Intermediate Drawing & Painting

Date Assignment Homework
 Week 1


Create a Google Slides Presentation
Share with me [email protected]
Type your name into the large title box
Type your class level, A or B and quarter 2020
Click on and View the Elements and Principles videos from the Welcome back google slides presentation.
Click and View the mind mapping visual note taking handouts
Create digital mind maps in Google Slides for the elements and principles of design  vocabulary


Week 2

Sketchbook Cover Design
Figure in Design concept
Sketchbook figure practice -Gesture drawing
Sketchbook design research
Portfolio Design Project #1
Upload sketchbook work to google slides

Week 3  Complete Portfolio Design
See rubric in Google Classroom
Observation with Hands
Sketch 3-5 hands in sketchbook
Research landscape composition systems

Handscape Drawing
Surrealism Landscape 
Finish Handscape Drawing
Sketchbook: Watercolor techniques
Landscape watercolor
Choice#1 complete the 6 mini paintings in your sketchbook or cut your watercolor paper in to 6 pieces
Choice#2 watch the watercolor landscape video demos and compose your own watercolor landscape with your favorite watercolor techniques. Post your techniques used in your google slides.
Extra Credit if you do both.
 Manimal drawing in sketchbook
Combine your self an animal, bird, reptile
 Week 7 Complete all work and post to Google Slides
 Week 8  Extra credit: Add sketches or reflections to you google slides 
Write your artist statement. See Week 8 in Google Classroom.
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Students will develop visual awareness, appreciation, and discrimination, various media and techniques employed in drawing and painting from life and in varied visual exercises.
Creative Art: Drawing/Painting Intermediate Level
One Semester
Pre-Requisite:  Creative Art- Draw/Paint Beginning w/a "C" or higher
Creative Art- Drawing and Painting Intermediate will allow students who completed Beginning Drawing and Painting to expand their skills.  Students will explore new mediums and techniques while focusing on observation and compositional elements.Contemporary trends in art will be integrated within this course to enrich student knowledge and awareness
pic of paint tubes

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