Theory of Knowledge 12th GRade

 Planning for essay

In Class:


 Dec. 18th,19th,20th
 a) ?
 Planning for essay
 Dec. 11th, 12th,13th,14th,15th
 a) Presentations
 T.O.K. presentation form
 Dec. 6th,7th,8th
 a) Presentations
 Dec. 5th
 a) Black day essays due
 b) Work on presentations
 c) Film
 Dec. 1st/4th
 a) Orange day essays due
 b) Work on presentations
 c) Music/film
  H.W.- work on  presentations
 Nov. 29th/30th
 a) Work on presentations
 b) Music
 H.W.-work  on  presentations
 Nov. 27th/28th
 a) Conferences
 b) Work on presentations
 H.W.-Work on  presentations
 Nov. 17th
 a) Conferences
 b) Gehry, Gaudi
  Nov. 15th/16th
 a) Work on presentations
 H.W.-work on  presentations
 Nov. 13th/14th
 a) Work on presentations
 H.W.-work  on  presentations
 Nov. 9th/10th
 a) Conferences
 b) Complete documentary
 H.W.-work on essay
 Nov. 7th/8th
 a) Conferences
 b) Cont. documentary
 H.W.- work on essay
 Nov. 3rd/6th
 a) Work on essays
 b) Frank Lloyd Wright  documentary
 H.W.- Work on essays
 Nov. 1st/2nd
 a) Peer edit in class with students  who have different prescribed  titles
 b) Documents
 c) Presentation assignment
 d) Online resources
 H.W. Have draft  ready for conference  next week
 Oct. 30th/31st
 a) Bring in edits and work on  revised paper in class
 b) Romanticism
 H.W.-Work on T.O.K.  essay
 Oct. 26th/27th
 a) Work on T.O.K. essays in small  groups with same prescribed 
 title. Peer edits.
 Cont. working on  essay
 Oct. 24th/25th
 a) Work on essay
 b) Art activities
 H.W.-Work on essay
 bring in rough draft 
 for small group  revisions next class
 Oct. 20th/23rd
 a) Work on essay
 b) Art activities
 Work on essay
 Oct. 18th/19th
 a) Finish movie
 Work on T.O.K.  essays
 Oct. 16th/17th
 a) Handout on T.O.K.essays
 b) T.O.K.resources also in text  book pages 423-424
 c) Discuss Abstract  Expressionism- Rothko, De  Kooning,Motherwell, Kline, Styll,
 d) Began to watch "Who the #$&  is Jackson Pollock?"
 H.W.-bring T.O,K.  essay materials for  next class.
 Oct. 11th/12th
 a) Personal experience in art
 b) Art as Truth and Beauty
 c) Read article on Bosch
 d) Look at Bosch paintings
 e) Ted Talk by J.R. 
 f) Art assignment (due 19th or 20th)
 g) Banksy's Walled Off Hotel

H.W. Bring  materials so  you can work  on T.O.K.  essay. Make sure that you have selected a prescribed title.
 Oct. 9th/10th
 a) Complete film
 b Questions for discussion:
  What "things" are art?
  How do we define art?
  What is the role of culture
   in the appreciation of/study of the  
  Do the arts have value?
  How can we quantify that value?
 No H.W.
 Oct. 5th/6th
 a) Background on personal reactions
 b) ?'s/comments?
 c) Watch "Ghosts of Rwanda"
 No H.W.
 Oct. 3rd/4th
 a) Opening questions
 b) Readings
 c) In class writing assignment-share
 d) ?

 No H.W.
 Sept. 29th/Oct. 2nd
a) Reading from text-discuss
 b) Tuchman article-read and discuss
 c) Steven Pinker- " The Surprising  Decline in Violence"- Ted Talk
 d) Time permitting- 15 minute free write
 " How has the history you have been  taught (K-12) reflected a certain view of  your country (or part of the world) and  your culture? Please include specific
 examples to support your claim and  develop your discussion/argument. "
     None, if you      finish free         write in class
 Sept. 27th/28th
a) Turn in assignments
 b) Current events/T.O.K. moments?
 c) Cultural anthropology
 d) The year 2518
 e) Ted Talk by Phil;lip Zimbardo
 f) Questions/comments?
 g) If time, read "Is History a Guide to the  Future?"
 No. H.W.
 Sept. 25th/26th
 a) Papers?
 b) Current event-the knee
 c) Definition for Cultural Anthropology
 d) In class activity pg. 306-307
 e) Report back
 f) If time, Zimbrano Ted Talk
 H.W. For next time, answer the following question:
It is the year 2518. What are historians writing/saying about us?
 a) Complete film
 b) Discussion
 c) Chimpanzees
 "Gattaca" questions due 25th/26th
 Sept. 15th/18th/19th
 a) Remaining presentations on article
 b) Discussion on Natural Science
 c) Notes on Nature vs. Nurture
 d) Begin Gattaca
 d) Questions on Gattaca
 e) Collect papers
 Essay due 18th/19th

Read Nature vs. Nature article

Gattaca questions due on 22nd or 25th
 Sept. 13th/14th
 a) Article activity presentations
 Work on  essay due  18th/19th
 Sept. 11th/12th
a) Finish with Math- Ted Talks
  b) Hand out two homework assignments - Natural Science Article    assignment and Natural Science  questions
   c) Article assignment due next class- do  the writing piece in class. You just need  to bring the article with you to class. The other assignment is due on the 19th/20th
   d) Discussion on T.O.K. moments/current    events


 H.W.- Bring article on Natural Sciences 
 Sept. 7th/8th
a) Math talk by Mr. Fernald
  b) Received prescribed titles       for T.O.K. essay
 Sept. 6th
a) Watched "Pi"
 Sept. 5th
 a) Math reading
 b) Group activity
 Aug. 31st/Sept. 1st
 a) Substitute
 b) Group discussion on  Religious Knowledge  Systems
Aug. 29th/30th
 a) Religious Knowledge  Systems
b) What do we know or want to know about Buddhism
c) Documentary on the Buddah
Aug. 25th/28th 
a) Discuss Ethics
 b) Ted talk on animal morality
 1 page response due
Aug. 23rd/24th
a) Discussion about  Ethical issues

Aug. 21st/22nd
 a) Introduction to Ethics
 b) In class reading
 c) Socrates documentary
 d) Assigned response paper on Ethics
 1 page response paper       due 25th/28th
August 18th
a) T.O.K. issues
b) Where we are headed this semester
c) Class expectations
d) Summer stuff

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