Child Development


In Class:


 5/23  If you did not take the final, this is your makeup day. Any missing work from May is due.   
 5/21  Games  
 5/17  Present Your Party  Party Plan
 5/15  Plan a Party  
 5/11  Fun day- depends.  
 5/9  FINAL for everyone. If you are not a senior and miss it this day, the makeup will be on the regular final day.  
 5/7  Review for the final for everyone- final on Wednesday.  
   Next week- review for and written final. Plan to be in class.  
 5/3  1st Aid Presentations  Paper and Presentation Due
 5/1  Finish Ist Aid Research  
 4/27  Group 1st Aid Project  Group project
 4/25  Finish Discipline
Strategies to Use
 Questions over Discipline
 4/23  Discipline vs Punishment
Remember: Any missing work from April will be due next Monday.
 4/18  Movie Pursuit of Happyness  Questions over movie
 4/17  Movie- Pursuit of Happyness  
 4/13  Snacks- meet in the kitchen, C101  
 4/9  Parenting Styles  Questions over Parenting Styles
 4/5  Influence of Siblings
Be sure to get any missing work from March in this week.
 Takeaways from the article.
 4/3  Birth Order  Article, discussion board and questions over birth order
 3/23  Snacks  ​Meet in C101 the kitchen  
 3/21  Finish Inside Out and personality  Personality
 3/19  Personality and start Inside Out  
 3/15  Play- we will meet in C100- our regular classroom  
 3/13  Play- we will meet in the kitchen C101  
 3/9  TEST on stages and development. Review sheet in folder in Schoology.
After test, finish TV/Technology assignment
TV/Technology paper and ad
 3/7  Pass back papers and review for TEST on Friday.
Begin research on TV/Technology and Kids
 3/5  Review Notes from last week. 
 Hand in any work from last week
 3/1  Preschoolers  Questions over preschoolers and finish brochure
 2/27  I will be out of the state due to a family emergency. Please be respectful to the sub, work diligently and keep your cell phones put away. 
 Finish questions from Infants. 
Questions over Toddlers.
Begin on the Brochure
 2/16  Notes over Infants
 Infant Wordstack and Questions
 2/14  TEST  
 2/12  Prenatal Video
TEST on Wednesday
 Questions over video
 2/8  History of Toys

 History of Toys

 2/6  Finish Presentations  
 2/2  Present projects in class  Research paper due and presentations in class.
 1/31  Finish working on presentations  
 1/29 1.  Birth Defects and Health Issues
Remember that this is the end of January and all work from the month is due by Wednesday.
1. Birth Defects
2. Begin research on health issues 
 1/25  Guest Speaker  If absent, you will need to go on Schoology and do the alternative assignment for missing a guest speaker.
 1/23  Pregnancy, labor and delivery  Questions
 1/17-19  Budgeting for Baby  Budget
 1/12 Roles and considerations in having a child  Considerations Questions
 1/10 Background into Child Development Memory Paper
1/8 Intro to class, policies, and expectations Notecards
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