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IB History Guide 
Paper 1 Prescribed subject 3 Move to Global War pg. 30  Link to The move to global war case studies 
Paper 2 Topic 10 Authoritarian States pg.44
Paper 2 Topic 12 Cold War pg. 46
IB Mark schemes for Papers 1, 2, and 3 

Guide to Paper 2 and 3 topics

Study smarter not harder

How to write a good essay

Suggestions for History EE Topics 
History Today
BBC History Magazine
University of Delaware's list of websites for studying history

IA  Deadlines are TBD 

IA work day on 8/30 
IA RQ and google submission will be due on __________________ 
Bibliography due by 3:10  _______________________

IA Section 1 due by 3:10 ________________________
Final IA Rough Draft due by 12/20 11:30 or by 1/6 3:10 
Make sure to submit to 

FINAL IA DRAFT is DUE on  by midnight! Don't ditch your other classes to submit your IA! Have it done!! 

Most library databases do not have automated citation generation capability in Chicago Style. some do, but they do a TERRIBLE job so don't use them!! 

Chicago Style Handout on formatting
Chicago Style footnotes
table for Chicago Style footnotes
QVCC EDU Library 
Quick tips for Chicago Bibliography
Citing Library Databases in Chicago Style

Examples of IAs from IB 
Example 1
Example 3
Moderator remarks

Link to Review page- may require a google log in



Agenda   Homework
Aug 16
  • Welcome! 
  • Intro to IB History 12 
  • Reminder on how to write a successful Paper 1 -handout 1 and handout 2 - There may be formatting issues but you may download them and that will help
  • Paper 1 practice- DBQ 
Aug 20 
  • IB History Diploma 
  • Quiz over reading 
  • Russian Revolution Historiography 
  • Russian Revolution Reading 
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