HL Year 2 
 12.3 Quiz: unemployment and inflation
Economic growth
Chapter 19 link
Listen to Planet Money #776 Here We Grow Again link
 Quantitative Economics p. 50
IA work time
 12.5  IA #2 work time
 Work on IA  
 12.7 Video: Inside Job Work on IA, Chapter 19, Chapter 20  
 12.11 These are the results for Jeffco Income Inequality (part 1) Introduce lesson with video: Poverty: Income Inequality:
 Work on IA
Chapter 20 link
 12.13  Income inequality
Lorenz Curve and Gini coefficeient
 Finish IA
Watch video at and answer the following questions: Why has there been an increase in debt relative to income? Does it matter that the top 1% command 1/3 of all wealth? Do you believe inequality led to our economic crisis? Can education help? What skills are needed? What is the solution? Then read the article at How does this article add to or change your ideas from the video? Finally, how do these resources add to your thinking about a fair and efficient way to fund and maintain the public services we want?
 Quantitative Economics pp. 51-52: Tax rates

IA work time
 12.17  Review for final exam  Study for final exam  
 12.19  Macroeconomics exam  Listen to Planet Money series: Planet Money makes a T-shirt  
   You guys know that I love Planet Money. In 2013, they made a t-shirt and produced stories about the creation from the cotton all the way to the transportation. It blew my mind, and I think about it in relation to international economics all the time! Therefore, I’m asking that you listen to the 7 podcasts by the end of January. I listed links to the full podcast versions. I understand that you might prefer the shortened radio versions instead, which have been shortened and reorganized. If that’s the case, all of those are listed here: You’ll still get the valuable information. Episode 496: Where the Planet Money T-Shirt Began (20:57) Episode 497: Love, Betrayal, and the Planet Money T-Shirt (22:14) Episode 498: The Last T-Shirt in Colombia (24:26) Episode 499: Richard Nixon, Kimchi, and the First Clothing Factory in Bangladesh (19:19) Episode 500: The Humble Innovation at the Heart of the Global Economy (18:38) Episode 501: A Shirt, a Meat Grinder, and the Book of Everything (13:24) Episode 502: The Afterlife of a T-Shirt (19:07) Episode 503: Adding Up the Cost of the Planet Money T-Shirt (21:05)  
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