IB Chemistry Year One - Fall 18

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In Class:


8/10 Summer Assignment DUE
 8/17 Welcome

Sign up for Google Classroom and Remind

Stoichiometry Experiment Prelab
Sign Course Policies and Safety Contract

In textbook - read pages 27-30, 59-68

Complete reading questions in google classroom
 8/21 Do experiment/Post-lab Questions

Chemical formulas as chemistry communication

Formulas Exit Ticket
In textbook - read pages 79-93

Complete WebAssign on Naming and Formulas
 8/23  Empirical and molecular formulas notes/practice

Intro magnesium oxide lab
In textbook - read pages 93-100

Complete WebAssign on Empirical and Molecular Formulas
8/27  Magnesium oxide experiment

More Practice Questions
Finish Google Form for Magnesium Oxide lab (in google classroom)

Do #1, 3-6, 9, and 18 in packet of Practice Questions
8/29   Formulas (and a bit of stoich) QUIZ

Stoich Activity
In textbook - read pages 6-21 and 100-122

Complete WebAssign on Stoichiometry
 8/31 Combustion Analysis Warm Up

Notes on Uncertainty
In textbook - read pages 141-154

Complete Uncertainty questions (answers are on second page) 
 9/5 Net Ionic Equations

Pressure Temperature Lab 
 In textbook - read pages 187-204

Do questions #2, 7, 8, 10, 20, 21 in Practice Questions to study for your quiz (key)

Optional WebAssign to study for your quiz
9/7  Formulas/Equations/Net Ionic/Stoich QUIZ

Finish PT Lab (handout, instructions)
In textbook - read pages 205-214

Complete your PT Lab and submit to

Block 5 Class ID: 19025379
Enrollment Key: pressure

Block 6 Class ID: 19025418
Enrollment key: temperature
 9/11 Review gas laws

Molar mass of a gas notes
Complete gas laws practice in your notebook (key)
9/13 Practice Molar Mass calcs

Molar Mass of a Gas Lab
Work on gas stoich practice in your notebook

Start typing your lab report (data, procedure)
9/17 Gas Laws QUIZ

Continue to work on MM Lab

Notes on types of error
Work on typing lab report (data, procedure)
9/19 More error (Block 6)

Real versus Ideal Gases

Propagation of uncertainty
Watch 3 videos on applications of gas laws in google classroom

Review for test (more multiple choice questionsmore free response questionskey for all)

Continue to work on typing lab report (rubric)
9/21 More lab report discussion (peer feedback)

Review all 
Review for test (more multiple choice questionsmore free response questions, key for all)
9/25 ​Stoichiomtetry TEST   Continue to work on typing lab report (rubric)
9/27  Go over tests

Atomic structure review
Continue to work on typing lab report (rubric)
10/1  Titration Lab   Finish lab report (rubric) and turn in report to by 10pm

Finish Titration lab questions (see Google classroom - complete form)
10/3   Review Atomic Structure

Mass Spectrometry POGIL
Complete the Atomic Structure and Mass Spec Part 1 Worksheet 
 10/5 Notes on Mass Spec

Review Electron Configuration
Work on the Atomic Structure and Mass Spec Part 2 Worksheet
10/9  Atomic Structure and Mass Spec Quiz

Start Emission Spectroscopy Notes

Flame Test Lab
Complete the Atomic Structure and Mass Spec Part 2 Worksheet

Do Flame Test Lab Questions in Google Classroom
10/11  Finish Emission Spectroscopy Notes

Periodic Trends 
Energy and Electrons WebAssign
 10/16  Periodic Trend Notes (see Google classroom)

More Trends
Do #1-4, 10 on Periodic Trends worksheet
 10/18 Energy, Electrons, Trends QUIZ

Graphing Successive Ionization Energies
Periodic Trends WebAssign
10/22 Finish More Trends?

Halogen Lab
Ionization Energy Worksheet

Start Review Packet
10/24  Notes on Transition Metals
Continue working on Review Packet
10/26 Periodic Trends QUIZ

More Notes on Transition Metals
Continue working on Review Packet
 10/30 Finish Notes on Transition Metals

More Review 
Study for test 
11/1   More Review

Study for test: BOTH review packets will be collected on test day 
11/5  Atomic Theory and Periodic Trends TEST  
11/7  Go over tests

Molecule Phet
Finish Phet

4.3 Book notes
11/9  VSEPR Review

Expanded Octet Examples
Lewis structures worksheet
11/13  Lewis Structures Quiz

Polarity and Resonance Notes
 4.2, 14.1, and 14.2 Book notes
Notes on hybridization, formal charge, sigma/pi bonding

 Model Building?
Work on WebAssign (Due 11/28)
11/26 Ionic, Metallic, and Allotrope Notes  Finish WebAssign 
11/28  Bonding Theories Quiz

Evaporation Lab
11/30  IMF Notes

12/4 **Group 4 Presentations**  
12/6  Review More
12/10 Bonding Test  
12/12  Podcast to review Organic Naming

Practice organic naming
12/14  Notes on functional groups

Review for finals
12/18   Review for finals  
12/20 Final Exam  None 
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