Life Management


In Class:


 12/19  ​Final for Block 4  
 12/18  Final for Blocks 1 and 3  
 12/16  Review for final and put all notes and work in order. Fill out a tax return  
 12/12  Finish Stress; Catchup  Lists Sheet
 12/10  Stress  Questions over stress
 12/6   Communication/Conflict Scenarios  
 12/4  Finish Communication  Questions over communication
 12/2  Communication   
 11/21  Identity Theft  What Can They Afford
 11/19 Credit
This is the end of November, all work from November due this Friday.
 Questions over Credit and Reflection on Distracted Driving
 11/15  Catch-up Day  Insurance, Housing Questions, Reading a Lease are all due
 11/13  Credit   Turn in housing questions 
 11/11   Guest Speaker  Questions over the topic. If missed, look on Schoology for the alternative assignment
 11/7  Owning vs Renting  Questions over insurance due
 11/5  Insurance  
 11/1  Finish A League of Their Own  Questions over the movie
 10/30  A League of Their Own
All October work is due this week. 
 10/24   Budgeting Part 6- Finish up entire budgeting project  Part 6- ALL parts of budget are due
 10/22  Budgeting Part 5  Part 5
 10/18  Budgeting Part 4  Part 4
 10/16  Work day to catch up  
 10/14  Food Category  Weekly Food Plan and Shopping List
 10/10   Part 3 of the Budgeting Project  Part 3 budget
 10/8  Part 2 of Budgeting Project, look for a place to rent with roommates  Part 2 budget
 10/03  Part 1 of budgeting project; Working with roommates  Part 1 of budgeting project
 10/01   Begin the budgeting piece  Budgeting Basics
 9/30  Paychecks and Paystubs; W-4  W-4, paystubs questions
 9/26  Guest Speakers from the Navy  ​DUE: Financial Interview. 
If you miss the speakers, do the alternative assignment on Schoology.

 9/24   Begin the Financial Unit: Taxes, Social Security, Medicare This is also the end of September. Everything from this month will be due next Monday, 9/30/19  Due: Questions over taxes.

 9/19  Guest Speaker from Lincoln Technical School  If you don't show, you will need to do the alternative assignment on Schoology.
 9/17  TEST #1  Everything up to this point. See Schoology in Test folder to see more info.
 9/13  Guest Speaker- Joe Chavez  If you don't show, you will have to do the alternative assignment.
 9/11  Labor Laws  Labor Laws
 9/9  Finish Options After HS  Options After High School
 9/5  Options After HS; costs of college  
 9/3  Hard and Soft Skills  Career Interview; Hard and Soft Skills
 8/29  Take Strengthsfinders survey;   Self Knowledge sheet; Career Interview Due 9/3
 8/27  Values and Interests and the role they Play in Career Choices  
 8/23   Finish Personality  Who Would Do That?
 8/21  Personality  Personality Survey and Questions
 8/19 Well Being, Personality Notes, Fishbowl Questions
 8/15 Intro to Class; Expectations and Policies; Roll Out Your Future; Fishbowl Questions Notecard 
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