Study Skills

STUDY SKILLS ESL Study Skills is designed to help English language learners through additional support in their content classes.  Students will continue to develop proficiency in the four skill areas – speaking, listening, reading, and writing – while receiving support with their content assignments as well as learning study skill strategies.  Students are expected to come prepared to class with assignments from content classes to work on. Free time will be spent continuing reading development through the use of free choice reading.  Students are expected to bring appropriate free choice reading materials with them to class.

This class is for:

-Working on homework, class assignments,

and/or credit recovery

-Getting help with school work

-Meeting with teachers and/or counselors

-Learning about how to be successful in school

(How to be organized, how to study,


This class is not:

-“Free time”

-Phone/Social media time

-Playing games on the computer

-Online shopping

-Internet that doesn’t have anything to do with



Every day you need to bring assignments to work on and/or a book to read


Grading for Study Skills is based on daily points earned through focused participation in the class.  Point sheets are collected every two weeks and are the responsibility of the student to complete and turn in.  





Free Choice Reading



Content Text Books

90 – 100 % = A

80 – 89 %   = B

70 – 79 % = C

60 – 69 %   = D

Below 60 %  = F

Unexcused Absences = 0, no make ups

Excused absences = two days to

make up work for each day excused



*Show RESPECT for others

*Follow classroom procedures and behavior expectations (outlined on back of page)

*Take responsibility for your actions and your education



Regular attendance in class is required.  Skipping of class will result in a referral to the

Assistant Principal (AP).  Repeated tardies will result in a referral to the AP.



I am available during Office Hours and Blocks 4,5, & 7 for additional help. It is the student’s responsibility to let me know if they 

need additional help.   Links: Work Tracker Packet

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