Honors French I


In Class:



 le 22 janvier    Due le 24 janvier:
-prendre worksheet.pdf
-restaurant dialogue using this video

 le 17 janvier -practice aller, contractions with à, futur proche
-vocabulaire/culture le couvert
-vidéo: Mettre la Table
Due next class: Le repas gastronomique des Français.  Read paragraph and answer question on first page of worksheet.  Then watch video and complete back side of worksheet.  
 le 15 janvier
Hard G/Soft G
verbs: manger, aller, prendre/comprendre/apprendre
review aimer+infinitive
present le futur proche (aller+infinitive)
 If you are in a different section from last semester (7th/8th block) please join the correct Google Classroom.  The code for Block 7 is h3jn9e and Block 8 is 9si939
There is an assignment in the Google Classroom : Watch the video and then (1) write a short paragraph in French describing what happens in the video.  Who is there?  Where are they?  What do they do?  
(2) There are multiple examples of the futur proche (aller+ infinitive) in the video.  FInd 5 examples and translate what they mean.
(3) What is included in the place settings they get- make a list in French and/or make a diagram of a proper place setting and label the items in French.  You may complete these activities as Google Doc and turn it in to the Google Classroom or you can do it on a sheet of paper and turn it in to me in class. 


prendre/ apprendre /comprendre

 prendre- multiple choice

prendre writing & listening exercises

fill in the blank with prendre

more fill in the blank

rewrite sentence with new subject

 le 11 janvier -the verb aller and -contractions with à  (student sheet for notes) (Smart Board presentation notes)

-asking/answering questions about food
Review avoir and contractions with à notes from class... (same info is also on p 162 and p 166 in textbook) 
-do p 47 in workbook and be ready to tell me what everything on that page means.  

Aller au présent

les contractions
les contractions

 le 9 janvier commander au café    
 le 21 décembre  Final Exam

Speaking:  Ask and answer questions about family (you need a picture of your family)


The test will be cumulative over chapters 1-4, with an emphasis on chapters 3 and 4.  
You should know:
-Vocabulary of Chapters 1-4 (especially the rooms/features of a  house and family relationships)

-Questions  words (où, qui, comment, quel, combien de, à quelle heure)

-the indefinite article un, une, des, pas de

-regular adjectives and irregular adjectives from chapter 4 (forms of beau, nouveau, and vieux)

-conjugation/meaning of irregular verbs être and avoir

-conjugation of regular -er verb and meanings of all the verbs on our chapter 3 vocab list

-possessive adjectives
 (Please note I have entered the dates for the rest of the semester, so be sure you are looking at the correct class period.  There will be NO homework of any kind over the BREAK!)    To review for the final, you can complete the Chapter 1-4 Révision in the textbook, then check the answers.

You can also do these worksheets and check the answers

You can do the chapter 1-4 Check-Up in the workbook and check the answers

Look back over notes, classwork, vocab lists, and use resource links below.
 le 18 décembre   -We will finish writing of Family Album project in class.  
-Speaking test, describing/introducing family and asking and answering questions about family members
 le 14 décembre   -Practice/review for final exam  -Use the weekend to study for the final.  Use the website & textbook.
 -Tuesday we will do the final draft of the family album.  Bring whatever pictures/art supplies you want to include.  (You can do the layout ahead of time if you want, but the main grade will be on your writing.)
-We'll start the speaking test on Tuesday.  
-Feel free to bring snacks to share on Tues, like maybe some cookies??
 le 12 décembre   Family Album rough draft.  Project description & checklist. Grading rubric. On Dec 18, we will do the final family album in class, so bring prints or drawings of whatever pictures you want to use.  You can bring markers/colored pencils, etc, whatever you want to make it fancy...  However, remember your grade is based on completing the requirements and using quality French.    
 le 10 décembre  Ch 4
asking and answering  questions about family 
 le 6 décembre Practice house vocab pp 1160119 ex 7,9,10
practice avoir p 122 ex 18
irregular adjectives beau, nouveau, vieux (p 126 in text)

Finish ch 4 workbook Beau, vieux, nouveau
-nouveau/ beau/ vieux
-L'accord des adjectifs irréguliers
-Les adjectifs (multiple choice)
- Adjectives that precede the noun (fill in the blank)
 le 4 décembre -p 121 ex 13, 14, 15 (avoir)
-p 124 (possessive adjectives)
-practice possessive adjectives (activity with Simpsons)
-house vocab (audio)

 wb pp 31-32  practice house vocab

games with house vocab

video - l'appartement, le verbe avoir, les adjectifs possesifs, etc.

 le 30 novembre -Reveiw être and practice avoir - packet sections 1 & 2.  Read dialogues for meaning & complete exercises
-practice speaking about family, using drawing (Voici ma famille.  Il y a ___ persons dans ma famille,  Mon/ma/mes...  Nous avons... etc)
 wb p 34 ex 10,11,12 
(For ex 12, first paragraph is forms of "my' and 2nd paragraph, forms of "his")
 le 28 novembre -textbook pp 114-115 ex 3 & 4
-describe & ask questions about family trees (Simpsons, Modern Family)
-les adjectifs possessifs (section 3 in packet- read Souvenirs, Souvenirs & Le commisariat de police, go over rules)  (Rules are also on page 123 of textbook)
-possessive adjectives song
 Draw your family tree & label it in French.  (Nuclear family is fine.)

possessive adjectives-explanation in French

possessive adjectives-explanation in English

game to practice family & mon/ma/mes 

possessive adjectives quiz

 chapter 4 self-check quiz

 le 26 novembre -Vocabulaire de la famille  pp112-113 (vocab list) (audio)
-le verbe avoir (song) & expressions idiomatiques (j'ai ___ ans, j'ai chaud, j'ai froid. j'ai faim, j'ai soif, j'ai besoin de, j'ai envie de)
 wb pp 29-30  

chapter 4 vocabulary

family vocab

fill in the blank quiz about family relationships

multiple choice family vocab  (Who Wants to be a Millionnaire style)

Simpsons multiple choice

listening/spelling family vocab

video of family vocab

games on



le verbe avoir


drag and drop puzzle

choose the correct form of avoir

video in French with exercises & correction

fill in the blank with the correct form of avoir.

Kiddie video: J'ai un crayon

 le 15 novembre  -writing assignment (Google Classroom)
-likes/dislikes slideshow
-speaking test

 le 13 novembre  -er verb quiz
-writing assignment (Google Classroom)
-likes/dislikes slideshow
-speaking test
le 9 novembre  -pp 26-7 in workbook
-pair activity: asking tu aimes + infinitive, reporting about partner (speaking)
-class activity: "Vous aimez..." questions & report about Mme Kanics (writing)
-Listening workbook pages A15-A17 , activities 2, 4, 5, 6  Then do ativities A,B,C from p A18 are all on one audio track  For part A, it's listening and repeating on p A18, but you can also follow along on p 97 in textbook.  For B it's just  listening and repeating on page A18 in the workbook, then do C (fill in the blanks as best you can.)

 -Next class we will have a quiz about -er verbs, so you should know all the verb endings.  (practice with resource links from 30 octobre) 
-Next week we will be doing a speaking test with asking/giving prices politely, so review numbers and polite words, notes from 26 octobre

 le 7 novembre -ex 10 & 11   p 89
-read p 94 and do ex 23 
-go over reading & video avtivities
-practice -er verbs (dice game)
-aimer + infinitive p 95 and notes                                                                                               
 workbook pp 23-25 ex 8,9,10,11,12  
 le 5 novembre -C'est combien activity
-Quelles langues parlez-vous reading
-Une Journée video (in Google Classroom)
 Finish any unfinished class activities  
 le 1er novembre  continuing with -er verb 
-negative sentences
-questions with est-ce que
 -Complete cultural contact credit.  Turn in in Google classroom or write up & turn in physical copy.
memorize endings for -er verbs (you can use resources links posted 30 oct to practice)
-We are going to do some listening on the computer in class on Monday, so if you have your own earbuds or headphones, please bring them to class.  :-)
 le 30 octobre  -Conjugating -er verbs  4th page of handout (p 7 and 8 if you download file) from "NOTE: J'écoute ..." through end of exercise I La fille goûte ..."  

-er verbs (les verbes du premier groupe)

-multiple choice (drop down menu) quiz

-fill in the blank verb conjugation

-explanation and games 

-video in French on verb conjugation - affirmative and negative

-Vidéo en français Le présent des verbes en er 

-review practice the verb aimer

-Video about the verb parler 

-Conjuguons Danser


 le 26 octobre  -moi aussi, moi non, moi si, moi non plus
-Pair work: answer questions ex 17 p 92 for you and your partner
-C'est combien? (notes) Asking/giving prices
-Sondage: Tu aimes... 
 Homework= p 22 in workbook and come prepared with school supplies & prices  to role- play asking/giving prices in a store store (you will not actually sell the items!) next class.  If you have not turned in your cultural contact idea, it is now LATE!    
 le 24 octobre  -practice likes/dislikes
-les fournitures scolaires 
-mots 2 (audio)
-c'est combien?
 wb pp 20-21 ex 2,3,4
-Email me your Cultural contact idea.
 le 22 octobre Pair work:  1) Review pages 82-83, read outloud to practice pronunciation, and talk about what everything means.
2) Share your "journée à l'école" writing/notes and tell your partner as much as you can about what you do on a school day.  
3) (Written) p 84 ex 2  For each question, underline the question word/phrase and then give the short answer. The questions are about the sentences in bold. 
example: 1. Qui arrive à l'école?  - Les élèves.
4) (Written) p 84 ex 3, p 85 ex 6 - at least 5 sentences in French.

-go over tests, homework, classwork


 Write 10 sentences about your likes and dislikes.  Use the folowing phrases:


J’aime beaucoup


J’aime bien

J’aime un peu

Je n’aime pas beaucoup (Je n’aime pas trop)

Je n’aime pas 

Je n’aime pas du tout

Je déteste

 vidéo j'aime/j'aime pas
 le 18 octobre _Go over ch 2 -eading
-Mots 1 pp 82-83
-starting to learn how -er verbs work
-notes/sentences about "ma journée à l'école"
-wb p 19 and review notes/sentences

(Don't forget cultural contact idea is due by the 26th)
 Audio for mots 1

Chapter 3 vocabulary

Quizlet site (flashcards, tests, games, etc)

Quia site - flashcards and games (this one has some extra computer-related vocab)

 le 16 octobre Chapter 2 test, written and speaking Chapter 2 reading due next class.    
 le 11 octobre  Practice for Ch 2 test 
-asking/answering about classes

-making sentences plural
-tu vs vous (p 65)
-pronouns project (grading rubric)
-On the chapter 2 test you will have to....

recognize the numbers up to 100

recognize times

answer questions about teachers and classes

change singular sentences into plural

know the difference between tu and vous

know the forms of the verb être

write about classes

write about yourself and a friend using Nous


Speaking:  asking and answering questions about teachers and classes.

 assessment (textbook) pp 76-77 with answers
 le 9 octobre -Vous et tu activity (cartoon)
-asking/answering questions about classes & teachers
-être song (tune) (words) (p 60 in text)
-practice être pp 62-63 in text
-sentences about classmates (Elles sont.... Ils sont....)

 Finish all exercises in workbook for chapter 2 up to and including page 18.

Chapter 2 test will be le mardi 16 octobre
 On the chapter 2 test you will have to....

recognize the numbers up to 100

recognize times

answer questions about teachers and classes

change singular sentences into plural

know the difference between tu and vous

know the forms of the verb être

write about classes

write about yourself and a friend using Nous


Speaking:  asking and answering questions about teachers and classes.

 le 5 octobre -Making sentences plural  pp 58-59 in textbook  (exercises p 59 in class)
-questions/answers about classes (If you missed, make your own set of flashcards using these notes.)
-Workbook pp 14-15
-Listening activities 256710 on pp A10-A11  (I think I had 3 on the board instead of 5,... 5 is correct.)

Note: Parent teacher conferences are next week on Weds and Thurs-- I will only be there for Thursday.  

 le 3 octobre  practice numbers
-workbook activity 6
-donner son numéro de téléphone  
-"Nous sommes" p 55 and sentences with partner (turn in)
 -Memorize numbers to 100   
 le 1er octobre -hand back chapter 1 tests
-partner speaking pp 52-53, ex 5 & 8 p 56
-numbers to 100
-telling time (conversational & official)
-tu vs.vous
 Write a sentence for each of your classes telling what time it starts& ends.  "Pour moi, le cours de ____________ est de _______ à _________." and do exercises 5,6, and 13 in chapter 2 in the workbook.    -Dire l'heure en français/How to tell time in French ?
-Telling Time in French: Days, Hours, Minutes
 le 27 septembre -Chapter 1 mots 1 audio
-grammar of plural sentences
-vocab of school subjects (mots 2, p 54) audio

 pp 11-12 in workbook.
for p 12, just write black day and ornage day (noir et orange)

Chapter Two vocabulary

-Quizlet click links at top of page for flashcards, quizzes, and games with chapter vocab.

-Video explaining how to count to 100 

-Game with numbers to 100

 le 25 septembre -Written and Speaking Test - Chapter 1
-Chapter 1 readings
-Il est d'où, Luc -Read p 34in textbook and answer questions 1-4 with complete French sentences.
-Read Une Martiniquaise p 37 and do section B.  
-Read Le français en Afrique p 38 and do section A fill in the blank and B.

 Readings due next class (will be graded for accuracy)  
 le 21 septembre -practice for test
--Kahoot review game
-Homework: Write a self description in the Google Classroom.  If you turn it in over the weekend, I can give you feedback on Monday.  
-Get ready for speaking test.  Prepare visual outline and practice introducing yourself.  Bring outline to class.   
-Study for test- look back over homework/classwork, use flashcards.  

 -Chapter 1 written test will include 
-all vocabularyincluding numbers to 60's  Vocab includes...
-spelling including accents

-how to use un/une
-how to use le/la/l'
-the verb être je suis, tu es, il est, elle est
-how to describe yourself and someone else
-how to ask and answer questions (qui, où, d'où, comment) 
-How to answer a question negatively or change an affirmative sentence to negative

-Chapter 1 speaking test will be a self-introduction/ description You should be able to...
Give name
Desribe yourself
-physical description
Where you are from
Student where
Friend/brother/sister of...
You may use a VISUAL outline (no words) to organize what you want to say.  Include words like très, vraiment, assez, aussi....
-Chapter 1 Review Quiz 
-drag and drop vocab practice

-You can do the Assessment review in the textbook on pp 44-45 and the check you answers here

For the next three links, click on the speaker to hear a number.  When you're ready to play, click jouer, then press a speaker and enter and enter it in the box, click valider to check.  You can play again to try to achieve maximum points.  The numbers change every time you replay.
-practice numbers 21-30 
-practice numbers 31-40
-practice numbers 41-50 

On all of these games, click "valider" to check your answers.
-listen, drag and drop activity 1-69
-listen and click 1-69
-read and choose
-spelling practice
-video of numbers (pronunciation)

 le 19 septembre -Partner activities in textbook ex 15 p 29, ex 19 p 30, ex 25 p 32
-number practice
-Forms of être p 30 in text, ex 27 p 32
-la négation 
-Je suis un petit garçon
-Je suis une petite fille
-p. 33  #28
-In class writing: je ne suis pas sentences (turn in)
Workbook pp 7-9 (exercise D on p 9, circle the person described.)
Audio activité 15, p A7

Cultural contact write-up is due le vendredi 21 septembre  Your report should be in English.  See documents on Google Classroom or on Cultural Contact page of this website and be sure to complete all requirements described.  You an turn in your assignment in the Google Classroom or hand me a physical copy.  

Chapter 1 test will be le mardi 25 septembre

 le 17 septembre -practice numbers
-practice questions & answers
-Bonjour! Adomania

 -back of Adomania sheet (fill in chart and write a short self intro in the dialog bubble)
-read p 28 in textbook
-do page 6 in workbook (check it over if you already did it) 
-do listening activities 10, 11 ,12 (p A7) (11 not written, it is just speaking-- if you want to see the dialogue, it is on p 31 of the textbook.)
-Chapter 1 test will be le mardi 25 septembre

 le 13 septembre -number activity from workbook
-practice Mots 2 pp 24-25 in text
-go over homework
-talk about slideshow
definite/indefinite articles p 26 in textbook

 -workbook page 5
-audio activities 8 and 9, pA6
-CULTURAL CONTACT IDEA- get approval before weekend (on Google Classroom... email if necessary)
-memorize numbers to 69
 le 11 septembre  -go over homework
-practice mots 1 (audio), speaking activity #3 p 20 in textbook, speak about slideshow
-present practice mots 2 (audio)
-In class writing:  rewrite what Mark says on page 23 so that it's true for you (turn in)
 -Cultural Contact idea due before end of this week (9/14), write up due by 9/21.  Both are on Google Classroom
-workbook pages 3-4 (write out what you will say for page 4, make a drawing that can be done without picking up pencil- we will be doing this activity in groups in class)
-audio activities 3, 6, 7 on pp A5 and A6  in the back of the workbook
 le 7 septembre -go over textbook activity
-hand out workbooks
-Chapter 1, Mots 1
-hand out vocab list
 -Workbook pages 1-2 (ex 1-5) (ex 5 fill in blank with question words qui, comment, où, d'où) to answer the statement ABOVE it.)  Chapter One vocabulary       

Quizlet - click links at top of page for flashcards, quizzes, and games with chapter vocab.

Quia - flashcards, memory, matching games with chapter vocab

-cognates, levels of degree (click on links to hear pronunciation)

 le 5 septembre -numbers 0-20 dictée
-Speaking test
-Textbook activity
-Finish textbook activity

 le 31 août Practice for speaking test & written test Date worksheet

Be ready to answer questions we practiced in class, know numbers to 20 for dictation.  (Time (l'heure)  will not be on test THIS TIME!)
 le 29 août -ordering in a café
-Polite words s'il vous plaît, merci, je vous en prie
-telling time (notes)
-back of time sheet
-continue studying numbers, dates, questions/answers

-video lesson on telling time completely in French
 -time drag and drop quiz
-time game
-multiple choice quiz
 -write out the time
-write out the time 2
-time multiple choice
 le 27 août  Les jours de la semaine & song

Numbers to 20 (add cards)

numbers to 31

les dates

Quelle est la date aujourdh'hui?  C'est le....

Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire?  Mon anniversaire est le ....
 Two sided number worksheet 

Continue studying/memorizing numbers, dates.... 
Les nombres 

video of numbers to 20 

adding game with numbers to 12

drag and drop numbers practice

listen to the number & write what you hear

Les dates

listen and match to numerical date (Hint: August 26 is written 26/8)

see the date in numerical form and spell it out

date game

 le 23 août  -les nombres 0-10
-les accents
-Practice numbers (card game) and letters (dictée with cognates/hangman)
 Please keep practicing everything we've learned and have numbers to 10 memorized by next class.  Merci & bon weekend! Numbers
Here are links to 
review and practice numbers 0-10.  (Click on speaker icon to hear number, click valider to check.  )
Short self-quiz 
Listen and click the right number

-accent explanation and practice (with audio)
-guide to French accents with examples

 le 21 août -Ça va? 
 -l'alphabet /prononciation/
les accents
-Explain Cultural Contact Credit 
-Comment t'appelles-tu song
-conversations with classmates (Bonjour, Ça va, Comment t'appeles-tu, Comment ça s'écrit?)
-review notes, practice alphabet 
-Cultural Contact Due Dates= September 21 and November 5.
 le 17 août intro
Je m'appelle_____, et toi?
The Sun Shines on Lakewood.
Join our Google Classroom.   The code for Block 7 is h3jn9e and Block 8 is 9si939 Write me a letter or email (a page or two) telling me about yourself. Please tell me about your background, interests, and anything else you'd like me to know about you.     How to join Google Classroom

Chapter 10- Mots 1
Chapter 10- Mots 1
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