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In Class:



 le 22 mars  Le Monstre dans le Métro Chapitre 5 (vocabulaire) et Chapitre 6 (vocabulaire)  Questions 1-10 for Chapter 5 (pp 23-24) & Questions 1-12 Chapitre 6 (pp 28-29) (pdf here)   By April 8th log into Schoology and do the Monstre dans le Métro quiz.  (You can try two times and your higher score will count)  
 le 20 mars
 Le Monstre dans le métro Chapitre 3 (vocabulaire) & Chapitre 4 (vocabulaire)
 Chapter 3 questions 1-10 (p 13) Chapter 4 questions 1-10 (p 19) and draw the monster.  Include six characteristics given by Inspecteur Moucheron. 
 le 18 mars verbs & vocab (listening) quiz, ch 8-9
Le Monstre dans le métro (notecatcher) vocabulaire chapitre 1, chapitre 2
-Answer chapter 1 questions page 3 and chapter 2 questions page 8.  (Scan of book here)  
 le 12 mars  -Mots 1 practice pp 294-5
-practice verbs (dice game)
-practice vocab (je l'ai)
-Lire/dire/écrire (handout)
_prepare  for listening/vocab quiz and verb quiz over -ir, -MTV, -re verbs
-finish lire/dire/écrire handouts-
listening activities pp A39-40 activities 2, 3, 5, 6, p A44 activités 2, 5, 6 (pages here if you have lost your workbook)
 le 8 mars Il faut
Vocabulaire Chapitre 9 Handout audio 1 audio 2
les verbes -re (list) (conjugation on page 300 in textbook)
 workbook pp 87-89 
Continue studying chapter 8 & 9-- test will be sometime before spring break.

Train vocabulary 

slideshow vocab and grammar review for chapter 9

quizlet vocab

quia vocab

Acheter un billet de train

Listening exercise - listen to a person making a train reservation and trying to find trains that will work with her plans.  (advanced)

Animation with advice for kids on train station safety (advanced vocabulary, but could be fun to try to figure out.)

-re verbs
explanation, writing, and listening
fill in the blank practice
conjugation practice
 le 6 mars  -MTV verbs (rest of worksheet)
-"Je l'ai!"- jeu avec le vocabulaire de l'aéroport et l'avion
-Board races
ir verb sheet (careful, there are both types of verbs on this sheet)  
 le 4 mars -Practice Mots 2 with partner pp 266-267 in text
-Go over homework
-Tout (see p270 in text)
-MTV verbs (see p 272 in text)
wb pp 81-82  

"MTV verbs"

quizlet activities (flashcards, etc.)

explanation and practice




explanation and practice

rewrite sentences with correct form of tout

 le 28 février  -Practice mots 1 with partner (pp 262-263) 
-Quel (Connaissez-vous votre mari & notes) (p 270 in text)
-regular -ir verbs  (p 268 in text)
Finish quel worksheet 
Do -ir verb and adjective worksheet (review forms of these irregular adjectives in Chapter 4 p 126)

REMINDER FOR 7TH BLOCK:  Please take first lunch at 11:30 and report to class at 12:00 noon.  Class will run until 1:30.  8th Block will meet as usual.
 verbes du deuxième groupe (-ir verbs)

Les verbes du 2e groupe au présent de l'indicatif

fill in the endings

drag and drop to match subject & verb (fournir=to furnish)

more fill in the endings

lesson & practice

lesson, writing, listening

listen & practice

conjugation fill in the blank

flashcards or various -ir verbs (meaning)

practice conjugating

various ways to practice

Les adjectifs interogatifs quel/quelle/quels/quelles

explanation and practice

multiple choice

fill in the blank

more fill in the blank (with food vocab)

fill in the blank!

translation exercises


 le 26 février  -Vocabulaire du Chapitre 8- L'aéroport et l'avion  (list here, audio here and here) wb pp 79-80  

vocabulaire chapitre 8

slideshow airport vocab

drag and drop vocab

chapter review quiz

 le 22 février -practice describing outfits/clothes
-Board races (Vocab & grammar game)
-Criss cross (asking/answering questions)
 Clothing project (see Google Classroom)  
 le 20 février -go over ch 5-6 test
-practice comparatif
-find forms of croire & mettre 
-stress pronouns
-in class writing:  comparative sentences with stress pronouns
Workbook  ex 11 p 71 stress pronouns
-when/how to use  
-practice exercises

le comparatif

comparison of adjectives- explanation & practice

-write comparative sentences
le 15 février
-les couleurs
-vocabulaire mots 1 (les vêtements)
-guessing game-qui porte qui?
-le comparatif des adjectifs
 workbook pages 65, 66 and 70
  Video explaining using colors as adjectives

vocabulaire chapitre 7

quizlet games and flashcards

memory/matching game

chapter vocab and grammar review quiz

vocab, includes listening & exrecises


les vêtements

vocabulaire supplémentaire

les couleurs

mélange des couleurs

les couvre-chefs (various types of hats)

les chaussures 



Street Style | madmoiZelle.comvideo series of on the street "what are you wearing" interviews


clothing catalogs in French

La Baie d'Hudson (Canada)

 le 13 février Ch 5-6 test, writing and speaking
-les couleurs
 le 11 février -Practice questions/answers about food
-Practice verbs, partitive
-Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans ton frigo activity

 Chapter 5-6 Test next class

-All vocab chapters 5 & 6
-The courses of a French meal
-Which specialty shops sell which items
-What to say in a restaurant (Ordering, polite words, getting the bill, etc.)
-What to say in a food shop or at the market (Ordering, getting the total, paying)
-Answering questions (Like review worksheet and various in-class conversation activities)
-Vouloir & pouvoir- be able to say what you want/don't want to do, what you can/can't do
-All forms verbs aller, prendre, & faire
-Uses of aller (going places, how one is doing, future tense)
-contractions with à
-the partitive article
 Practice worksheets- for reviewing for test.  Answers to practice worksheets 
--answers to practice worksheet I handed out in class
 le 5 février -go over les Français et les repas 
-partitive & definitive article 
-The verb pouvoir
-questions with pouvoir
-MaManger Bouger videos Hendi, Lola
finish all exercises not yet done in workbook for Chapters 5&6 (OK to skip the reading and writing sections at the end of the chapters)
-review all forms of aller, prendre, faire, vouloir, pouvoir
 -practice pouvoir
-flashcards faire/pouvoir/vouloir
-multiple choice questions to practice VOULOIR, POUVOIR, ALLER ET FAIRE

 le 1er février -the verb vouloir (to want) 
-chanter Non, Non, Non (acoustic version here)
-asking/answering questions with vouloir

-Read Les Français et les repas and answer questions.  This will be graded.  Questions can be answered in French or English, be sure to answer all, including opinions.  Last three sentences must be in French.  
-study verbs, vocab, partitive article
 -practice VOULOIR

-Vouloir : dialogue pour étudier la grammaire

Je veux - video!
Je veux - video with English subtitles

hangman game with vocab

quizlet vocab flashcards and games

quia game with Chapter 6 vocab, pouvoir, vouloir & faire

 le 30 janvier -Dialogue chez l'épicer
-le verbe faire
-continue partitive article
- wb pp 58-59 
-Block 8 students need to finish partitive packet (exercises K&L)
-Extra credit: watch videos about La Chandeleur (in resources) and write a paragraph giving the basics of this holiday. (English or French OK, but don't use a translator to do the writing!!)
 -Video & article about making crêpes for la Chandeleur.
-Pourquoi mange-t-on des crêpes à la chandeleur ? 
-How to eat crêpes on Chandeleur
-faire sauter les crêpes

multiple choice practice quiz

drag and drop game- what do you buy where

extra food vocab

listening/conjugation aller & faire

listen to conjugation, choose form of verb
-examples and practice (some listening)
-multiple choice
-fill in the blank
-practice avoir & faire
-practice être, avoir, faire, aller!

 le 28 janvier
 -Chapitre 6 mots 1, 2
-introduction to the partitive article 
 ch 6 workbook up to end of page 57. Videos about food/food shopping
-How to go to the market in France 
- Fruit Names in French
-Vegetables in French
-chez le fromager
-vidéo sur les Viennoiseries
-vidéo sur le fromage
-Juices, Fruits, Vegetables and French Idioms

 le 24 janvier -go over reading, prendre
-verbs with spelling change (accent grave) acheter & préférer
-Chapitre 6 Mots 1 vocab (slideshow)
 workbook pp 55-6 ex 1,2,3

chapter 6 vocab

hangman game with vocab

quizlet vocab flashcards and games

quia game with Chapter 6 vocab, pouvoir, vouloir & faire

multiple choice practice quiz

drag and drop game- what do you buy where

extra food vocab

listening/conjugation aller & faire

 le 22 janvier -Discuss Le Repas Gastronomique
-Mots 2 Vocab pp 158-9
-practice exercises on pages 160-161 
read Lectures Supplémentaires 1 & 2 on pages 174-175 and answer the questions on a sheet of paper.
 Due le 24 janvier:
-prendre worksheet.pdf
-restaurant dialogue using this video
-Finish in class reading & questions

 le 17 janvier -practice aller, contractions with à, futur proche
-vocabulaire/culture le couvert
-vidéo: Mettre la Table
Due next class: Le repas gastronomique des Français.  Read paragraph and answer question on first page of worksheet.  Then watch video and complete back side of worksheet.  
 le 15 janvier
Hard G/Soft G
verbs: manger, aller, prendre/comprendre/apprendre
review aimer+infinitive
present le futur proche (aller+infinitive)
 If you are in a different section from last semester (7th/8th block) please join the correct Google Classroom.  The code for Block 7 is h3jn9e and Block 8 is 9si939
There is an assignment in the Google Classroom : Watch the video and then (1) write a short paragraph in French describing what happens in the video.  Who is there?  Where are they?  What do they do?  
(2) There are multiple examples of the futur proche (aller+ infinitive) in the video.  FInd 5 examples and translate what they mean.
(3) What is included in the place settings they get- make a list in French and/or make a diagram of a proper place setting and label the items in French.  You may complete these activities as Google Doc and turn it in to the Google Classroom or you can do it on a sheet of paper and turn it in to me in class. 

  le futur proche
-explanation, examples, exercises
-fill in the blank
-more fill in the blank
-listen and answer questions

prendre/ apprendre /comprendre

 prendre- multiple choice

prendre writing & listening exercises

fill in the blank with prendre

more fill in the blank

rewrite sentence with new subject

 le 11 janvier -the verb aller and -contractions with à  (student sheet for notes) (Smart Board presentation notes)

-asking/answering questions about food
Review avoir and contractions with à notes from class... (same info is also on p 162 and p 166 in textbook) 
-do p 47 in workbook and be ready to tell me what everything on that page means.  

Aller au présent

les contractions
les contractions

 le 9 janvier commander au café    
 le 21 décembre  Final Exam

Speaking:  Ask and answer questions about family (you need a picture of your family)


The test will be cumulative over chapters 1-4, with an emphasis on chapters 3 and 4.  
You should know:
-Vocabulary of Chapters 1-4 (especially the rooms/features of a  house and family relationships)

-Questions  words (où, qui, comment, quel, combien de, à quelle heure)

-the indefinite article un, une, des, pas de

-regular adjectives and irregular adjectives from chapter 4 (forms of beau, nouveau, and vieux)

-conjugation/meaning of irregular verbs être and avoir

-conjugation of regular -er verb and meanings of all the verbs on our chapter 3 vocab list

-possessive adjectives
 (Please note I have entered the dates for the rest of the semester, so be sure you are looking at the correct class period.  There will be NO homework of any kind over the BREAK!)    To review for the final, you can complete the Chapter 1-4 Révision in the textbook, then check the answers.

You can also do these worksheets and check the answers

You can do the chapter 1-4 Check-Up in the workbook and check the answers

Look back over notes, classwork, vocab lists, and use resource links below.
 le 18 décembre   -We will finish writing of Family Album project in class.  
-Speaking test, describing/introducing family and asking and answering questions about family members
 le 14 décembre   -Practice/review for final exam  -Use the weekend to study for the final.  Use the website & textbook.
 -Tuesday we will do the final draft of the family album.  Bring whatever pictures/art supplies you want to include.  (You can do the layout ahead of time if you want, but the main grade will be on your writing.)
-We'll start the speaking test on Tuesday.  
-Feel free to bring snacks to share on Tues, like maybe some cookies??
 le 12 décembre   Family Album rough draft.  Project description & checklist. Grading rubric. On Dec 18, we will do the final family album in class, so bring prints or drawings of whatever pictures you want to use.  You can bring markers/colored pencils, etc, whatever you want to make it fancy...  However, remember your grade is based on completing the requirements and using quality French.    
 le 10 décembre  Ch 4
asking and answering  questions about family 
 le 6 décembre Practice house vocab pp 1160119 ex 7,9,10
practice avoir p 122 ex 18
irregular adjectives beau, nouveau, vieux (p 126 in text)

Finish ch 4 workbook Beau, vieux, nouveau
-nouveau/ beau/ vieux
-L'accord des adjectifs irréguliers
-Les adjectifs (multiple choice)
- Adjectives that precede the noun (fill in the blank)
 le 4 d&ea
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