2022 Senior Quotes

2022 Senior Quotes
Posted on 02/08/2022
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Whether you choose to base your quote as humorous or serious, or decide to make it COVID-19, family, food, traveling, or pet related, all quotes should tell us more about yourselves and should be fun to read. Consider the following:

  1. Where/how did you first hear about your quote?
  2. Why did you choose this as your senior quote?
  3. How does your quote relate to you?
  4. Do you think that senior quotes are important and should be requi

Interviewee #1- Diana Lozazo

“It’s okay if you don’t like me, not everyone has good taste.”

Diana first saw her quote on Instagram and posted it as a picture quote. She chose her quote simply because she wanted to put into words how others’ thoughts and opinions about her didn’t matter to her. When asked how her quote relates to herself, she said,  “My quote relates to me because everyone who knows me knows that this is my mood all the time no matter what.” Diana believes that senior quotes are a fun way to leave your mark on the school from which you are graduating from. Also, she believes that they should be required so everyone feels included in the experience.

Interviewee #2- Shauna Duffey

“You have to be karate kidding me.”

Shauna first heard about her quote in a funny TV show. She chose her quote because she thought it was funny, and it reflected how she felt about graduating. This quote relates to her character since it helps her convey how excited she is to graduate. She doesn’t think that senior quotes should be required, but she does think that they should be available for anyone who wants to make one because they are fun. 

Interviewee #3-  Camila Gonzalez

“Gracias a Dios. “ 

This quote means “thank the gods.” Camila first heard about her quote from her mom; she would always use it after something good happened. She chose this as her quote since she’s graduating and wants to thank the gods for that. The quote relates to her persona because whenever something good happens, she says, “gracias a dios.” According to Camila, she mentions this about ten times a day. She believes that senior quotes are very important and should be required because it’s fun to share a quote that you relate to.

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