Culinary Nutrition


In Class:


 11/22  Finish template for Nutrition Project Template of meals is due
 11/20  Work on Nutrition Project- Fruits  Day's Menu and Snacks
 11/18  Appetizer's Lab
This is the end of November. All November work is due Friday.
 Lab Sheet
 11/14  Work on Nutrition Project- BE HERE  Day's Menu and Snacks
 11/12  Soup Lab  Lab Sheet
 11/8  Mac and Cheese and Fruit Pizza  Lab Sheet
 11/6  Hamburger and Sweet Potato Fries Lab  Lab Sheet
 11/4  Fajitas Lab  Lab Sheet
 10/31  Interview clients for nutrition activity- Be there if at all possible.   
 10/29  Spaghetti Alla Carbonera Lab
​This is the last week of October. All Oct. work is due this week.
 Lab sheet
 10/23  Finish Part 1 of PBL Nutritionist Assignment  Part 1 and outline for interview
 10/21   Part 1 of PBL Nutritionist Assignment  Part 1 and all missing lab sheets
 10/17  Japanese Stir-Fry Lab  Lab Sheet
 10/15  Grilled Chicken Florentine Lab  Lab Sheet
 10/11  Navajo Tacos  Lab Sheet
 10/9 QUIZ (info on Schoology)over nutrition/nutrients, tablesettings, batters and doughs, leavening agents  Quiz
 10/7  Notes on Food Groups; REVIEW for QUIZ on WEDNESDAY (info on Schoology)  Questions over food groups
 10/03   Pizza and Frozen Yogurt lab  Lab Sheet
 10/01  Chili and Pumpkin Brownies Lab   Lab sheet
 9/27  Finish up nutrients  Questions over Nutrition, Sugars, and Calories
 9/25  Strawberry Stuffed French Toast Lab  Lab Worksheet
 9/23  Nutrients, Sugars, and Calories.If you missed the test last week, it is up to you to get it made up this week. This is also the end of September, so anything from September is due next Monday, 9/30/19.  Work on questions on Nutrition
 9/18  Test #1  
 9/16  Waffles and sausage lab. TEST next class  Lab Report
 9/12  Guest Chef  If you are not there, you'll need to do the alternative assignment
 9/10  Yeast Pretzels and Tropical Smoothie Lab  Lab Report
 9/6  Chocolate Chip and Banana Berry Smoothie Lab Lab Report 
 9/4  Muffins and Orange Julius Lab  Lab Report
 8/30  Lab Duties, Prepping for lab, and Table settings  Table settings
 8/28  Leavening Agents and Batters and Doughs  Batters and Doughs
 8/26  Kitchen Equipment, Measuring and How to Read a Recipe  Kitchen Equipment, Reading a Recipe
 8/22  Notes on Safety; Abbreviations and Equivalents Creating a Safe Work Environment ; Abbreviations and Equivalents
 8/20  Why we eat what we do; Hunger Vs Emotional eating; Food Borne Illnesses  Questions on Food Borne Illnesses
 8/16 Intro to class; Expectations and Policies; Fishbowl Questions Notecard
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