World History


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  Syllabus and class policies (Homework: Human Sexuality Reading)

8/21 Paleolithic Introduction to the Paleolithic; Reading Quiz 1
8/23 Attachment parenting; Reading Quiz 2
8/27 Tools, Fire and Language; Reading Quiz 3 and Parenting Styles Assignment
8/29 Paleolithic Mysteries; Reading Quiz 4 and Catal Huyuk Artifact Interpretation
8/30 Paleolithic Diet and Neolithic Revolution; Reading Quiz 5
9/5  The Ice Man (Ice Man Study in class assignment); Neolithic Revolution; Reading Quiz 6
9/7  Paleolithic Test
9/11 Introduction Ancient Egypt (Reading Quiz 7)
9/13 Egyptian Religion (Reading Quiz 8) 
9/17 Egyptian Kingdoms and Gov. (Reading Quiz 9) 
9/19 Introduction to Mesopotamia (Reading Quiz 10) 
9/21 Mesopotamian Culture and Science (Reading Quiz 11 and Hammurabi's Code Assignment); Assyrian Empire (PEA Paragraph on Mesopotamia) 
9/25  Ancient China Introduction (Reading Quiz 12)
9/27 Religion and Culture in Ancient China (Study Guide Assigned)
10/1 River Civilizations Test 
10/3 Test Corrections
10/5 Archaic Greece (Reading Quiz 2-1 and Minoan ESPN)
10/9 Trojan War and Hellenic Greece (Reading Quiz 2-2)
10/11 Athens Vs Sparta (Reading Quiz 2-3)
10/17 Introduction to the Persian War (Reading Quiz 2-4) 
10/19  Battles of Marathon and Thermopylae (Reading Quiz 2-5) 
10/23 Battles of Salamis and Plataea (Newspaper Article)
10/24 Scientists and Philosophy in Classical Greece (Class Quiz)
10/26 Greece Test
10/30  Aristotle and Introduction to Alexander the Great Project Introduced (In class reading assignment and Project Prep Assignment)
11/1  Alexander the Great (Reading Quiz and In class research assignment for Alexander the Great)
11/5  Introduction to Genghis Khan (Reading Quiz and Research Assignment)
11/7  Alexander the Great Vs Genghis Khan (Reading Quiz and Venn Diagram)
11/9  Complete Genghis Khan (Rough Draft for Project)
11/13 Begin Final Copy of Project (Project Work Day) 
11/15 Final Project Due by the end of class

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