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Remote Learning  weeks one and two
See Google Classroom for all information and ATTENDANCE

NEW INFORMATION for 2021 Exam Students
SL 4-6 works and no penalties for form table requirements.
HL year Two 7-10 works No penalties for form table requirements.
 Check in for ATTENDANCE
in Google Classroom


Check summer assignment folder
Discussion coming this week with a zoom 
If you didn't do this work email me and we will work it out.
We have a shorter semester so I want to make sure you get what you need for exam work.

View my welcome back link on my home page.
Click on the posters and view the videos
Click on the other pictures for fun information and handouts
Create a google presentation for process portfolio (sketchbook)
Create a google presentation for Exhibition
Create a google presentation for comparative study
Share with me [email protected]

Summer work due Sept. 30
Complete at least 10 of the short assignments

 Week 2  Create a mind map of elements and principles of design on any paper or sketchbook or digitally. 
Upload or create in Google slides for Process Portfolio
 Week 3  Skeleton studies: any media
Research Skeletons through time, culture, science, celebrations, taboos, symbols, with a mind map
Dig deeper with interesting facts.
HL year one complete a finished art work using a part of the skeleton, any media is ok.
HL year two organize and add mark band grading criteria from the rubric to your slides. Upload to google slides
SL Upload all studies to google slides
 Week 4 Faces studies
HL year one Project #1 Portrait any media
HL year two, complete your portrait studies and portrait project in Process Portfolio slides
Comparative study check: 2 artists, 3 works

SL Project #1 Portrait any media
 Week 5  SL and HL year One -Finish Project #1 Portrait with any media
See rubric in Google Classroom
HL Year two, Comparative Study Check
Complete Exhibition work: add to or revise 
 Week 6 SL and HL year one: Add finished portrait work to Process Portfolio
Add research with technique and artist connection
Plan for Project #2 Landscape
See Acrylic video demo and Watercolor video Demo in Google Classroom
HL year two Set up Exhibition ideas in your Google Slides for Exhibition. Conference with Mrs. Ahlers
 Week 7  Hl year one and SL
Project 3# Abstraction any media
HL year two- Exhibition work check and Comparative Study check
 Week 8  Final upload of work from Quarter 1
Check All 3 of your google slide presentations
for grading. 
 Off Quarter
Continue to research drawing techniques and research artists of interest for Comparative Study
See list in Google Classroom
Painting Easel.png
The visual art are integral part of everyday life, permeating all levels of human creativity, expression, communication and understanding. The range from traditional forms embedded in local and wider communities, societies and cultures, to the varied and divergent practices associated with new, emerging and contemporary forms of visual language. They may have sociopolitical impact as well as ritual, spiritual, decorative and functional value; they can be persuasive and subversive in some instances, enlightening and uplifting others.  We celebrate the visual arts not only in the way we create images and objects, but also in the way we appreciate, enjoy, respect and respond to the practices of art-making by others from around the world. Theories and practices in visual arts are dynamic and every-changing, and connect many areas of knowledge and human experience through individual and collaborative exploration, creative production and critical interpretation.
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