The Lakewood High School Theatre Company is a co-curricular program that boasts a generous menu of classes for every student's skill level. Below is a list of courses, in a typical progression, to take a student from novice to experienced. 

Some classes, taken in sequence, result in concurrent enrollment* opportunities for performance and technical theatre students. 

Level I Courses
Theatre Comprehensive 
Grades: 9-12
A survey course where students will get first hand experience on all aspects of theatre from theatrical criticism to basic design, improv to scripted works. This course is a pre-requisite for all incoming freshmen. Upperclassmen who wish to skip this course and proceed directly to a level II course may do so with instructor approval. (Semester)

Beginning Stagecraft
Grades: 9-12
Set production is studied and executed in this class designed for the hands-on learner. Students build a set for either the fall or spring productions. Included is basic scene painting. This class employs the use of power tools, paint, and other hazardous materials, and safety is a must.  This is a pre-requisite to Advanced Stagecraft. (Semester)

Level II Courses
Grades: 10-12 (Freshmen allowed if they've completed Theatre Comprehensive)
Character development is explored in depth, and students focus on script analysis, character creation, and scene study. The techniques of Constantin and Stella Adler carry students through their studies in this one semester course. (Semester)

Grades: 10-12
Focusing on the craft of writing for stage and screen, scriptwriting is often coupled with Creative Writing. Students focus on telling a story through the eyes of a character and the absence of a narrator. Scriptwriting is only offered if enrollment is high enough. (Semester)

Unified Theatre
Grades: 10-12
Unified Theatre emphasizes access theatre for all. A production based class, Unified unites students with special needs with non-special needs partners to bring to life a children's theatre performance. Students who enjoy working as coaches for disabled individuals are encouraged to apply for this class. Special emphasis is placed on ensemble and community building. (Semester - can be repeated)

Shakespeare in Performance
Grades: 10-12
Every working actor knows: to work you must do Shakespeare. This class teaches students how to approach the work of the Bard from breaking down the challenging language, to performing sonnets, monologues and scenes using the text as everything you need to tell the story. (Semester)

Level III Courses
Advanced Stagecraft
Grades: 10-12
A companion course to Beginning Stagecraft, students in Advanced Stagecraft take on crew leadership positions both within the class and outside of it. Some students expand into design work. Students in Advanced Stagecraft may also work in lights, sound, props, and costuming for a show. Concurrent enrollment credits available. (Semester - can be repeated)

Advanced Acting
Grades: 11-12
For the serious acting student, Advanced Acting is a course that delves into techniques of other western acting teachers including Meiser, Hagen, Chekhov, and others. This course includes mandatory participation at the Colorado State Thespian Conference, the Jeffco Theatre Festival, and production of the Actor's Showcase. Concurrent enrollment credits available. (Year-long - can be repeated)

IB Theatre
Grades: 11-12
For the theatre student interested in theatre practices beyond western Realism, IB Theatre meets both an IB elective credit and serves as an advanced theatre option for those serious about the art of theatre. The course takes the student through down the path as a creator, examining various World Theatre traditions, devising original work, and a glimpse into the theoretical world of directing. Students do not need to be in IB to enroll in this course. (Year-long)

All courses help students prepare for extra-curricular productions both at Lakewood High School and beyond, however, students do not need to be enrolled in a class to audition for any LHS Theatre Company production. 

*‚ÄčAll concurrent enrollment credits are issued through Red Rocks Community College. 

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