Introduction to Acting


In Class:


 01.10.19 A. Opener - One Word Story
     1. Review: appropriateness/improv rules/story structure
     2. Participate
B. Introduction Assignment
     1. Review: structure/possibilites
     2. Work time
A. Introduction Assignment: due next class period
01.14.19 A. Opener - Zip/Zap/Zop & Ball Toss
     1. Play games
     2. Discuss: be in the moment/be open/react
B. Introduction Assignment
     1. Review: guidelines
     2. Work time
     3. Present
C. Menu Options
     1. Theater/Theatre: research/explain the difference
     2. 20 Theater Terms: on Schoology/review/quiz on Friday
     3. Finish presentations
A. Introduction Assignment: complete/share Wednesday
B. 20 Theater Terms: quiz on Friday
C. Theater/Theatre: due Wednesday
01.16.19 A. Opener - Submit theater/theatre response
B. Introduction Assignment
     1. Review: audience/presenter expectations
     2. Present
C. Theater tour
     1. Discuss: theater/theatre
     2. Tour
D. Menu Options
     1. Theatre Terms: Quiz Friday
A. Theatre Terms: Quiz Friday
01.23.19  A. Opener - Storytime
B. Introduction Assignment: complete
C. Lip Sync Battle: rehearse and present
D. Theater Tour
E. CORE/Improv Games
     1. Improv Rules
     2. Three-line scenes
     3. CORE work
     4. Partner work: character tableaus
     5. Fairy Tale work
       a. Schoology: review handout
       b. Work time
A. Fairy Tale: have story/ensemble picked for next block
02.04.19 A. Opener - What Are You Doing
B. Fairy Tale: CORE Reflection
C. Physicalization
     1. Circle Walk
     2. Columbian Hypnosis
     3. Sit/Stand/Kneel
D. 'Whose Line Is It Anyway"
     1. Watch/Analyze - how do they accomplish CORE
 A. Finish 'Whose Line' analysis
B. Print Improv Rubric from Schoology
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