Theory of Knowledge 11


In Class:


 May 14,15,16,


 May 10th

 May 8th

  Work on presentations in class  
 May 4th

  Work presentations in class  
 May 2nd

  Work on presentations in class  
 April 30th

  Current affairs?/T.O.K. moments?

  Class discussion

  Classification activity
  No H.W.
 April 27th

  Current events?/T.O.K. moments

  No. H.W.
 April 25th 

  Current events?/T.O.K. moments?

  New Jersey gym


  Questions on Faith and the 

  Ted Talk on street art by J.R.
  Next week:      Chromebook work on
 April  23rd/24th 

  Critical thinking questions?

  Finish article


 No H.W.
 April  19th,20th

 Collect Critical Thinking    assignment (20th, give 1st hour
 work. Begin work in class)
  Current affairs?

  Read "True Enough" article by
  Farhad Manjoo

  Begin watching "The Human        
 No H,W.
 April 17th,  18th

 Current    affairs?/T.O.K.moments?

 Presentation stuff-

 ONE overarching  knowledge question

 Depending on what is  included  in the  presentation (W.O.K.'s,  A.O.K's etc. there must be  subsidiary knowledge questions.

 Article on Imagination

 Ted Talk on Twitter Fiction

 Classification activity.

 April 16th 

 Current affairs/T.O.K.    moments?

 Presentation in class  days (orange day): May 2,

 Sign up for  presentations: 10, 14, 16,  18 May

 Ethical issue-Woolly  Mammoth


 2nd to last assignment-
 Critical Thinking Group
 Work- Due Friday  (4th  hour) Thursday (5th  hour) Tuesday (1st hour)

 No H.W.
 April 9th/12th

 Collect World Week  assignments

 Introduce Presentation 

 Read about Real Life
 Situations on
 under Presentations

 Formulate groups and 
 Real Life Situations

 No H.W.
 April 4th/5th

 Handout on Religion

 Go over and discuss h/o

 Intuition- Intro.


 Reasoning activities 

 If time, Ted Talk
 No H.W.
 April 2nd/3rd

 Current affairs?/ T.O.K.  moments?

 Reminder on World Week  assignment

 Reading from text- 174-  183

 Two handouts on Faith

 Article on Religion

 Ted Talk by Tom Honey

 H.W.- World Weeks  assignment
 March 22nd

  Complete notes on          Emotion

 Daniel Goldman Ted Talk

 (If time, "Robots That  Show Emotion)

 Article on Faith

 Lesley Hazleton Ted Talk

 Assignment during World
 Week (required)
 No. H.W.
 March 21st

  Current      affairs/article/8th    Amendment/discuss

 Notes on Emotion

 Reason activities

 Ted Talk- Daniel Goldman
 'Why Aren't We More
 No H.W.
 March  19th/20th

 Ms. Bell will be  presenting on research  methods. Bring your E.E. 
 March 15th/16th

  Current affairs?

  Critical thinking

  E.Q. tests

  Pure Emotion -"The Lady   in Number 6"
 No H.W.

 March  12th/13th

 Current affairs?/T.O.K.  moments?

 Excerpt from "Secrets"

 Begin reading Damasio

  (Watch video  on Naturei
 Karta (faith/religious 
 knowledge systems)

 Ted Talk by Steven Pinker
 and Rebecca Newburger
 Goldstein- "The Long
 Reach of Reason"
 No H.W.
 March  8th/9th

 Collect essays

 Current events/T.O.K.  moments?

 Definition of Reason

 Read from text

 Read article "When Facts  and Truth Collide"

 Ted Talk by Dan Ariely

 (If time: The dangers of  religious fundamentalism
 What is A Hasidic Jew?  What is Zionism?)
 No H.W.
 March  6th/7th


 Discussion questions on  Reason/Imagination

 Ted Talk- "A Radical  Lesson on Empathy"

 Intro. to Reason
  H.W.- Work on essay
 March 2nd/  5th

 Peer edits

 Begin work on final draft
 H.W.- Work on essay
 Feb.  28th/29th

 Quotes on Imagination 

 Current affairs/T.O.K.  moments?

 Notes/questions on  Language

 Ted Talk-"Metaphorically  Speaking"

 Readings from  text/activities
 H.W.- Bring 2 copies of essay 
 for peer editing next class
 Feb.  26th/27th

 Complete movie

 Hand back assignments

 Reminder: Friday-peer  edits
 Feb. 22nd/23rd

 Current affairs/T.O.K.  moments?

 Intro. essay assignment
 Due March 8/9
 Peer edits on March 5/6

 Ms. Bell's presentation  dates

 Introduce essay  assignment- Due  dates/In class peer  edits

 Begin watching Big Fish

 H.W.- none
 Feb. 20th/21st

 Collect H.W./rewrites/E.E.  proposals

 Current affairs/T.O.K.  moments?

 Ted Talk by Elizabeth  Loftus

 Read article on language  and culture

 If time,Ted Talk by James
 Geary- "Metaphorically

 No H.W.
 Feb.   14th/15th/16t

 Current affairs?/T.O.K. moments?

 Wade Davis debrief

 Discussion questions on Love

 Sense Perception and Empathy-
 Ted Talk by Poppy Crum

 Read from text- pages 97, 98,99,

 Brian Williams article/discuss

 (If time, Ted Talk by  Elizabeth  Loftus)

 Discuss following  quotation : " The limits  of my language means
 the limit of my world"
 (Ludwig Wittgenstein).
 What do you think  Wittgenstein means? Do  you agree or disagree?
 Explain, giving examples.
 Is it possible to think 
 without language? How
 does language facilitate,
 extend, direct or limit  thinking?


 H.W. Questions:

 a) To what extent and
 in what ways can we  trust the  media as a  reliable source of  Shared Knowledge?

 b) What characteristics of media
 should we be aware of as we try  to gain knowledge from them?

 Questions on Memory

 a) To what extent is Memory 
 reliable as a way of knowing?

 b) In trying to gain knowledge,
 of what limitations should we be  aware concerning Memory as a
 justification ?

 Feb.  12th/

 Discussion questions

 Gladwell article

 Ted Talk "Smelfies"

 Wade Davis Ted Talk on Indigenous
 Knowledge Systems
 (1st hour rewrites due on 21st Feb.)

 Journal write on data and our brains/  share

 Feb.  9th/12th


 Complete Olen article
 Questions on Sense Perception

 Beau Lotto Ted Talk
 "Red Gemstones"

 No H.W.
 Feb.  7th/8th

 Read Olen article

 Faith- Ted Talk by Lesley Hazleton
 "The Doubt Essential To Faith"

 Feb.  5th/6th

 Turn in essay on novel

 Complete movie

 Questions on Sense Perception

 (If time, Ted Talk by Lesley Hazelton
 or Wade Wilson)

 No. H.W.
 Feb. 1st/

 Argumentative essays

 T.O.K. moments/share

( Ted Talk- Julian Treasure-"The 4
 Ways Sound Affects Us" )IF TIME

 (How reliable are our senses?-
 seeing, smelling,touching,  tasting,feeling? How do you KNOW?
 Can we trust them?) IF TIME

 Complete 12 Angry Men

 H.W.- Complete essay
 Jan. 31st Knowledge questions/claims due

Continue with Blink excerpt 

Begin Olen article

Begin 12 Angry Men

 H.W.- T.O.K. moments due

 ( Essay due next week )
 Jan. 29th/30th  Knowledge claims/questions due

 Neil Harbison Ted Talk

 Thin slicing- read excerpt from
 Gladwell's Blink

 Book report is an argumentative
 essay- Make sure that yours  complies

 Begin watching 12 Angry Men
 (pay attention to W.O.K.'s)

 H.W.- Essay on novel due on
 Jan. 26th/
 Questions on assignments- due

 Read from text : 54,55,62,88,89

 Ted Talk- Beau Lotto

 Discussion questions as a class

 If time, begin reading Olen article

 H.W. T.O.K. assignment/
 Inherit The Stars essay
 Jan. 24th/25th  Plato's Allegory of the Cave

 Aristotle's Syllogisms

 Intro. Knowledge  Claims/Knowledge Questions

 Intro. Inherit The Stars essay

 Pick partners, come up with topic

 H.W. work on T.O.K.  assignment

 Ms. Kramer - E.E.

 Complete Socrates doc.

  Intro. assignment on
 Knowledge Claims/Knowledge  Questions

 Begin work in class

 Complete Inherit The Stars
 Jan. 18th/19th  "Is Anything Real?"
 Gardner's multiple intelligence
 Knowledge claims -pg.  43,44,45 
 Knowledge Questions pg.  44,47
 Begin watching doc on 

 Jan. 16th/17th  Ted Talk- Daniel Hoffman
 Cont. Popper article
 Perspectives in text- pages  14,20, 23
 Cultural and political

 Cont. reading Inherit The
 Jan. 11th/12th

 Ted Talk "The Dangers of a  Single Story"
 PowerPoint notes
 Begin reading Popper article in  class

Cont. reading Inherit The Stars
 Jan.  9th/10th  Name game
 Inherit The Stars
 Rumsfeld video
 Discuss answers from  assignment/ collect
 Ted Talk by Derek Silver
 Map activity

H.W.- Begin reading Inherit The Stars
 Jan. 8th  Intro.
 Philosophy vs. Epistemology
 Ted Talk by Daniel Tammet
 Assigned "Questions for Knowing"
 H.W.- Complete questions for next  class

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