HL Year 2 
 10.2 1. Quiz #4: taxes, subsidies, price controls
Minimum wage, continued: read and annotate article link
2. Introduce public v. private presentation
Chapter 12 reading guide link  
10.4 1. Market failures
2. Tragedy of the Commons
Chapter 12 reading guide link  
10.8 1. Externalities graphs
2. Payback challenge link


PROMPTS – Choose One:

(1) How has the PAYBACK game changed your perspective on the real-life decisions you will make when paying for college?


(2) What steps can you take NOW in order to complete college with as little debt as possible?

       CRITERIA: Essays will be evaluated by NGPF staff based on the following criteria: Prompt is clearly addressed Essay indicates an understanding of key concepts learned by playing the game PAYBACK Thoughts are well-articulated in a creative way Students adhere to the 250-word limit

 Brain Dump Paper 1 (2017)
  1. Explain why the consumption of merit goods, such as healthy food, can lead to positive externalities of consumption.
  2. Discuss whether advertising by the government is the most appropriate way of increasing consumption of a merit good.
10.10 1.  White board practice: externalities
2. Review for exam #1: perfect candidate link
Study for quiz #5 (chapter 12), exam #1   
10.15 1. Quiz #5: market failures
2. White board review
Study for exam #1 syllabus  
10.17 Microeconomics exam  Clean your room, do some CAS  
10.19  Introduce internal assessment assignment link
Sample IA link
IA practice assignment
Video link
IA work time (SS cart 2017)
 Work on Internal Assessment  
10.23 Circular flow of the economy presentation Work on IA
Chapter 13 reading guide link
 HL Micro topic paper 1 brain dumps
10.25  National income accounting presentation
Block 2 slides
Block 3 slides
Work on IA
Chapter 13
 HL Micro topic paper 1 write and discuss with markscheme
10.29  Business cycles presentation Study for quiz over chapter 13
IA due next block
 Quantitative Economics pp. 43-44: Calculating national income 
pp. 45-46: Calculating the multiplier
 10.31  1. Finish business cycles link
2. We the Economy "Recession" link
3. Aggregate Demand link
AD worksheet link
Chapter 14 reading guide link and do student workpoint 14.8 to practice AD graphs

 PFL link
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