Unit 3: Power and the American Citizen





Unit 3 I Can packet link 1. Exam #2

2. Introduce federalism, do big venn

6.3 notebook guide link
 3.1 1. Benefits and drawbacks of federalism

2. Lopez case study

3. Amazing Race! Fill out this form with your group as you complete your race!

 6.4-5 notebook guide link
 3.5  Make Up Test #2 Opportunity Sign Up Form link

1. Review answers to contest and homework

2. Hurricane Katrina case study and political cartoons

 7.4-5 notebook guide link
 3.7  1. Forms of citizen participation presentation link

2. Case studies link

 3.9  1. What is a citizen? What is naturalization? presentation link

2. Processing activity

3. 7.4: Americans’ shared political values

 8.2-3 and Power, Politics and You notebook guide link
 3.13   1. Ideologies lecture link
2. I Side With: assignment
 Work on I Can document
Unit 3 I Can packet link
 3.15  1. Political parties and polarization of the country link

2. Candidate groups and interest groups learn about candidate/issue and make website (poster) link Candidate info sheets link Procedures link

 Dress rehearsal

1. Go through dress rehearsal 2. Meet and greet

3. Activity debrief

4. Quick lecture: policy making process link

 Study for assessment #3 Unit 3 I Can packet link
 3.21 1. Exam
2. 10.3-4 reading guide link
3. Introduce town hall
Prep Town Hall (all documents link), finish treasure map

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