Project 1
Montage- shoot LHS and make a montage set to music!  approximately 1 minute long.
The montage rubric is here.

Project 2
'Me' 60 second documentary.  You can't be in it.  Shoot on your phone.  You will make a voiceover soundtrack on top of it. 
click here for the documentary outline worksheet
click here for the documentary rubric

Project 3
1) write a script.  one page of your favorite movie.  instructions are here.
2) Character project.  no dialogue.  Full story with beginning/middle/end
make a shot list- you may use google drive for that.
click here for the character project rubric

Project 4- camera movement (dolly/crane/steady-cam)

1) Watch this video on camera movement.  Find the transcript here.
2) Recreate all of the shots you see in the video and edit them together.  Please use a title or a lower third to label all the shots in your edit.  you may edit in pairs max. Download the list of shots here.

Project 5- the movie scene remake
1) Decide as a cast and crew- what scene will you recreate shot for shot.
2) Divide into:
assistant director
cinematographer 1
cinematographer 2
gaffer (lights)
clapper loader/focus puller (2nd assistant camera)

Shoot the scene exactly as it was shot originally.
3) Edit your scene.  you may use the original music if you can find it.
**I would choose someone to handle all the media and make sure it's labeled properly.***

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