Current Club List

Here is a list of all of the current clubs at L.H.S.! If you would like to start a new club, please come talk to Mrs. Hart in the main office or complete this form. 

Act Now Club - Act Now Club is about educating and spreading awarenessto our community about current political events in order to create positive change. Act Now Club meets every Wednesday from 3:15pm-3:45pm in room A214. Sponsor: David Martin, 

Anime Club -  We watch anime videos and eat food! We meet Friday afternoon from 3:06-4PM in B105. Sponsor: Mrs. Stokley


Art Club - Art Club is open to all students interested in design, drawing, and painting with creative enrichment and school activities such as Art Exhibits, Homecoming and Trick or Treat street. We meet every Monday at 3:15pm-4:1 pm in room E104, Starting 9/12. Sponsor: Kristen Vetter

Battle of the Bands -This club forms and prepares cover-bands for the Battle of the Bands Concert. All instruments and levels of ability are welcome. Guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, singers, technicians, producers and roadies needed. Practices are on Thursdays from 3:15pm-4:30pm in room B110. Group Text @lhsguita to 81010

Sponsors: Jacob Miller and Marc Gray.  

Bazaar Club - In this club participants will brainstorm, create, and execute plans for selling products and raising money.  Half of the money earned will be reinvested into future projects and half will be donated to local charities. Bazaar Club meets Black Thursdays in room A213 from 3:15pm-4pm. Sponsor: Rolf Schildman,  


Biblical Literature Club   The purpose of the club is to learn more about the Bible and its historical background/context.  We will meet   7:20am every second and fourth week of the month in Mr. Giusto's Office.  Sponsor:  Mr. Giusto

Black Activism Club - This club is open to ALL students at LHS and will serve as a liaison umbrella organization to articulate the problems and/or concerns of students. We advocate for all races and ethnicities with an emphasis on Black equality.  Black Activism Club meets every Tuesday from 3:15pm-4:00pm in the Health Office/Counseling Conference Room. Sponsor: Christine Dimiceli,  

Book Club - Book Club is an opportunity for students who love to read to discuss various novels with fellow peers. Books are nominated and voted upon by all members. Meeting dates are chosen at each meeting. Everyone is welcome; there are no prerequisites or desired skill levels needed to join. Sponsor: Laurie Bell,  

Bullet Journaling Club - This creative note-taking club provides materials and support for people who want to design and make their own planners or notebooks. Bullet Journaling Club meets on Wednesdays in room A209 from 3:15pm-4 pm.  Sponsor: Carl Spetzler,  

Business Club - This club will provide a place for students to learn about personal financial literacy as well as foster presenting and competing skills for DECA. Business Club meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month in room D208 from 3:15pm-4pm. Sponsor: Wayne Madsen,  

Card n' Board Game Club - This club offers a fun, and at times competitive, environment for students to come play board and card games. Card n’ Board Game Club meets on Thursdays in room A122 from 3:15pm-4:00pm. Sponsor: Molly Goodwin, 

Cheer/Pom Squads - The Lakewood High School Varsity Cheer/Poms Squad is open to male and female students, in grades 10-12. Members of the Varsity Squad promote school spirit with performances at varsity athletic events and other school spirit events during the fall and winter sports seasons. Varsity members practice from May to April and attend summer camp. 

The Junior Varsity Squad is open to male and female students, in grades 9-12. Members of the Junior Varsity Squad promote school spirit with performances at junior varsity basketball games and other school spirit events during the winter sports seasons. Junior Varsity members practice from late October through March.To be eligible to tryout, candidates must meet athletic participation requirements. Specific skill requirements, time commitments and financial obligations are discussed at the Informational Parent Meetings. Tryouts and the Informational Meeting for Varsity are held in late March-early April. Tryouts and the Informational Meeting for Junior Varsity are held in late October-early November. Sponsor: Ms. Kellie Coates 303.982.9579

Chess & Go Club - Chess and Go Club meets on Tuesdays from 3:15pm-5:00pm in room A218. Beginners & masters are welcome. Join the Denver Chess League and compete for state ranking. Sponsor: David Purcell,  

Coding Club - This club is to teach students to program computers, as well as assist those who already know how. Coding Club meets every Wednesday in room B206 from 3:10pm-4:10pm.  Sponsor: James Buck,  

Cosplay Club - In this club we will prepare costumes for things such as the Belmar library banned book fashion show and  volunteer at elementary schools. We plan on going to conventions like Anime fest and participating in the comic con, comics in the classroom program. During club meetings we also hope to do lessons in the basics of cosplaying Sewing, prop making, Makeup, etc.  We will meet on Mondays after school in the library. Sponsor: Laurie Bell

Coffee Club - The ‘Mostly’ Coffee Club educates students about the coffee and tea world through experience and discussion. Coffee Club meets on Monday mornings from 7:15am - 7:50am in room B220. Sponsor: Christine Sparks,    

Creative Writing Club - This club is intended to be a place whereby writers can share, discuss and workshop any creative pieces that they have been working on ,whether it be for school or personal endeavor. The members may work in all creative genres, from poetry to short stories, plays or novels. There is also an emphasis on group input. Meets Black Wednesdays from 3:15 to 4:00 in A112. Join our Remind @writelhs for meeting announcements. Sponsors: Carolyn Chase, Steve Mandelstam, and Ben Bleckley. 

Diversity Club Diversity Club is a combination of GSA & Multicultural Club. Everyone is welcome, no matter what race, ethnicity, family background, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, or age. Our overall goal is to be dedicated to increasing our education, social networks, and activism outreach across the greater Lakewood community. Come for C.A.S., stay for connections. We meet Thursdays in B105. Sponsor: Kelly Lemos

Drama Club - Drama Club, the umbrella organization of the LHS Theatre Company, is a company of players and technicians who enjoy telling stories on stage. Activities include working on extracurricular shows, Improv, and community service projects. Drama Club members can earn membership into Thespian Troupe #1697. Drama Club meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Auditorium or E130 Sponsors: Tami LoSasso and Jace Smykil,  

Environmental Club - Environmental Club focuses on promoting awareness of the environment and safe practices when dealing with the environment. Students volunteer in community clean-ups, set-up earth day activities, run programming for world water day and more. CAS hours are available by volunteering with this club. Environmental Club meets every Monday in A211 from 3:10pm - 4:10pm Sponsor: Alexis DeNeice,  

Far Away Friends - This LHS club will support the work of the Far Away Friends organization and the LHS sister school in Uganda.  Far Away Friends Club meets every Monday in room B203 from 3:20pm-4pm. Sponsor: Carol Degenhart,   Fashion Society Club - The purpose of our club is to express yourself from making clothing that speaks to you. This club purpose is to expand creativity, work on how to draft and finalize work in any situation given. Students enjoy their master pieces and wear them through out their school year. The club meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:15 in room E130. Sponsor: Tami LoSasso French Club - Come to French Club if you want to study the culture of France and francophone countries. The Club meets in B106 after school on Fridays. Sponsor: Madame Scobell

G.S.A. (Gender Sexuality Alliance) - G.S.A. offers support, advocacy, education, and social activities for LGBTQ persons and their allies. Gender Sexuality Alliance meets on Thursdays from 3:20pm-4:20pm in room B121 through May 14th, 2020. Sponsor: Kelly Lemos,  

Girls Who Code Club -  Girls Who Code Club is for students interested in learning about coding, women in technology, teamwork, and leadership skills. Girls Who Code meet Black Mondays in room B116 and and Orange Mondays in room B121 from 3:15pm - 4:45pm Sponsors: Tracy Cooper and Michelle Yagow, 

"Gift a Birthday Club"- This Club meets on Wednesdays from 3:15pm - 4:00pm in room B203.  Sponsor: Carol Degenhart,  

Harry Potter Club - Are you a wizard wannabe? Then this club is right for you. This is a club dedicated to all things magical. We watch movies, make Harry Potter-themed treats, and play Muggle Quidditch. We look forward to seeing you! Mischief managed. Harry Potter Club meets Fridays from 3:15pm - 4pm in B218. Sponsors: Christine Sparks and Dani Nitcher,  

Hiking Club - Hiking Club discusses possible hiking trails as well as learn the rules of trails and what to do in hazardous situations. Hiking Club meets every Thursday at 3:15pm  in room A111. Sponsor: Kristen Moore,  

Hydration Nation - This club was created to learn more about water conservation and ways to lower water pollution and water usage. Students will come up with ways to help educate the community, and for a more fun side, will take turns bringing various types of drinks to try at each meeting. We will meet every Tuesday starting 11/5/19 from 3:20pm-4:00pm in room E125 (until further notice). Sponsor: Olivia Allen,  

Indoor Track Club - Indoor Track Club is for any athletes interested in getting in shape for the upcoming Track Season. We begin the first week of December and end the beginning of February. We will meet  every Tuesday and Thursday outside of the weight room from 3:20pm - 4:30/5pm for conditioning and lifting weights. There are Indoor Meets that athletes can sign up for at the Colorado School of Mines.  Sponsor: Bryn Smetana,  

Interact Club - This club is a service organization that partners with Rotary International. The Interact Club meets every Tuesday after school from 3:15pm -3:45pm in room B208 . Sponsor: Sheila Kitt,  

Italian Club - This club is for students interested in learning about Italian culture & fun. Italian Club meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from 7:15am-8am in the main office conference room. Sponsor: Bob Giusto,  

Key Club - Key Club is an international youth service organization sponsored by Kiwanis. Members participate in a variety of community service projects. The Key Club works to meet the needs of our school, our community, and our world. Key Club Officers meet on Tuesday mornings from 7:15am to 7:45am in room A214 and All Members meet on Friday mornings from 7:15am - 7:45am in A214. Sponsor: David Martin,    

Kiva Club – Kiva Club gives micro-loans to people in developing countries. The money we lend gets paid back gradually, and we re-lend money to impact more lives.  In addition to making loans, we raise money a couple times a year and also do community service projects. We meet every Monday at 7:30am in room B214. Sponsor: Suzanne McClung,    

Knowledge Bowl - K-Bowl Club is a competition where teams of 3-4 students participate in ‘Jeopardy’ style questions about trivia, history, current events, literature, music, theater, math, grammar and science against other schools in the Denver metro area. Practices are Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after school from 3:15pm to 4:00pm in room B205. You can only make one practice a week? Not a problem! Sponsor: James Buck

LHS Theatre Company - See Drama Club above. 

Monday Night Magic-  Monday Night Magic is a gathering place to learn and practice magic.  The group meets every Monday from 3:15pm - 4:30pm in A104 (in the Newsroom in the back). Sponsor: Christopher Cervelloni, 

Marvel Club - The purpose of this club is for students to get with like-minded people to share what they know about Marvel. Marvel Club meets on Orange Wednesdays from 3:15pm - 4pm in room A101. Sponsor: Sean Malloy, 

Mock Trial - Mock Trial gives students the opportunity to participate in a competitive legal drama (sponsored by the Colorado Bar Association). Lawyers and witnesses prepare a case for formal competition. Mock Trial meetings are twice a week on Mondays & Wednesdays from 3:30pm -5:00pm in room A101. Sponsor: Joellen Kramer, 

Club Website: 

Model UN - The purpose of our club is to involve interested students in debate about current issues and to educate them about the organization of the United Nations. Model UN meets in room A215 on Orange Wednesdays at 3:30pm. Sponsor: Sara Shackett, 

Mountain Bike Club - Get together and ride with other students who like to be on the bike and trail. You also have the opportunity to race against other athletes from high schools across the state. Mountain Bike Club starts at the end of June and goes until the end of October. During the school year we meet every Tuesday and Thursday at various Open Space Parks from 5pm - 7pm. Sponsors: Eric Graham and Bonnie Walker, 

Mount Olympus HS Club- This club is for learning about Greek mythology by filming a parody about the most famous tales as if they happened in high school. Mount Olympus HS Club meets Tuesdays and Wednesdays in room B218 from 3:20pm - 4:15pm. Sponsor: Casey Walter, 

NAHS (National Art Honor Society) - NAHS recognizes and inspires those students who have shown outstanding ability in art. Any current or past art students are welcome. National Art Honor Society meets in room E103 on 1 Orange Wednesday per month @ 3:15pm - 3:45pm.  Here is a link to the calendar. Sponsor: Nicole Brown, 

NHS (National Honor Society) - The National Honor Society recognizes outstanding students who have achieved a strong academic record and have demonstrated outstanding leadership, exemplary character, and service performance in the school community. During the second semester, sophomores and juniors with a cumulative 3.75 grade point average or above will be invited to submit applications for membership. NHS meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:15am and 3:15pm. Sponsor: Susan Stokley,   

Pi Club - Pi Club prepares for math related competitions and shares love of pi. Pi Club meets on Wednesdays from 3:10pm - 4pm in room B203. Sponsor: Ana Schultz, 

Protect our Wildlife (POW) Club - This club aims to protect any wildlife that is harmed through the negative effects of environmental changes. POW Club meets on Fridays in room B118 from 3:15pm -3:45pm. Sponsor: Elizabeth Morgan, 

Rocket Club - Learn how to design, build, and launch model rockets from scratch. Design and build your own rocket or work as part of a team. Rocket Club meets on Wednesdays in room B212 from 3:15pm -4:15pm.  Sponsor: Marc Gray, 

Science Olympiad - The Science Olympiad is a national science competition that involves 23 different events, both building and testing. Science Olympiads meeti from 3:30pm - 4:30pm on Tuesdays in room B220 and Thursdays in room B121. Sponsors: Michelle Yagow and Casey Walter, 

The Spectator (news magazine) - The Spectator is Lakewood’s student produced 32-page quarterly news magazine. The Spectator meets as a class and often as an after school activity. Advisor: Christopher Cervelloni, 

Small Performance Ensembles Club- The goal of this group is to provide a basis for players in Lakewood's bands, orchestras, and choirs to gather in small ensembles to practice and perform arranged music at Lakewood's organized concerts. This will allow those like myself who are passionate about their craft to gather to perform self-arranged pieces, under Mr. Bryce Melaragno's guidance and discretion, in order to further their skills as musicians or singers, performing multiple times every school year.  The club meets on Fridays at 3:45 p.m. in the band room (may change based on band events). 

Speedcubes Club - Speedcubes Club introduces non-cubers to cubing and also improves speeds with the Rubik's cube. Speedcubes Club meets in room A204 after school until 4:45pm on Orange Thursdays. Sponsor: Rolf Schildman, 

Student Senate - Student Senate is composed of elected representatives from each class as well as a student body president, vice president and treasurer. Senators are elected annually in the spring, except for the freshmen, who are elected in November of their first year. Activities center around school spirit and school culture and include homecoming, trick-or-treat street, prom, graduation, assemblies, and teacher appreciation. Student Senate meets as a class on Black Days. Sponsor: Tami LoSasso, 

Students Visiting Seniors -The Students Visiting Seniors Club (SVS) will meet after school every other Tuesday from 3:30pm -4:00pm in room B203. Sponsor: Carol Degenhart, 

Super Villains Inc. - This club is a place to have fun learning about villains from comics, books and movies. Super Villains Inc. meets in room A211 after school on Orange Mondays. Sponsor: Alexis DeNeice, 

Thespian Troupe #1697 - The LHS Thespian Troupe is comprised of members of the LHS Theatre Company who display outstanding commitment to excellence in high school theatre. Membership requires 300 hours of work in both performance and technical aspects of theatre and Thespians comprise the governing council of the LHS Theatre Company. Members of Troupe #1697 are eligible to compete for scholarship money and prizes at the annual State Thespian Conference. Sponsor: Jace Smykil, 

Tutoring Club - Tutoring Club will visit local elementary schools and assist students struggling with classwork. Tutoring Club meets Tuesdays from 3:15pm - 3:45pm in room B212. Sponsor:  Mr. Andrew Schultz, 

Unified Club - Unified Club provides an opportunity for students of all abilities to work together in order to practice our employability skills. We will be participating in volunteer opportunities throughout our community. The Unified Club meets Wednesdays from 3:15pm - 4:15pm in room C115. Sponsor: Jen Moriarty, 

UpRISE Club - This club focuses on social justice issues related to tobacco. UpRISE Club meets on Wednesdays after school at 3:15pm in room A117. Sponsors: Joellen Kramer and Carolyn Chase, 

Yearbook (The Lahian) - This is Lakewood’s student produced yearbook. Yearbook club meets as a class and often as an after school activity. Sponsor: Christopher Cervelloni, 

Yoga - After a long week, it's a good time to relax, stretch, and breathe. If you've never done yoga before, this is a great place to start! Experienced yoga students will be given the chance to lead classes if they wish. We provide the yoga mats and great music :-) Yoga club is every Thursday in B206 from 3:30-4:10.

Sponsors: Rebecca Hall and James Buck,
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