Final Exam Day/Final (Trade) Project Due (at the end of the period)

Get Your Act Together Day: Final (Trade) Project Work Day, make up work, finish budget assignment if necessary

*Chromebooks have been checked out, in case anyone will be needing them to make any "finishing touches"to their project.

Study Guide for Final
Final Trade Project Rubric 

PFL Quiz
Work Day

PFL: Credit and Saving

Budgeting Day 4: Income and Investment 

PFL: Credit and Saving
Budgeting Day 3: Income and Investment

Credit Card Reading (take notes...copious prepare for your quiz)
PFL: Credit and Interest
Budgeting Day 2: Car Buying

Investment Reading (take notes...copious prepare for your quiz)
Introduction to PFL: Income v. Wealth
Budgeting Day 1: Home Buying
Budget Worksheet


 Market Structures:
The Candy Game

S/D Presentations

Supply and Demand Project Work Day 2

MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF! (i.e. all graphs!!!)
Supply and Demand Project Work Day

Work on Project/Gather supplies
Finish Price Controls and Elasticity Notes: Price Elasticity of Supply
Frontline: The Meth Epidemic

Due: Letter to a Business
PEA re-writes (use this for help)
Price Controls and Elasticity Notes: Price Elasticity of Demand

Letter to a Business: Equilibrium

Finish Letter assignment. READ AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!
Begin Equilibrium: 
Silver Market Simulation
Notes: Putting it All Together

 Enjoy your break!
Supply Practice
Supply Shifter Plickers
Supply Practice

Quiz--Demand (if absent, SEE ME ASAP!)
Introduction to Supply
Demand Shifter Debate

Notes--Intro to Demand
Demand Graphing Practice

 Be sure to finish the Magic of Markets (pink half sheet) Assignment
Quiz: Unit 1 Assessment--Economic Goals 

Finish Market Failures/Externalities
Magic of Markets Simulation: 
Set up for Final Project
if absent: look at these slides and watch the embedded TedTalk. This will help give you an idea about your final project. If you have questions, schedule a time to meet with me.

 Study Guide for Unit 1 Assessment
Finish The Lorax
Market Failures: Tragedy of the Commons and Externalities

 Study for Quiz on TUESDAY 10/10
The Lorax--A review of Economic Goals and an
Introduction to Market Failures and Externalities

Study Economic Goals
Finish Unemployment
Banished Evaluation

 Study Economic Goals
Finish Inside Job

Sub Day: Inside Job

Economic Systems--Stability/Security

Business Cycle
Consumer Price Index

Economic Systems--Stability/Security 
Inflation Queen
Inflation Auction

            GDP--What Counts?             
Economic Systems--Stability and Security
Inflation Queen

Economic Systems--Growth & GDP
If you were gone, SEE ME FOR NOTES

 Finish "Does it Count" Activity, if necessary
Finish The Secret State of North Korea 
Command v Market: Applying Freedom and Equity
PEA Practice--If you were gone, follow the instructions on this document.

Economic Freedom Reports Debrief
The Secret State of North Korea: Applying Equity and Freedom

Economic Systems: Equity v Freedom
Analysis of Freedom Reports

Quiz: Marginal Analysis
 Introduction to Economic Systems; Equity (see me for notes) 


DMU Notes (see me for notes!)
Practice DMU: Barnes' Cafe
Quiz next time!

 DMU Practice (Barnes' Cafe), if not finished in class
Marginalism and Decision Making

Finish Speed Dating
Speed Dating Debrief
Economics Lesson #2: Trade Offs and Choices

DUE: Signed Syllabus assignment
Economic Trilogy
Speed Dating


Economics Lesson #1: Incentives
Why do drug dealers live with their mamas? (Freakonomics)
(link to TED Talk here; warning: some explicit language is used)

LA Times article about the TED Talk

Syllabus (please download the document--do not simply read in Google Docs)

 Complete Syllabus assignment 
DUE: Tues. 1.12.18

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