Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor
Posted on 04/04/2022
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Dear editor,

“WHY WEAR GREEN?” was very informative. I liked how short it was and to the point. I would recommend this article to others. I never knew that Saint Patrick established monasteries, churches, schools, and was known for helping bring Catholicism to Ireland. It’s weird how we celebrate a holiday where it observes the death of a person. Also, Saint Patrick died on March 17th and we celebrate St. Patrick's Day on the day he died, which is kind of weird. The fact that the Emerald Isle and the color green are supposed to make people invisible to leprechauns is something that I didn’t know before I read your article. Overall I believe “WHY WEAR GREEN?” is a good choice for people to read if they want to learn about St. Patrick's Day. I will be eating themed food and wearing green on St. Patrick's Day. Throughout this short article, I learned 8 things from “WHY WEAR GREEN?” in about 3 minutes. The most surprising thing I learned is that we’re celebrating someone's death. This article is mostly easy to read, and I love how easy the grammar is to read and how anyone could read this and enjoy it.

-Appreciative Reader

Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading our articles. I am glad that you enjoy them. We publish new pieces every week and look forward to your future letters.We as a team plan to cover future holidays for your reading pleasure.

Best regards,

Student Spotlight Editing Team

Dear Editors of the LHS Student Spotlight,

Somehow, you have managed to make a virtually information-barren informative news source. The Student Spotlight continually disappoints any reader who would actually like to learn even a morsel of information from one of your articles. 

For instance, if one were to go to the site hoping to learn more about issues, such as Black History Month, they would be confronted with a page that doesn't even contain a single thought of a deeper exploration into the history of the month. 

However, articles about horoscopes and student issues contain detailed descriptions and analysis. A specific example is a horoscope article that was long and detailed enough to warrant two parts, whereas an article about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic contains only a short paragraph; it had less than basic factual content followed by three quotes from students.

These articles that pretend to attempt thought and awareness appear to be an afterthought. They make a desperate attempt to appear reliable, but in reality, they are only wasting the time of both the editors and the readers. The clear preference of the Student Spotlight is to focus on student body related issues and other hobby-type articles, so why not cut out the poor attempts at covering wider events and use that time to make the other content the best that it can be? 

-- Disappointed Reader 



Dear Disappointed Reader,

Thank you for your interest in making the Student Spotlight news page the absolute best that it can be. I’m sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with our content, and I regret that we have not made your experience as enjoyable as we had hoped. I plan to discuss your valid comments with the team and we will do our best to address them.

I see where you are coming from when you say that articles regarding broader issues lack depth, whereas stories about topics on a smaller scale seem to get more detail and attention. I agree that we could attempt to improve upon these articles and include more research, history, interviews, and more.


However, your suggestion about eliminating these articles entirely doesn’t seem to be in the best interest of the student body. As stated beforehand, we will try to improve upon these stories, but regardless, I believe that it is immensely important for these issues to be written about and shared with Lakewood students.

Furthermore, considering why these articles might seem broad could shed some light on why our team writes the way that they do. Many issues, such as our article about the mask mandate being lifted, are very controversial. In order to avoid offending anyone in our audience, we find it best to share information about this topic in a general way instead of immersing much detail into it. Additionally, our goal is to publish short articles that capture the attention of the students while not taking up too much of their time.

Our main purpose here at Student Spotlight is to provide our readers with captivating information that interests them, and we really appreciate your feedback.

-- Best Regards,

 Student Spotlight Editing Team

I think the way you summarized the game was great. I'm writing this letter because I was a part of the basketball team for this game and it is nice to hear a third perspective. It was such a close game and the crowd was so supportive and crazy, it made the experience that much better! You did a great job with the article with the way it was short and sweet but still delivered a good amount of information on the game. You also had a good word choice to keep energy through your article. Some examples of this were “Tensions were high as the game went into overtime,”  or “it was no surprise that there were upwards of 500 attendants,”. One thing that could have been improved is to include things about the game like the rivalry between the schools and about individual players and their statistics, but overall I would enjoy reading any of your future articles for the school newspaper.

-Appreciative Reader

Dear reader,

Thank you for your feedback. Your positive response means a lot to us at Student Spotlight, and we will continue to produce high quality news content. As for the lack of information about the rivalry between schools, you make a good point that readers would be interested in that rivalry. Go Tigers!

Best Regards,

Student Spotlight Editing Team


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