AP Chemistry Spring Semester

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 In Class:


 Wednesday, January 9th
(All classes)

Welcome Back

Reflection on First Semester

Please make sure you have access to an AP review book. If you need help with this, please see Mrs. Sparks!

Have the contact information for at least TWO other students in the class!
 Thursday, January 10th
Introduction to Heat

Heat Calculations
Finish Heat Basic Problems for next class. 
 Monday, January 14th Hess's Law

Enthalpy of Formation and Bond Enthalpy
 Finish Enthalpy problems for next class. 
 Wednesday, January 16th Enthalpy Problems

Heat Stoichiometry
 Complete heat stoichiometry problems.
Friday, January 18th   Calorimetry

Heating and Cooling Curves
 Optional calorimetry and heat curve problems online. Key is uploaded- check your work and bring questions to class!
 Wednesday, January 23rd  Heat Quiz

Entropy POGIL
Start working on Entropy problems.
Friday, January 25th   Gibb's Free Energy 
and Equilibrium Notes

Practice Problems
Finish Entropy problems.
Tuesday, January 29th    "Entropy Quiz"

Practice Problems
Start working on the review sheet for the Unit 5 Test.
Thursday, January 31st  Whack-a-Pack Lab 

Practice Problems
Finish the Unit 5 Test review sheet.  
Monday, February 4th   Unit 5 Test None! 
Wednesday, February 6th   Introduction to Redox Reactions  Start working on Redox Problems (1-2). 
Friday, February 8th     Unit 5 Test Reflection

Balancing Redox Reactions
 Continue working on Redox Problems (3-4). 
 Tuesday, February 12th   Acid/Base Redox Balancing

Redox Titration 
Prepare for quiz on redox equations and balancing next class!
 Thursday, February 14th     Redox Quiz

Galvanic Cells
Finish 4 of the 6 problems for next class.
 Tuesday, February 19th    Finish Galvanic Cells

 Read sections 20.5 and 20.6 in the textbook.
Take notes on 20.5!
Thursday, February 21st     Current Calculations

Test Review 
Finish test review for test next class! 
 Monday, February 25th     Unit 6 Test- Electrochemistry
[1/3 length]

Atomic Theory Review Stations
Keep working on stations! 
 Wednesday, February 27th   Electrochemistry Test Reflection

Finish Atomic Theory Station Review 
Finish atomic theory station review! 
 Friday, March 1st   Coulomb's Law  Be ready for quiz next class!
  Tuesday, March 5th   Atomic Theory Quiz 

Periodic Trends
Schedule retakes, as needed! 
Thursday, March 7th  
 Mass Spectroscopy Notes

M&Mium Lab
Finish M&Mium Lab for next class! 
 Monday, March 11th    PES Notes

PES Problems
Finish PES problems and M&Mium Lab for next class!
 Wednesday, March 13th 

 Friday, March 15th   Lewis Structures

VSEPR Review
Finish completing VSEPR chart (except hybridization column). 
  Tuesday, March 19th   VSEPR Review


Polarity and IMF Intro.
Continue working on Bonding/Types of Solids assignment.   
 Thursday, March 21st  Bonding Quiz

Work on Bonding/Types of Solids Assignment.
Continue working on Bonding/Types of Solids assignment.   
 Spring Break
 Monday, April 1st  Chromatography Lab  Continue working on Bonding/Types of Solids assignment.   

Start looking at test review.
 Wednesday, April 3rd Finish Bonding/Types of Solids Assignment

Test Review 
Complete test review for test next class! 
 Friday, April 5th   Atomic Theory and Bonding Test None! 


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