3 (another person may video or you may work on your own if you prefer). 
Your PSA should address the following: What do next year's students need to know about the AP Lang & Comp. course or test?
Here is your chance to (appropriately, of course) warn/enlighten/entertain them. ---Please read the content at the above links for information about content, purpose, etc. 
--PSA must be 45-60 seconds in length (THIS IS SHORT!)
--We will VOTE on finals day; the top 3 will be shared with Mrs. Webb's AP Lang. kids next year.
--We will work on these in class today, Friday (plan to video Friday if you are not taking the Euro test). If you are taking the Euro test, then either video on your own or we will have some time at the beginning of class finals day (you will have to remain in the room and do this quietly if you select this option.)
 May 16  EXAM
Turn in Review Packet
 May 14  Exam Review  
 May 10  Exam Review  
 May  8   Exam Review  
 May 4  MC Practice  
 May 2  Two-Essay Day  
 Apr 30  Argument Speed Dating  
 Apr 26 (27)  Mini-Research due (Don't forget to submit to
 Apr 24  
Practice MC and/or RA
 LOC Chapter 4 
 Apr 20 (23) Ann Bib due 
In-Class Essay (synth)
 Work on Mini research
 Apr 18 (19) 1. Sample Essays and scoring
2. Work on mini research
 LOC conversations
 Apr 16 (17)  Synthesis : Responding to the sources (posters)
 LOC Conversations - research of two additional sources and annotated bibliography
 Apr 12 (13)  Intro Synthesis (Penny Prompt) 
 1. Complete Packet - deconstructing the sources
2. LOC pgs.145-152
 Apr 10 (11)  TESTING  
 Apr. 6 (9)  In-Class Essay (argument)  Read The Atlantic article on safety drills. Write a thesis and 2-3 paragraph response arguing to what degree schools should practice drills and why. Use appropriate evidence. Please type and double space this response. 
 Apr. 4 (5)  Argument review  
 April 2 (3) Catch up - What do we need to finish the year? 
Finding evidence: world events.
Watch/Read the news from a reliable and not overly biased source. Provide the who, what, when, where, why, how details for a world event other than those we watched in class today. 
 Jan 31 (30)

 I am on maternity leave. Please see Mrs. Kirby for questions about assignments. 

(in-class for practice - self grade and reflection)

 Argument Packet

 Jan 26 (29)

1. Practice evidence and full explanations of claims 2. Sample Set of Essays If you have any questions or concerns on writing an argument, or how they are scored make sure you address them with me today.

HW:Select 2 pieces (editorials, letters to editor, or a similar text) on the same political, educational, or social issue --each piece must take a different position on the issue. (Consider using Opposing Viewpoints Database from Jeffco Public Library) Print these. Read AND annotate the pieces you have selected.  


First, determine the claim, then discuss the appeals used to develop the argument, identify any errors in the argument (fallacies), identify the audience and assumptions made about the audience, and the likely impact of each on its audience. You will have 1-2 pages of writing for EACH piece if you have thoroughly examined and analyzed the pieces you have selected.

You may want to review the "Glossary of Argument Terms and Fallacies" (LC 140-143)

Review Rogerian and Toulmin argument formats

 Jan 24 (25)

Analysis of arguments and fallacies in ads. 
2.Everything’s an Argument, chapter 13

The Liberal Arts in the Age of Info-Glut (pg 251) Answer question 6 using a precise thesis and 1-2 BP with a clear claim, accurate/detailed evidence, and a complete explanation.

 Jan 22 (23)

1.Classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin Argument structures
2. Revision of argument essays

LOC “Let Teenagers Try Adulthood”

What is most problematic issue teens face today? What may teens be most ignorant or unaware of though they claim not to be?

Thesis and 1-2 BP of support w/ evidence

Register for exam by 2.28.Register here.

Explore College's AP credit policies here. 

 Jan 18 (19)

In-Class Essay

Bring in a magazine ad. 

 Jan 16 (17)

 Discuss 97-110: Review and discuss logical fallacies and types of reasoning

Logical Fallacies website

Activity: What is wrong with THIS argument?

Jon Stewart fallacy video

Monty Python - The Witch’s Trial - reasoning and fallacies

Claim, Data, Warrant (Toulmin and Classical Argument Structure)

Debate Valedictorian System



LOC 110-130 Do the activity on page 123


 Jan 11 (12)

Supporting an argument - practice evidence with full explanation 

Model a sample paragraph

Read pages 97-110 and complete the 1st activity on page 109; then complete the activity on p. 109-110 by labeling 1st and 2nd hand evidence; E, L, P.  

LOC: Best in Class pg 223. Write two sets of responses: 1 thesis + a BP arguing to keep the valedictorian system

I thesis + BP arguing to eliminate the system

You may qualify either argument. Must use clear evidence with a full and precise explanation.

 Jan 9 (10)

Sample Prompts 

Argumentative Thesis and how to qualify

Review scoring guidelines for an argument essay

 LOC Chapter 3 pgs. 81-97, do activity on page 96

 Jan 8

 Review Final Exam from 1st semester


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