Surviving SATs

Surviving the SATs
Posted on 02/08/2022
This is the image for the news article titled Surviving the SATsWhen you think of the SATs, the first things that might come to mind are generally high school movies, stress, and pressure. Growing up, watching movies that involved high school students taking the big test seemed like the end of the world. This time will soon come for all of us, so here are various ways to prepare yourself for the SATs.

The SATs this year are on Wednesday, April 13, and the best way to become prepared is to “eat and sleep well the day before,” as said by senior Shauna Duffey. Taking care of yourself both mentally and physically are important factors of taking the test in general.

The University Star website also states that, “Test anxiety affects 10 to 40 percent of students.” With this in play, taking care of yourself during this stressful time should be the first priority. Trying not to stress yourself out is easier said than done, so taking time into account is important.

Draining yourself in any circumstance can leave you feeling upset and unhealthy, therefore, it is crucial to listen to your body and emotions. These are going to end up being your number one resource.

Preparing for the actual test is also essential. Shauna states that “Khan academy SAT prep” is what helped her the most. With numerous resources around Lakewood, the ability to become set for the test is more than possible.

Shauna also mentions that it’s important to think about the ACTs as well, along with checking to make sure which colleges require it. While Colorado itself doesn’t require it, other colleges do take it into consideration. The difference between the SATs and the ACTs is simple: the SAT includes a science component.

All tests can be challenging, and taking your time to prepare along with taking care of yourself is critical in times like this. Another important aspect to mention is that if you don't do so well the first time, taking the SATs again is an option. However, it will cost to take the test again.
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