IB Chemistry Year One - Spring 19

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In Class:


 1/9 Notes on functional groups
 1/11  Go over final exams

Finish notes on functional groups

 Naming Practice #1
 1/15 Start modeling lab

Notes on isomers

 Naming Practice #2
 1/17 Finish modeling lab

Isomer Reading

 Finish modeling lab, questions, and Isomers reading
 1/22   Naming and Functional Group QUIZ

Notes on isomers

Start Alkane Notes

 Naming Practice #3
 1/24 Finish Alkane Notes

Practice Naming
 Alkane Reactions Worksheet
 1/28 Isomers and Naming QUIZ

Alkene Reactions Pogil

 1/30 Alkene Notes/Polymer Notes

Alkene Practice
 Alkene Reactions Worksheet
2/1  Organic Reactions QUIZ

Intro to Alcohol Reactions

Polymer, Alcohol and Arene Practice 
 2/5 Notes on Alcohol Reactions

Work on Review

Work on Review 
2/7   SNOW DAY

 2/11  Review All Organic

 Finish Review
2/13   Organic TEST

Work on POGIL

POGIL Questions #1-5 
2/15 Go over tests

Finish POGIL

Finish POGIL 
2/20  Intro to Kinetics Lab

Notes on Relative Rates/Factors that Affect Rate
Google form for lab 
2/22 Finish Rate notes

Practice Rate Expressions

Rate Expression Worksheet #4-6 
2/26 Concentration versus Time Notes

Intro Iodine Clock Lab

Rate Expression Worksheet finish all 

Start WebAssign
2/28 Rate Expressions QUIZ

Iodine Clock Lab

Finish WebAssign
3/4 Notes on Mechanisms

Graphing Rates

 Finish graphing?
3/6   Arrhenius Equation Notes

Start planning practice IA

 Continue planning

Work on review
3/8   Review

More planning time for IA

 Finish review
 3/12  Kinetics TEST

Continue planning practice IA

3/18 Data Collection

Start typing 
3/20  Data Collection/Typing 

Grade sample IAs
3/22   IB Rubric Discussion

More Lab Time

Type lab report

7.1 Book notes 
4/2   Equilibrium POGIL

Notes on Equilibrium Expressions

Finish Lab Report
 4/4  Lab Report Due

Peer Editing

Equilibrium Calculations (ICE Charts)

17.1 Book notes

 Equilibrium Basics worksheet
4/8  More Equilibrium Calculations
(reaction quotient)

Notes on Le Chatelier

 Equilibrium Calcs worksheet
 4/12 Le Chatlier's Lab  IB Equilibrium worksheet

Finish final draft of lab report

 4/16 Lab Report Due

Equilibrium Quiz

Equilibrium to A/B Worksheet

Start Acid Base Hyperdoc

 Finish Equilibrium to A/B Worksheet
 4/18 Acid Base definitions - hyperdoc

pH and Strong vs Weak - hyperdoc
 Finish both hyperdoc assignments
 4/22 Notes on Acids and Bases

Practice strong and weak calcs

Finish worksheet 
4/24  Titration notes and calcs

IB acid base practice

 Finish IB practice
4/26 Acid Base Quiz

Start final exam review

Final exam review 
 4/30  Final exam review

Final exam review 
5/2  Final exam review

Final exam review
 5/6 ***FINAL EXAM***
5/8  Practice titration calcs

Salt Hydrolysis


5/10  Practice salt hydrolysis and buffers

5/14  More practice questions

Intro lemon juice lab

5/16  Lemon Juice Lab

5/20  Lab calculations

5/22 Equilibrium Acids Bases Quiz  

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