French III


In Class:


 le 17 janvier Passé composé of reflexive verbs  (handout) (explanation also on p 413 of textbook)    Verbes pronominaux au passé composé
-video lesson (English)
-video lesson (French)
-explanation and practice
-listen and put sentences in correct order
-give the correct form of the verb
-practice negative

 le 15 janvier Passé Composé with être    passé composé with être

-which verbs use être - the story of le petit poussin

The Alamo of Être

-which verbs use être - chart

-fill in the blank exercises, all types of passé composé

-multiple choice passé composé with être - past participle agreement

-explanation & exercises

-practice with aller

-fill in the blank story

listen and fill in the blank

fill in the blank

multiple choice

 le 11 janvier reviser le passé composé- les verbes du deuxième et troisième groupes    

irregular passé composé with avoir

-short animated video to see/hear the irregular passé composé being used

-video of a teacher explaining irregular passé compsé

-pull down to choose correct past participle


-explanation and writing exercises

-a series of reading/writing activities

-fill in the blank with the correct form of avoir

fill in the blank with the correct form of p. composé

-more fill in the blank

-rewrite present tense sentences in the passé composé

-fill in the blanks

-audio flashcards

-quiz yourself on past participles

 le 9 janvier reviser le passé composé- les verbes du premier groupe    

regular passé composé with avoir

-video explaining passé composé

-video explaining passé composé  (a little hyper!)

-passé composé parler/aimer (listen and conjugate)
-match the picture to the passé composé sentence
-match the subject to the verb
-pick the correct past participle
-conjugate the verbs in passé composé
-Change sentence from present to passé composé
-Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the passé composé.
--er evrbs with avoir
--ir verbs with avoir
--re verbs with avoir
-regular passé composé with avoir

 le 20 décembre -Imperfect writing project final draft    
 le 18 décembre -Imperfect Writing project rough draft    
 le 14 décembre -Imperfect Writing project rough draft
-Imperfect writing example -les fêtes de mon enfance.docx
-imperfect writing rubric French 3.docx

 le 12 décembre -Ma Journée de Noël Change reading to imperfect and answer T/F questions, find vocab  
-Montrer Raconter 2
 -ma Journée de Noël Change reading to imperfect and answer T/F questions, find vocab  (graded)  
 le 10 décembre -Poser les questions à la prof "Quand vous habitiez au Japon...?"
-Montrer Raconter III
-Turn in your questions and write two paragraphs in the imperfect.  "Quand Madame Kanics habitait en France..." & "Quand Madame Kanics habitait au Japon..."  
 le 6 décembre Montrer Raconter II  -Prepare questions "Quand vous habitiez au Japon..." 
-person #3 prepare Montrer Raconter
 le 4 décembre  -continue teacher interview and write paragraph about findings "Quand vous habitiez en France..."
-Prepare & present Montrer Raconter 1
-Prepare questions "Quand vous habitiez au Japon..." 
-person #2 prepare Montrer Raconter
 le 30 novembre -technology vocab
-form groups for Montrer Raconter (Show and Tell)
-questions pour la prof "Quand vous habitiez en France...?")
 -person #1 prepare for Montrer Raconter  
 le 28 novembre Imparfait interview- write report -Report is due by the beginning of next class if you didn't turn it in.  Turn in with questions/answers and rubric.      
 le 26 novembre Imparfait Interview- questions & answers    
 le 15 novembre -Continuation of questions lesson
-Creating questions for Etoile de la Semaine
 le 13 novembre -Comment formuler les questions 
-Les questions fermées/ouvertes
-Comment adapter le registre selon son interloculteur
 8 questions ouvertes (où, quand, qui, pourquoi, quoi, comment, combien) pour un(e) camarade de classe "Quand tu étais petit(e)..."  
 le 9 novembre -On Savait  listen for lyrics and then sing karaoké
-practice imperfect with dice game
 le 7 novembre  -asking/answering questions with imperfect
-write report based on questions
-write 10 sentences about when you were 5.  Quand j'avais 5 ans...  The sentences can be about yourself, people you knew, etc.   
 le 5 novembre -flashcards for imperfect
-phone vocab & dialogs
-textbook exercises pp 74-75 ex 16 & 17
 Finish any unfinished classwork  
 le 1er novembre Introduction to the imperfect tense (L'Imparfait) -Exercises 2 and 3 on back of handout  
 le 30 octobre -Le vocabulaire de Holloween-les bandes dessinés    
 le 26 octobre Chapter 2 Test
Chapter 2 supplemental reading
 le 24 octobre  Review for Chapter 2 test
-Cold symptoms activity
-Practice lui/leur (pp 42-43 and workbook p 14 ex 10)
-Commands (Imperative) practice, tu and vous, affirmative & negative
-Verbs like ouvrir
-Lstening activities 3 and 4 (back of workbook pA4)

- Study for test
(What will be on test)
-Use resources from this website to study.  Share screenshots in a slideshow on Google Classroom.

 -You can do the chapter review on pp 60-61 and then check the answers here)
-You can do listening activity 7 on p A5 and check your answers here
 le 22 octobre -present and practice the pronoun en  "en" worksheet

Begin reviewing chapter vocab, verbs like ouvrir, commands and indirect object pronouns for Chapter 2 test Friday.

le pronom en

written explanation in English

how to use en

le pronom en

listen and respond (multiple choice)

rewrite sentences with en

listen and decide what en is referring to (multiple choice)

explanation and exercises

quiz on y & en

answer questions with en

 le 18 octobre Continue practicing l'imperatif:
-Le père exaspéré
-Le prof exaspéré
-let's/let's not
-Chapter 2 reading (textbook ) 
read p 50 and answer q's 1-7
read pp 52-53 & do A (rewrite with new word or phrase to keep the same meaning) B (answer oui or non.  If non, give corect info) C English OK list things you have learned about French medical system/services
- Finish reading 
-redo commands assignment if necessary & turn in (will be graded)
 le 16 octobre CONTINUE PRACTICING L'IMPERATIF (giving commands)
-writing commands for a patient in a doctor's office (affrmative, negative, formal, informal)
-Read Conseils d'une voisine and Une surprise pour papa and do exercises 3 & 4 on back page
 Writing- commands
Write commands/suggestions/advice for tu, vous, and nous
For each one, give 4 affirmative and 2 negative commands.  (Total of 18)
Possible scenarios (choose one scenario per subject, some ideas below)
tu - give advice to a new student at LHS, give advice to a little kid starting Kindergarten, advice to a friend going through a breakup, advice to a friend who wants academic success
vous - give tips for healthy living, tips to look one's best, etc.  
nous- make suggestions to your friends or family about what you should do this weekend, suggestions for French class...

 le 11 octobre -INTRODUCTION TO L'IMPERATIF (giving commands)
-Read 15 astuces pour réussir un selfie and do page 1 of imperative packet
-Read story on page 2 of packet, do activities F, 3, G, 4, H
 Ch 2 Workbook exercises 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 14 (pp 12-13,15-16)   -Video on imperative
-imperative examples
-imperative - how to and practice
-flashcards- verbs in the imperative
-drag and drop
-transform sentences
-fill in the blank conjugation
-imperative fill in the blank
-imperative conjugation
 le 9 octobre -practice with indirect object pronouns, including negative sentences - answering questions
-Mots 2 (pp 38-39 in text) 
 TEXTbook pp 40-41, ex 7, 8, 9 (8 and 9 in complete sentences)  audio for mots 2
Indirect object pronouns
-This site explains the rules/usage of indirect object pronouns
-complete the sentence with lui or leur
-lui/leur quiz (timed)
 le 5 octobre -verbs like ouvrir (p 44 in textbook) 
-practice ch 2 vocabulary
-ouvrir worksheet
-use resources to practice vocab (posted on Oct 1) Take screenshots and share in slideshow in our Google classroom (hxjsdqj) Screenshots should show 30 minutes of practice to receive full credit.
 learn and practice verbs like ouvrir
-ouvrir - present tense
-ouvrir passé composé
 le 3 octobre -Les chansons 
-Savez-vous planter les choux?
-Introduction to indirect object pronouns

-Finish exercises F, G, H on handout
-create/describe a monster using at least 8 body parts.  Example here
 le 1er octobre  -chapitre 2 mots 1 audio
-les parties du corps
-avoir mal à
-tête épaules genoux orteils 
 workbook pp 11-12, ex 1-5

Health vocabulary 

-vocab flashcards


-body parts/avoir mal

-avoir mal practice

-avoir mal/parties du corps flashcards

-match the expressions to the picture

-Avoir mal à expressions- fill in the blank

-avoir mal expressions drag and drop in correct column

-goofy YouTube video with song

-La consultation chez le médecin -reading/listeing with exercises

-listening chez le docteur

-Antoine est malade listening/reading

-video/listening/reading à la pharmacie

-video with exercises consultation chez le médecin

 le 27 septembre -finish Les Loisirs Culturels skit.  Turn in script with requirements highlighted and turn in video in Google Classroom (classroom code is hxjsdqj)    
 le 25 septembre -savoir/connaître quiz 
-Work on Les Loisirs Culturels skit
 le 21 septembre -go over hw, practice savoir connaitre and direct object pronouns le/la/les
-parler cinéma (reading, listening, speaking, questions...)
-New phrases:  J'ai envie de...
Je veux bien
 -prepare for savoir/connaître quiz next class.  Know all forms and when to use each verb.  
 le 19 septembre  -practice savoir connaitre (p 11 ex 11 in text)
-go over hw
-practice pronouns compléments personnels pp 12-13 in text)
-practice pronouns le la les- this is the two sided worksheet that says Chapter 10  at the top.
-practice savoir/connaître-do exercise E (third page if you download- I gave only the page with exercise E in class)

 le 17 septembre -Les pronoms compléments personnels me, te, nous, vous 
-Un samedi après-midi
-practice asking/answering questions with me,te,nous,vous
 -finish back of worksheet - poem should have at least three lines with me/m' and at least three with te/t'
-p 6 in workbook 
-Video lesson about les pronoms me te nous vous
-practice answering questions
 le 13 septembre -vocab
-savoir connaître
-l'Alsace et Strasbourg
-les pronoms complément d'objet direct
-read Quelle vue! and Elle l'a
 -back of worksheet (direct object pronouns)  
 le 11 septembre -present/ practice direct object pronouns.   -review chapter vocab in textbook pp 1-2 (pronunciation here) and pp. 6-7 (pronunciation here)
-workbook pp 1-5, ex 13 p.7

Direct object pronouns

-pull down to choose correct pronoun (green=correct red=incorrect)

-lesson and practice (rewriting sentences)

-quiz yourself-rewrite sentences

-answer questions with le/la/les

 le 7 septembre -continue practicing savoir/conaître   savoir/connaître and other verbs   For verb conjugation, look in back of textbook or use
 le 5 septembre -hand out workbooks
-hand back tests
-savoir/ connaître reading Je sais tout et tu ne sais rien
-back of handout ex 2,3,5,6  -savoir connaître explanation and practice exercises
-sacoir connaître practice exercises with answers
-explanation followed by multiple choice quiz

 le 31 août -written and speaking tests on reflexive verbs
-Chapitre 1 mots 1
-vocabulaire chapitre 1
 le 29 août -verbs with spelling changes (se lever, s'appeler)
answering questions about daily routine
-practice speaking about daily routine

 Written and speaking test next class

-Know vocab of reflexive verbs, time expressions and transition words, toiletries
-Be able to conjugate reflexive verbs in the present tense
-Understand how verbs can be reflexive or not (picture activity from Monday's class, workbook exercise 7)
-Be able to describe your morning & evening routines, compare/contrast weekday and weekend routines.
 le 27 août -Residence Universitaire speaking activity
-negative reflexive
-reflexive/vs no
-Finish sentences about pictures
-Red workbook p120, ex 2&3, pp 122-123, ex 7,8,9,10
-We will have quiz/test over reflexive verbs on Friday this week.
 le 23 août -go over sentences
-conjugate s'endormir
-Chapter 12 mots 1 pronunciation
-practice vocab with partner, pp 402-403
-read Un Vrai Champion  
 do packet through exercise G p 123  
 le 21 août

 -Review time
/practice reflexive verbs 
(vocab sheet)
 -Read «Un Vrai Champion» in packet for meaning and highlight or underline all reflexive verbs.
-Write 5 sentences about your morning routine & five about nighttime showing off new vocab.

reflexive verbs (les verbes prénominaux)

-match picture to sentence

-fill in the blank (pronouns)

-choose correct verb & conjugate

-Snow White story- fill in the blanks


time drag and drop quiz
time game
multiple choice quiz
 write out the time
write out the time 2
time multiple choice

 Numbers: Song of numbers to 20
Adding game with numbers to 12
Adding game with numbers to 20
For the next three links, click on the speaker to hear a number, enter it in the box, click valider to check
-practice numbers 21-30 
-practice numbers 31-40
-practice numbers 41-50 

-listen, drag and drop activity 1-69
-listen and click 1-69
-read and choose
-spelling practice

Game with numbers to 100

-Video explaining how to count to 100 


 le 17 août
Comment t'appelles-tu song
The Sun Shines on Lakewood
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