Family and Consumer Sciences Department

Lakewood High School

2017-2018 School Year


OFFICE HOURS: Orange 7:00-7:35AM, 7:40-9:10, 1:40-3:10   Black  7:00-7:35AM, 7:40-9:10

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This course prepares students with skills in nutritious meal planning and preparation. Students explore current concepts of nutrition and the application to healthy lifestyle patterns. This is an introductory course in safety, techniques and skills used in food preparation.


Cell phones are NOT TO BE USED at all in the classroom! They should be turned off and not be on the desk, in your lap, hands, VISIBLE, etc. during class.  Students are not allowed to charge phones while in the classroom. Using a cell phone will result in students putting their phones in the Cell Phone Holder for the entire class. If there is a real emergency, parents need to contact the front office to let you know. This is your WARNING.


90-100% A                  89-80% B                    79-70% C                    69-60% D              59-0% F


  • Come to class ON TIME.  
  • Begin the warm-up activity within one minute after the bell.
  • The teacher dismisses you, not the bell!
  • No outside Food or Beverages are allowed in class, only water!
  • Students will show respect to everyone and all equipment in class.
  • Failure to adhere to Food & Kitchen Safety and Sanitation will be grounds for removal from the Lab.
  • Completing assignments: Assignments should be written in black or navy blue ink, pencil or typed.
  • Late work: Almost all work is done in class and due when specified. 20% is deducted the first week late and 40% off after that. All late work is due on the last class day of the month (for example, all late work from September is due September 28th or 29th).
  • In the Handbook: Both the person cheating (which includes copying) and the person allowing it will receive a 0.
  • Students must have their name, date, and block on all assignments.
  • Information on class can be found weekly on my website as well as in Schoology. All assignments, PowerPoints, etc. will be found on Schoology.




Make-up Work Policy: It is THE STUDENT’S responsibility to ask for make-up work the first day they return to class. All work must be made up and turned in the next day of an excused absence. Unexcused absences follow district policy. Late policy above is in effect for all makeup work as well.


Bathroom Passes: Students are issued two (2) bathroom passes for each semester. Any bathroom passes that are saved at the end of each quarter will be worth extra points.

Binders:  It is important for you to keep all of your work and/or notes in some sort of binder. These will aid you when it comes to studying for tests. A spiral notebook will not work.

Warm-Ups: Students will have a daily warm-up at the beginning of each class block. Warm-ups will be turned in at the end of every 5 Warm-Ups.

Lab Information:

  • The $30 Laboratory fee that was due at registration is used for the purchase of foods and other supplies that you will consume over the course of the semester. If there is an issue with the payment, your parent/guardian should contact Julie Boonstra.
  • There are two options for making up missed cooking labs (your responsibility).



3 hole notebook paper            

Blue/Black ink pens or pencils

Lab Fee of $30 (to the Financial Secretary – Julie Boonstra- if it hasn’t been paid)



History of Food/Importance of Food                Recipe Equations              Abbreviations

Kitchen Equipment      Foodborne Illnesses       Safety and Sanitation             Nutrients

Sugar and Salt Content in Foods             Batters/Doughs            Serving Sizes   

Leavening Agents           Food Groups          Reading and Following a Recipe      Tablesettings                   

                                                 Cooking Terminology and Techniques


Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a leadership organization affiliated with all Family and Consumer Science Classes.


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