IB History 20th Century


Note-IB HL  History is Tuesday May 5 afternoon (Papers 1 and 2) Wednesday, May 6 morning (Paper 3) 


IB History Guide 
Paper 1 Prescribed subject 3 Move to Global War pg. 30  Link to The move to global war case studies 
Paper 2 Topic 10 Authoritarian States pg.44
Paper 2 Topic 12 Cold War pg. 46
IB Mark schemes for Papers 1, 2, and 3 

Guide to Paper 2 and 3 topics

Study smarter not harder

How to write a good essay

Suggestions for History IA Topics 
History Today
BBC History Magazine
University of Delaware's list of websites for studying history

IA  Deadlines

IA work day on 8/30 
IA RQ and google submission will be due on Monday, Sept 9, 2019- Google submission will close at midnight on  9/8!!

Bibliography due by noon on  Friday, September 27 2019

IA Section 1 due by 8:00 am  Monday, Oct 21, 2019
IA Section 2 due by 8:00 am    Thursday, November 14, 2019

Section 3 and your Final IA Rough Draft is due by 12/20 11:30 am or by 1/6 8:00 am 
Make sure to submit to! Your IA must be submitted or no feedback or grade!!
CLASS ID 23040305
Enrollment Key 2019-2020

Most library databases do not have automated citation generation capability in Chicago Style. some do, but they do a TERRIBLE job so don't use them!! 

Chicago Style guide on 17th edition
Chicago Style Handout on formatting
Chicago Style footnotes
table for Chicago Style footnotes
QVCC EDU Library 
Quick tips for Chicago Bibliography
Citing Library Databases in Chicago Style

Examples of IAs from IB 
Example 1
Example 3
Moderator remarks

Link to Review page- may require a google log in

Hitler historiography link



Agenda   Homework
Mar 13 
  • No oral quizzes just note card of acronym for Khrushchev putting missiles in Cuba  
  • Plans for online learning 
  • join Google classroom -an invite was emailed to you
  • wzihnc3
  • join Google classroom - classroom code wzihnc3
  • IA peer edit due on Tuesday
  • Google classroom will be updated from 3/15 forward  
Mar 11
  •  Oral and note card quizzes on reading 
  • 1960 Election JFK over Nixon 
  • Cuba - next hot point in Cold War 
  • Why did Khrushchev decide to put missiles on Cuba? From the slides create an acronym for Friday's note card 
 Mar 9 
  • Chapter 4 quiz on Cold War 
  • Sputnik, U2 Spy Plane and Missile Gap 
  •  Powaski Chapter pgs 135-142 stop at Cuban Missile Crisis 
 Mar 5
  •  Cold War recruiting fair 
  •  Chapter 4 quiz on Powaksi on Monday March 9 =50 points but can use Global Spread of Cold War packet
 Mar 3 
  • Change of leadership in Cold War
  • Covert Operations    
  • Work on Cold War Recruiting Fair 
  • Chapter 4 quiz on Powaksi on Monday March 9 =50 points but can use Global Spread of Cold War packet  
 Feb 28 
  • Chronology game -Winner picks their country for Cold War recruiting fair 
  • Work on Cold War Recruiting Fair - Due on Thursday
  • Chapter #4 Powaski 
  • Countries: Block 6
    1. Iran- Em and Grace T
    2. North Vietnam- Teesa. Andy, Leda, Anna 
    3.South Vietnam-  Cooper, Max, and Alex
    4. Egypt/Israel (Suez Crisis) Grace, Kathy, Esther, Theodora 
    5. Hungary- Ryan and Hayden 
    6. East Germany- Mateo, Ben and Trevor 
    7. West Germany-
    8. Guatemala-Kyle, Myria, Seitaro 
    9. Cuba- Cole, Annalise, Kaylyn, Elizabeth 
  • Countries: Block 8 
    Iran- Keenan, Dominic G 
    North Vietnam- Maggie, Emily S Ava
    3.South Vietnam-  
    4. Egypt/Israel (Suez Crisis) Abby, Sophia 
    5. Hungary- Emily G, Lindsay, Camille 
    6. East Germany- Zoe, Minh, Mayu
    7. West Germany- Michaels, Wesley
    8. Guatemala- Abe, Dominic P, Aidan
    9. Cuba- Jackson, Matteo, Emma
 Feb 26
  • Cold War FRQ 
  • 5 minutes to plan and 45 minutes to write 
  • Butter Battle 
  • Globalization of the Cold War 
  • Cold War recruiting fair
  • Chapter #4 Powaski 
  • Cold War recruiting fair 
 Feb 24
  • Orals and note card on Korea
  • Cold War FRQ prep 
  • Study for Cold War FRQ 
Feb 18 
  • Oral and note card quizzes on Korean War Historiography on Thursday
  • Cold War FRQ next Wed 2/26 
 Feb 12 
  • Oral and note card quizzes 
  • Finish documentary - hand in questions 
  • Truman's foreign policy - Asia
 Feb 10
  • Powaski pgs 75-86 
 Feb 6
  • Oral and note card quizzes 
  • 1946 and 1947 events and turning points 
  • Marshall Plan cartoon analysis  
 Feb 4
  • Delayed schedule so just 60 min class
  • Oral and note card quiz 
  • Yalta vs Potsdam
  • 1946 turning points 
 Jan 31 
  • Oral and note card quizzes 
  • Yalta 
  • Powaski #3 pgs 65-75
 Jan 29
  • Oral and note card quizzes 
  • Short term and long term causes of the Cold War 
  • Cold War Historiography Quizziz
  •  Powaski #2 pgs 50-64 rest of Chapter 2 
 Jan 27
  • Oral and note card quizzes over readings 
  • Cold War origins - short term vs long term causes
  • Cold War Historiography
 Jan 23 
  • DISC scored discussion on dropping of the atomic bombs 
  • Complete essay after debate and hand in packet, questions and source chart 
 Jan 21
  •  Work day on DISC assignment 
  • Bring packet and/or questions and source chart filled out to hand in 
 Jan. 15 
  • Enjoy the three day weekend! 
  • DISC assignment - workday on Tuesday 1/21 -packet is worth 25 points also WWII timeline events and implications to CW
  • Debate on 1/23 -worth 40 points! 
 Jan 13
  • Oral and note card quizzes on Hitler's Biggest blunders 
 Jan 10
  • Hitler's Greatest Blunders- Rank his blunders from #1-11. One being the greatest blunder and 11 being the least biggest blunder. Be prepared to defend your rankings
 Jan. 8
  •  Welcome Back~ Seniors of Class 2020!! 
  • IA Rough Draft submission due today at 8:00 am- Submission to turnitin and print copy! (print copy can come later if submitted on time! 
  • Return Paper 1 Move to Global War 
  • Return Paper 2 Single Party State 
  • Early turn in for IA - Make sure to have all earlier submissions of Bib, Sects 1 and 2 with your rough draft!! 
  • Rough Draft =100 points 
  • Turnitin submission =20 points 
  • Bibliography and Footnotes =25 points
  •  Finish working on your IA if not completed and enjoy your break! See you back in 2020!!!
  • Rough Draft is due by 1/6 8:00 am to turnitin but paper copies may be handed in during class!
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