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Check in Summer work
Sketchbook pages (40)
Gallery Reports (2)
Intro to the AP Studio Course
Warm up fun
Login to AP Central
Studio Art
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Cover Design
 Intro to Composition
 Register for AP Exam

Set up a conference for Sustained Investigation
Check Uploads
Check in for Sketchbook: sketches with reflection writing
 Login into AP Central and look at past Drawing portfolios 


Continue to Upload Sustained Investigation with AP central   Sketchbook Check Spring Break organize process photos and sketches into google classroom and AP central

 Mat, sticker and pack 5 works for Selected Works Portfolio Exam
Continue to upload Sustained Investigation exam, google slide check
Conference for feedback
 May  Final exam check week one, submit exam 
Google slide check
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Assignments and Course Calendar


Brush Paint
AP Art and Design: Drawing
Portfolio Exams contain two sections: Sustained Investigation (15 images) and Selected Works (5 physical artworks)

Explore drawing issues including line quality, light and shade, rendering of form, composition, surface manipulation, the illusion of depth and mark-making through a variety of means, such as painting, printmaking or mixed media.

Develop technical skills and familiarize yourself with the functions of visual elements as you create an individual portfolio of work for evaluation at the end of the course.

What makes this course interesting?

  • Be an informed and critical decision-maker as you develop a portfolio that is personal to your individual talents and interests, while demonstrating mastery of drawing principles
  • Explore your creativity and become an independent thinker in your contributions to art and culture


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