World History


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  Syllabus and class policies

1/11   Introduction to the Renaissance (Periodization Worksheet)
1/15 Holy Roman Empire (Reading 1)
1/17 Italian Renaissance (Reading 2)
1/22 Artists and Inventors (Reading 3)
1/24  The Catholic Church: Savonarola + Inquisition (Reading 4)
1/28 Reformation (Reading 5)
1/30 Review
2/1 Renaissance Exam (Reading on Japanese Geography)
2/5  Renaissance Exam Corrections
2/11 Japanese Geography Mapping Assignment (Reading 2 and Map
2/13 Buddhism and Shintoism in Japan (Reading 3 and My Buddhist Life Activity)
2/15 Early Japanese History + Start Last Samurai (No reading) 
2/20  Japanese Feudalism Social Structure (Reading 4)
2/22 Shogunate Period (Reading 5)
2/26  Meiji Restoration (Meiji Restoration at Lakewood and Reading 6
2/28 Sumo and Geisha; Review for Test
3/4 Japan Unit Test
3/6  Finish Last Samurai and Introduce New Unit (Enlightenment Reading)
3/8 Enlightenment Presentation + The Enlightenment (Causes Reading)
3/12  Causes of the French Revolution Presentation + Intro to Revolution (Moderate Stage A Reading)  
3/14 Snow Day 
3/18  Moderate Stage A Presentation + Cane Brinton Model (Stage B Reading
3/20  Moderate Stage B Presentation + Progression of a Revolution (Radical Reading)
3/22 Radical Presentation + End of the Revolution (Napoleon Reading
4/2 Radical Stage and Napoleon + Review
4/4 Test on French Revolution 
4/8  Introduction to the Weimar Republic (Reading 1- Economic Crisis)
4/10  No School for Juniors
4/12  Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party (Reading 2-The Rise of the Nazi; German Political Party Assignment)
4/16  The Holocaust (Reading 3- First Attacks on the Jews
4/18  The Holocaust Continued  (Reading 4- Attacks Intensify; T-4 Program Images and T-4 Worksheet)
4/22  Genocide and The Invasion of Russia (Reading 5-Einsatzgruppen)
4/24  End of WWII and Weimar Republic Review
4/26  Test on the Weimar Republic 
4/30  Finish the Pianist; Begin Spanish Conquest (Reading 1: Prester John
5/2  Spanish and Portuguese Conquest (Reading 2: For Their Own Good
5/6  Slave Trade in Spanish and Portuguese Colonies (Reading 3: Slave Trade
5/8  Encomienda System (Reading 4: Encomienda System
5/10 Iberian Unification and the Dutch Portuguese War (Reading 5: Dutch Portuguese War)
5/14  Decline of the Spanish Empire (Reading 6: Fall of the Spanish Empire
5/16  The Mission
5/20  Review for Final 
5/23  Final Exam

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