Beginning Drawing & Painting

Date Assignments Homework
 3/17-3/20 Check Google Classroom for assignments, handouts, rubrics and ATTENDANCE. Look for the remote learning tab and the ATTENDANCE tab(3o5qebc)

Continue to work on your Manikin sketches, Manikin Still Life drawing and sketchbook assignments. Upload work to your google slides for grading.
The Attendance link is not working switch to Google Classroom for attendance.
Sketchbook work
Finish Value Design, Shading techniques (circles to forms)
Manikin Sketches
 Week 1-2 Introduction to the course
Art Skills and Creative Process
Instructional Drawings, color wheel
 Signed Class Syllabus Due
Week 3-4

1. Origami Sketchbook
One point perspective drawing
Two point Perspective drawing
2. Eye Drawing
3. Face Drawing
4. Ink Creature
Semester Sketchbook: review Elements and Principles of Design
Skills: Color Pencil Blending Design
Visual Texture
Value Design
 Finish Drawings
in Origami Sketchbook

Sketchbook Cover Design:
No words,
copyright symbols/images


Art Concept: Design
portfolio Design

Value Design
Shading technique
Photograph Art Portfolio Design and upload to Digital Portfolio

Art Concept; Observation
Still Life Manikin Painting
Sketchbook Skill study of light and shadow
with paint
Scan or photograph 
sketchbook skills for Digital Portfolio
  1. Art Concept: Design
  2. Portfolio Design


 Week 10-11  Art Concept: Proportion
Self Portraits
Art Skills: Observation of light and shadow with shading techniques
Watercolor Techniques
 Week 12-13  Art Concept: Abstraction
Painting: Tints and Shades, Color mixing
 Week 14-15  Art Concept: Perception
Tree of life Watercolor
 Week 16-17  Final Assessment:
Digital Portfolio Presentation

 Week 18  Review and Final Assessment Presentation  
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Students will be introduced to the materials, techniques, concepts, and processes essential to understanding the visual arts and the role of the artist, through a series of sketchbook skills, projects, readings, class critiques, demo videos and slide presentations.
                                                                                                                                           Creative Art - Draw/Paint Beginning - One Semester
Pre-requisite:  None
Grade (s): 9,10,11,12
Creative Art - Drawing/Painting Beginning focuses on the skills and techniques used in both drawing and painting.  In keeping with this attention on two-dimensional work, students typically work with several mediums (such as pen-and-ink, pencil, chalk, watercolor, tempera and so on), but may focus on only medium at a time.  This course is for students who want to learn and improve their basic drawing and painting skills through sketchbook and project assignments.

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