365 Days in 5 Words

365 Days In 5 Words
Posted on 01/19/2022
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Starting a new year can always be nerve-wracking and produce mixed emotions. Each year is always different and unique from the rest, and with the new year always comes new opportunities. We meet new people, try new foods, learn new things, visit new places; as the years go by, our lives start to change. It’s crazy how much power those 365 days in a year have in our lives. Out of the billions of words that I could choose to describe 2021, my top five include: resilience, adjustment, losses, surprising, and unexpected.

Why resilience? Due to the obstacles faced this year, coming back from them can take time. Mentally coping with obstacles and learning to get over them helps us mature.

Adjustment also describes 2021 due to the death-threatening sickness we came across. Having COVID-19 around has caused us to adjust and change our daily routines and habits.

Losses were another big part of 2021 for me. Whether it was losing in a board game, losing my favorite shirt, losing a friendship, losing an opportunity, or losing a family member, losses took a big role for me.

Moreover, last year was also surprising and full of new experiences. Getting back in touch with friends and family was a welcome surprise.

On that note, unexpected events took place last year due to the increase of cases for COVID-19. The use of facemasks everywhere was a new thing for all of us and we had to adapt to it. Learning to adjust to this and not being able to see the entirety of anyone's face was unexpected. None of us imagined a virus staying around for so long, let alone one that continues to affect us and the economy in so many ways.

Overall, 2021 was a year that took unexpected turns and events. It’s difficult to sum up the year in just five words because much can happen in 365 days, but this was my take on 2021.
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