Journal- QOD's

Journal Entries 

QOD #1
  If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one superhuman ability, what would it be?  Explain your choice.  

QOD #2
 Have you ever broken a bad habit?  If so, how?  If not, do you have a bad habit you would like to break?  Why?

QOD #3  Do you currently engage (or have you ever engaged) in superstitious behavior?  Explain the superstition and why you believe in it.   If you don’t believe in superstitions explain why. 

QOD #4 How much will power do you have?  Explain a situation where you have shown or not shown when you have used will power. 

QOD #5 For $1,000,000 would you be willing to never see or talk with your best friend ever again?  (NO Skype, FaceTime, messaging, texting or use of social media- NO dms) Explain your answer. 

QOD #6
If you had the choice of one intimate soul mate and no other close friends, or of no such soul mate, and many friends and acquaintances, which would you choose? Explain your reasoning. 

QOD #7 Describe a personal experience where you learned a ‘life lesson’ just from observing the incident. Give a brief description of the event and what you learned from it.  

QOD #8
Have you ever judged someone on a first impression and been wrong about him/her?  Explain the situation and misjudgment. 

QOD #9 What is your favorite memory?  Describe it. Explain its importance.  What if anything would you change about it?

QOD #10
 Describe a period in your life when you've been ‘attached’ to a person or an object.  How and why did it end?  (think childhood) Or if the attachment is ongoing (like your cell phone or significant other) then explain why this attachment developed and estimate how long this attachment will last.  

QOD #11 If you could change one thing about the way your parents raised you what would it be?  Explain your answer. 

QOD #12 
 How close and warm is your family?  Do you feel your childhood was happier than most other people’s?  Why or why  not?  

QOD #13 Would you want your significant other to be both smarter and more attractive than you?  Explain your answer.  

QOD #14 What is your definition of intelligence? How much does intelligence influence someone’s success in life? Explain your reasoning.    

QOD #15 What are your “special abilities”? (What are you really good at doing?) Explain.  

QOD #16 What do you value most in a relationship? Explain your answer.

QOD #17 Are you okay with going to the movies alone? Have you? Why or why not? How about going out to dinner alone? Why or why not? Is there a difference? Explain your reasoning for each. 

QOD #18 If you were having difficulty on an important test and could safely cheat by looking at someone else’s paper, would you do so?  Explain your choice.  

QOD #19  Would you have one of your fingers surgically removed (your choice of fingers) if it somehow guaranteed immunity from all major diseases?  Explain your decision.  

QOD #20
Moral Dilemma: 
You are a paramedic who is a week away from marriage. During an emergency situation when your partner is out you are called to the scene of an accident. You arrive and are in shock to see your fiancé in the car. Your fiancé is badly hurt, and the only thing you can hear him/her say is "I'm very sorry," before he/she is becomes unconscious. Clueless to what he/she meant, you find another person in the passenger seat, and in the car you also notice a picture of them two in a very risqué position and quickly realize that your fiancé was having an affair with this person. This other person is badly hurt and will more than likely die if not given medical attention immediately. Your fiancé is in a less severe situation, but both are in dire need of medical attention and you can only save one. Who do you attend to first? Explain your reasoning. 

QOD #21
In what ways do you communicate with others the most? Be honest… do you use spoken words, written/texted words- along with memes, emojis, other forms of technology, or non verbal communication.  If your answer is a combination discuss how and when you use these forms. 

QOD #22 If you could be totally invisible for 24 hours and were completely assured that you would not be detected or held responsible for your actions, what would you do?  

QOD #23
 When is it okay to lie?  Give an example.  Do white lies and exaggerations count?  Why or why not?  

QOD #24 If you decided to do something and your friends strongly advised you not to, would you do it anyway?  Explain your reasoning with an example.  

QOD #25 If you could have any 5 people (living or dead) over for dinner, who would it be?  Explain your choices.  

QOD#26 If your friends and acquaintances were willing to bluntly and honestly tell you what they really think of you, would you want them to? Why or why not?  

QOD #27 Describe the ‘perfect date’ with a person you love. 

QOD #28  Be honest... do you have any personality flaws that you would change?  For example, interrupting others, gossiping, procrastinating, saying yes to a favor you don’t want to do, avoidance, ignoring conflict, etc...
If not, (and I don’t believe you) what is your best personality characteristic? 

QOD #29 When is the last time you thought someone didn't like you? Why did you think that? Were you right? Make sure to explain your response. 

be the situation.  How difficult was it to stop? Were you embarrassed by your behavior? Why or why not? 
If you haven’t (and I don’t believe you) have you ever witnessed this occurrence?  Describe the situation. Were you embarrassed for the person?  Why or why not? 

When is it okay to lie?  Give an example.  Do white lies and exaggerations count?  Why or why not? 
When is it okay to lie?  Give an example.  Do white lies and exaggerations count?  Why or why not? 

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