The History of LHS

The History of LHS by Miriam Koller
This is the image for the news article titled The History of LHS by Miriam KollerThe History of LHS by Miriam Koller

Established in 1928, the Lakewood High School Tigers have not only earned a reputation for being one of the top performing high schools in academics, but they have also amalgamated and achieved numerous other accomplishments, including winning a private Katy Perry concert and creating a celebrated school tradition, known as the Spoon Game.
During Principal Bock's second year as assistant principal, the students of LHS came together and made a lip dub to Katy Perry’s hit song, “Roar.” Their lip dub ended up being selected out of hundreds of others from across the country, and in October of 2013, the students received a live concert from Katy Perry herself in their very own gym. According to Principal Bock, “The making of the video was absolutely one of the coolest parts of it.”
Lots of time and effort went into getting ready for the production of the lip dub, which included many early mornings over the course of about a month. Because of this exhausting schedule, there were only a few administrators left to run the building. Principal Bock couldn’t have been more proud of his students. Despite the confidence in his students, winning this national contest came as an almost overwhelming surprise to Principal Bock, especially considering the strong competition. During the concert, Katy Perry’s entrance on stage was one of his favorite parts; she marched through the student crowd while being escorted by football players. Overall, the students' hard work and effort in making their lip dub paid off with Katy Perry’s thrilling performance.
The renowned Spoon Game is also a part of LHS’s uniquely diverse history and spirit. The game was given its name in 2010, but it was created years before that and was previously called the Assasin’s Game. The game is played amongst the Juniors and Seniors of the school; it is a tag based game where a student is unguarded and exposed if they do not have a spoon on hand.
“It’s a little bit like The Hunger Games, where the goal is to eliminate your opponents,” says Principal Bock.
Principal Bock himself has not participated, although some of his predecessors have. He acknowledges the positive aspects of the game such as the student zeal, but he also admits that it can be distracting for teachers, especially during the academically and logistically challenging months of April and May.
Principal Bock greatly admires both of his immediate predecessors: Ron Castagna and Lisa Ritchey. He says that he wouldn't be where he is today without their influence. He says, “We all adore Lakewood High School, and we believe it is one of the best schools in the state, if not the country.”
As an Industrial Tech teacher, Ron Castagna helped guide the construction of LHS’s new addition and assisted in building the facility.
Lisa Ritchey, a distinguished English teacher, continued Ron Castagna’s legend and further strengthened LHS’s profile by implementing the tutoring center and facilitating changes to the IB program with the goal of expanding it to more students.
Lakewood High School was originally founded on West 10th Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard in 1928, where present day Jeffco County Open Schools is located. In 1958, the school moved to its current location, and in 2007, the new addition was built.
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