AP Chemistry Fall Semester

All assignments and notes can be found on our Google Classroom page! 
Please contact Ms. Sparks if you do not have the code!

AP Central: If you have questions about the AP exam itself.
Flexbook: This is the online textbook used in the Honors Chemistry course. 
Honors Chemistry Resource Page: This page has links to numerous sources for reviewing more basic chemistry concepts. 

Need help with a specific topic from class? 
Click on the links beneath each topic to see extra videos or tutorials that may help you feel less confused!

General Links:
Ms. Giordano, an AP Chemistry teacher, recorded all her lectures and posted them for free!
Bozeman Science has a collection of podcasts focused around the six Big Ideas AP created for the AP Chemistry course.
ChemmyBear has a list of handouts for each topic in AP Chemistry.
A high school teacher put together a website of resources for his junior and senior level chemistry courses. His worksheets and notes can be found here. 
Paul Groves, an AP Chemistry teacher, has posted all his worksheets and answer sheets. 
ChemTours has animations for a variety of topics we will cover this year. Find them here!
Sign up to get an AP Chemistry question of the day here. There is also an app!

Intro Unit Topics:
Empirical and Molecular Formulas
Absorption and Beer's Law
Net Ionic Equations and Solubility Rules- Ms. Giordano video

Intro to Kinetics and Reaction Rates- Ms. Giordano videosecond video
Rate Laws (Integrated and Differential) and Half-Life- Ms. Giordano videosecond video
Reaction Mechanism- Ms. Giordano videosecond video

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